Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My tacos

I make these tacos, see, that everyone ALWAYS wants the recipe for. It all started a couple months ago, when I boldly wrote on Facebook that I make the best tacos EVER! Everyone wanted to know if it was true and well...it is. (my modesty knows no bounds) 

So I made them over the weekend again and thought I'd pretend to be The Pioneer Woman with pictures. Let's see how I do! I know I won't be as good as her...but that's ok.

First things first, you want to cook the ground beef in the pan until almost done. (the picture still had some more cooking to do)

Drain the meat and rinse it off to get as much grease and fat off as possible. Wipe any excess grease out of the pan as well and return the meat back to the pan continuing to cook it through. I use these spices for my tacos. These are essentials for me!!

Continue cooking, adding as much of the spices, until the desired flavor.

While the meat is cooking, cut up your taco goodies. Tomatoes, grate the cheese, lettuce...whatever you put in them. But cheese is the major ingredient. In another pan, heat up vegetable oil until piping hot! While it's getting hot prepare your tacos. (don't judge me for the pre-packaged grated cheese. I don't like using it AT ALL but we are very low on the real cheese and had this as a back up)

Then place a prepared taco into the piping hot oil, side down. The key with this is using a FLOUR TORTILLA!! Fight the urge to use corn. Let it get nice and crispy and flip it over.

Once cheese is completely melted inside and the tortilla is at the desired crispiness transfer to a paper toweled lined cookie sheet to absorb the oil.

This is what I put on my tacos (ketchup may seem weird to some, but I grew up with it on my tacos. So yummy!!)

Serve it with yummy Pina Coladas! We found the best Pina Colada recipe EVER here. Not even joking, the best ever.

Some variations that can be done (and have from friends and family) Use shredded chicken instead of beef. Fry the tortilla alone, without the meat and cheese. personally, it's all about the melted cheese for me, so it's a must to have the meat and cheese in the oil.

1/2-1lb of ground beef
grated cheddar cheese
flour tortillas
chili powder
vegetable oil

Cook ground beef until almost cooked through. Drain and rinse meat and return to pan. Cook completely adding spices. While beef is cooking, grate cheese and prepare other desired condiments. Heat oil in separate pan until it's very hot. (drop a droplet of water in it to see if it pops) Meanwhile, prepare tacos. Place meat and grated cheese into flour tortillas. One at a time, place prepared taco into hot oil, laying on it's side until crisp. Then flip. Once cheese is melted and tortilla is crispy, transfer to paper toweled sheet to absorb oil. Repeat with remaining tacos, then add your favorite items into your tacos and enjoy!

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Sam W. said...

mmm, sounds amazing!! i'm still a sucker for corn tortillas :)

Emily @ eat.drink.run. said...

wow those tacos and that pina colada looks amazing! i want your dinner! thanks for visiting my blog :) glad we share the same name!

Katie said...

These look delish! Never thought of frying the tortillas before...definitely trying it next taco night!!

Rachel Wood said...

I grew up putting ketchup on my tacos too!! Yummy!


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