Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas droppings

I think Hawaii knew it was Christmas earlier this week. Monday and Tuesday had temperatures in the 70's (which is very rare) just so we could have that dreary 'its cold outside' feeling Christmas day. It was perfect.

Before I left, I was bored at work and decided to read the rules for my flight and boy am I glad I did. What is normally 50lbs for a checked bag with any and every other airline, my airline only allows 40lbs! I wasn't bringing much in the first place, so I thought I was safe and come the morning of my flight, I casually got on my scale with my bag, thinking I was safe, when in fact it had me right at 50lbs.

Panic started to set in. Everything in my bag HAD to come. I wasn't bringing a carry on, so there was no other option BUT to begin eliminating things. And let me tell you, it was a very difficult process to decide what could actually stay behind.

In the end: my beloved zoom lens..that weighs 2lbs alone. The rice cooker (yes, I was bringing a rice cooker).. and my laptop. A very very very difficult choice. Since I was sacrificing my laptop, I threw my hairdryer back in and said my airline would have to accept it.

Thankfully they did at 41lbs.

I'm telling you that story to say, I have no pictures. I'm on G-man's laptop and in my sad haste, forgot to grab the usb cord to be able to upload all my pictures into his computer. Not to mention, he has a Mac and my PC ways aren't the most comfortable on it.

I've really been sitting back and enjoying the moments here, so even have very few to share through my iPhone.

G-man greeted me with a Christmas colored lei and it smelled absolutely amazing!

Another thing G-man did was surprise me with a Christmas tree. A cute little 4 footer that we decorated together and used my red sarong as the tree skirt.

He is heavy in the Christmas spirit this year, and got all the ingredients for us to make homemade eggnog. It wasn't too bad for homemade.

I've been having such a great time this week, and I hope you've had such a great time yourself this Christmas season. I have so much more to share (that involves a bottle, a reindeer and the a/c) so gear up for some {belated} Christmas tales, because they'll be coming soon.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

We’re so close!

Friends, we’re mere days away from Christmas! It’s the last working day for some. Others have been off for a few days and some sadly, have to work through it all, but I’m so thankful I get weekends off, and Christmas Eve and Christmas day off to be able to celebrate.

Its going to be a winter “sun”derland this Christmas and I cannot wait!

I get to meet up with my old friend whom I haven’t seen in a whole year! …I wonder if he looks the same or if he’s decided to finally button up his coat.
Yesterday, I got myself all ready for my visit. And by getting ready I mean got a spray tan! Remind me not to buy groupons anymore since I wait for them to almost expire before I rush to use them. Alas, I’m “tan” now and can’t wait to see if a certain person notices the obvious subtle change of my skin tone.

subtle, right? …right?? *crickets*
em103keep in mind, it had only been an hour since it got sprayed on. I’m more “subtle” now.

As I’m sure many of us will be, I’ll be in and out next week. My attention will be on soaking up the love I have around me, so I hope you have a fabulous wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas in case I miss you. I love you all! Its been such a treat getting to know so many of you even more this year. And I hope to make more friends over the new year! Us bloggers really do make great friends, I just have to say it!

Oh! and if you haven’t had a chance yet, head over to Megan’s to enter the giveaway. $440 worth in prizes..including the pair of earrings I’m giving away!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not all rainbows and sunsets

I feel the good always gets shared with my trips to Hawaii, I never get to tell the behind the scenes of the good. Granted I did talk about the helicopter ride and how it wasn’t as great as I wished, but like any trip, there’s many things that go wrong or not good at all.
I’ve been beyond blessed to have the opportunity to travel there several times and island hop as well, and believe it or not, I always am wishful that everything will go off without a hitch each and every time. And each and every time that is not the case.

I have grand plans to hike Koko Head. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve wanted to hike it, but we always sit around the apartment instead. Its kind of embarrassing really, admitting that we sit around the apartment watching tv more often than not. Believe me, I’m not one to give you tips and advice on the things to see around Oahu because well, I’ve “done them” but not to the full ‘local’ or ‘tourist’ extent. Why?? because that pesky tv…and pure laziness, since I’m being honest.

There’s also little things that creep into the trip that want to create mountains out of mole hills. Getting lost or one person not being in as much a hurry as the other, misunderstandings.. they happen. I think that’s normal for any couple. Its safe to say, and though its irksome at times, we have an argument on every single trip we take. Its silly but it happens.

I was thankful when I read another blogger who admitted that happens with her and her husband on every trip. The stresses always build. Expectations, ideas, plans. They’re all there in both our minds and when it doesn’t work like one imagined, boom! Things get tense. It generally lasts a few hours and after that, everything is grand and the trip is practically perfect.

