Friday, February 7, 2014

I don’t get to say this often

And there’s a good chance that no one wants to hear it, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow! This makes me happy because I can sit inside where it’s warm and toasty and watch it fall. It’s also supposed to be over 60 mph winds, so it’s very unlikely I’ll be going anywhere, but deeper under my blanket.

Over the past week, I’ve busted my hump on my schoolwork. Even spending 6 straight hours finishing a project that was due…that day, but I finished with 2 hours to go. I like to get it down to the wire. So needless to say, leaving for the grocery store 5 minutes away is as much as I’ve done. And the fun of that is giving the clerk $2 in 10 cent coins. I wanted to do $5 but apparently there’s a 20 coin limit. Go figure.

Every morning between 5 and 6am, the Japanese Navy sounds their incredibly LOUD ship horns. Not just a little ‘toot’ but a full on wail 10 times over, long, short, long long, then short short. It’s constant and, did I say it’s every morning, including weekends? Yes. They are all out to sea right now, but when they come back into port, I’ll be sure to record it one morning, so I can have someone say, ‘seriously!!?’ along with me.

Here’s some randomness that’s been my week:

Since being here, I’ve done a lot of baking. Who knew a little toaster oven would be such a good little baker? I had a hankering for some bread, and whipped up some beer bread. I’ll be making a second loaf this weekend, since G-man was so fond of it, but from that to Indian Bread and homemade mac and cheese, I’ve been on a crazy roll!
photo 2 (6)
One thing that’s funny here: I usually don’t have anyone sit next to me on the trains. It’s the whole “American” thing where they like to avoid us…or maybe just me, but if they can help it, they’ll sit somewhere else when they see me.

photo 1 (7)

G-man found his favorite rum of all time and had it shipped from London. I was the taste tester and let me tell you, this stuff is good, and this is coming from a non-rum 3 (5)
I finally, after 2 months of growth, have my bangs right where they needed to be (where they should have been all along) and am happy.
photo 1 (8)photo 4 (5)

Continuing on with my randomness.. I moved the couch around and couldn’t help but enjoy the gorgeous like streaming in the 2 (7)

I made waffles that we realized were in the fridge by mistake, and would you know they didn’t taste any different?

photo 5 (3)
I also made this delicious chicken which let me tell you, I had no idea I made it look so pretty until I was about to serve it. How could I not take a picture of this accident!? By the way, it was delicious too!

photo 3 (6)
Ok, I think this concludes my randomness for the week. I hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy yourselves in this cold..or warmth..whatever you’re feeling. : )

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Amanda Wissmann said...

Love this random post. And MAAAAN your bangs are BANGIN'! (teeheeeheee!)

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love your bangs! That food looks delicious and i would not love hearing the horns for an early wake up call!


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