{Someone should do a study on that.}

But its ok! Its ok we have these spats. G-man and I are very different in our thinking and we’re bound to clash from time to time. It used to scare me. Thinking one fight would lead to an inevitable breakup, but that was in the beginning, in my new relationship immaturity. Now I get things off my chest like its no one’s business…well, I make it his business!

I’ll never forget the ‘one’ in Rome. A doozy that lasted over a day. Imagine being upset with each other for a whole day in Rome! We spent an entire month in a car driving across country without any problems and we choose to have a big fight in Rome!? Craziness, I tell you!

Any way, I hadn’t intended to share any of this actually, at.all.  I had plans to tell you how I found a dead mouse on the floor of the restaurant after we finished our meal.. and how I made G-man take our rental car back after 2 hours because of the ant trail I found in the car, but ‘we’ came out instead. I’m not sure why, but maybe to convey that we’re normal. We fight, we disagree, we aren’t perfect in any way, and I truly hope that I don’t portray this “I travel all the time with my love, life is perfect” persona. Heck, I’m 3500 miles away from the man, things are anything but perfect.

But I love him and he loves me. We work really hard to make it work, with the distance and though it sucks and I’m tired of it, I wouldn’t ask for anyone else in my life. My hope {for the future} comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and I know there’s going to be a great ending.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Am I really doing a giveaway?

I am!!

My first ever and I thought what better way to do it then a big ol’ huge one hosted by the beautiful, soon to be momma, Megan over on Mackey Madness!
{I snagged her picture from her blog..thanks Megan!!}

So head on over to Megan’s blog and see what I’m giving away (its pretty awesome).. and enter!!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My niece - the addict

..and at such an early age. ;)

The moment she saw her Daddy with the 7-up, she went crazy!
(hey look! there's baby #4!) ^

There was no stopping her after that.. cough* lush *cough cough*

But it wasn't until she lost control and threw the can on the ground in satisfaction, that mom had to step in and intervene to start the detox program. And well, like any rehab program, it didn't go too smoothly..


Let's all hope she's able to complete the 12 steps by the New Year. *fingers crossed*

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Monday, December 17, 2012

A thankful me - 45

Monday is here for all to cheer, let’s get a little excited, everyone! This time next Monday, we’ll be celebrating Christmas Eve and that alone has me happy today.

I had such a wonderful weekend with my family. I made an impromptu trip to see them, and as always, I’m so glad I did. I got to eat delicious food cooked by my mom (best cook I know) and went on a little Auntie/niece lunch date with my sister’s oldest daughter, and everything about it was perfect.

It’s always nice when they still like you afterward. Maybe its just me being kid-less and all, but I get a little nervous that I won’t have anything to talk about with them (them being kids) and that my ‘I have no kids’ personality will come out when they do something that is totally kid that would normally totally creep me out.

I’m happy to report that the conversation flowed the whole time..she’s my sister’s kid, they’re very good talkers, and her dunking her whole hand in her water to grab her lemon wedge so she can squeeze it, didn’t phase me at all. In fact, I just sat back and watched and handed her a napkin silently after she was done.

I feel that’s what an Auntie is all about. Letting them do those things that Mom and Dad would get on them for. I hope to do more Auntie dates with my nieces and nephews. Maybe turn it into a little tradition when I’m there visiting. And since I have no imagination when it comes to doing things with kids, maybe I’ll keep with going to Panera Bread first..

Followed by a hot cocoa (with caramel) at Starbucks.

She seemed to love it.

Makes me so grateful I’m in a position to see all of them and spend time with my family. I love them all and can’t imagine not having them around.

If you have nieces and nephews, do you go out with them one on one?
- when I pop kids out, I think this is something I definitely want to do with them. Mommy dates. In the meantime, I’ll stick with Auntie dates.

How did your weekend turn out?

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The forgotten left side

Sooo, you’re saying you want me to talk more about the fog?

I kid. I kid.

I’ll just go ahead and talk about the only other subject I have to talk about these days: Hawaii. yay you!

Most of the trip was rainy. Not just Hawaii drizzle but full on thunder storm rain! We had grand ideas of doing a helicopter tour over Waimea Canyon but the rain was killing our hopes and dreams of it. So we’d put off calling until the last minute each day and the one we really wanted, the ‘no doors’ helicopter (which just typing that has my fingers and toes tingling}, were booked solid!

One morning, on a whim we decided to call another helicopter (with doors) and was scheduled that late afternoon, keeping our fingers crossed it wouldn’t rain.

When we did the helicopter tour in Hilo, we got to sit in the front and it was the best thing ever. I brought my zoom lens and got so many great shots. Had room to move around and saw everything so clearly. So on this trip, I brought my brand new zoom lens; extremely eager to use it, thinking I’d get even better shots with it.

We’re numbered as we piled into the van, declaring where we’d sit. I’m 1, G-man’s 2. He already knew by that we were in the back of the helicopter. I didn’t want to believe him, but he was right.

{My view looking forward} G-man piled in and the couple from Germany immediately followed, cramming me up against the glass. We’re squished, or I should say I’m squished. I kept my happy face on the whole time, knowing we’d be in the air soon, soaring over the canyon.

We take off and..

the sun blinds my view.. but only mine because I’m on the pilot’s side and everyone else can look out the right side windows where all the waterfalls are and the gorgeous cliffs.

I attempted to put my zoom lens on, but I couldn’t even zoom out, I’m too shmooshed up to the glass, so I quickly put my 50mm back on and said a quick ‘thank you’ for deciding to take it along, when I almost didn’t.

He swung around every so often to let me see what everyone else was seeing, but it was obvious the left side of the helicopter is the forgotten side. At that point, 15 minutes in, I was getting really bummed. I hardly took any pictures but just looked out at the view.

Its truly a gorgeous view, there’s no denying that. As everyone was enjoying yet another breathtaking scene, I stared off and imagined seeing something equally beautiful as I fought the feelings of air sickness. I began to dream of those no door helicopter tours since I wouldn’t have to fight looking out bubbled glass that makes me sick every time.

G-man occasionally would tap me on the shoulder and point far off to the right, and I would nod my head and smile. It was obvious he was having a great time, loving every second of the ride, there was no need to drag him into my left side woes.

We neared the famed Na Pali Coast.. something I was so eager to see. The gorgeous blue waters, the fingers going down to the water.. I couldn’t wait!
I had time to take 3 pictures, before he whipped the helicopter back around for everyone else to get yet another look, putting me back into the sun so I couldn’t see anything but ocean. Literally, the man pointed the helicopter so the right side faced the mountains, and the forgotten left had nothing but ocean.

I was getting defeated at this point. Not to mention taking slow deep breaths to calm the heat that was rising inside me from the air sickness, I just wanted us to be done.

We still had about 15 minutes left of the tour, so I sat there and stared off as far as I could to keep the sickness at bay, fixing on the top of trees as we’d spin around a waterfall or crevice, listening to their questions getting answered. Finally, we landed and I was ready to stretch my legs and take some deep breaths.

I was all smiles again, because really, it was a beautiful view that few get to witness, and I was grateful to be able to take the trip to see it so close. Not to mention, G-man was ecstatic. He declared it the best helicopter ride he’d ever been on and the views the best he’s ever seen. In pure awe of the canyon.

How could I kill his thrill of the ride?!

I thanked him for the trip and we finished the night with having the worst sushi we ever had in our lives, and drove back to our hotel laughing hoping we wouldn’t wake up sick.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Clear the fog away

It’s that time of year. The time that I absolutely hate and one of the main reasons I don’t like living here. Fog season.

Its not your average fog, it becomes so thick its dubbed “treacherous” on the news and radio, advising people to stay off the roads and incur “foggy day schedule” at schools. A few years back it was so horrible, it caused a 200 car pileup on the freeway.

I get to drive in this every single day lately to work. I take back roads with dairy farms that make the fog even thicker and more dense. Its exhausting and trying driving every morning in fog that only gets thicker each day. If you follow me on twitter and instagram, you’ve seen the pictures and know what I’ve been dealing with!

The past week or so, I’ve really been thinking on the do’s and don’ts of driving in fog. There’s so many that are so crucial, yet even people here don’t follow them. It amazes me…then annoys me.

Monday morning on my way to work..{a 25 minutes drive}. Pretty bad to say the least. It took every ounce of energy I had to focus that morning to get to work. It left me wanting to take a nap all day long.

Tuesday morning. Normally when I get to this point in town, it’s a breeze, but a train unexpectedly came through and we all had to wait while it went 10mph. I couldn’t even see the train for the full 10 minutes it went by and I was only 5 cars from the tracks. It was so much thicker than the day before

Its important to know the DO’S when driving in the fog but even more important to know the DON’TS

~ turn your headlights on (you’d be amazed at how many people don’t do this)
~ turn your brights on
~ turn your hazard lights on
~ turn your parking lights on

~ turn your radio down or off
~ play with your radio
~ have your radio up loud

~ drive the speed limit or just under
~ set your cruise control so you won’t have to use extra energy focusing on your gas petal
~ pull to the side when someone comes up behind you who’s going faster than you
~ go 35 in a 55 (this will only serve getting you and someone else killed who comes up on you)

~ fix your eyes straight ahead while keeping the lines in sight
~ rely on your GPS when you can’t see road signs to tell you when your turn is coming


~ look to the left or right
~ look down at your speedometer (why I recommend using cruise control)
~ talk or text on the phone
~ look at the on coming traffic that came out of no where
~ look at what appears to be headlights in the far distance (at night) as a marker. They’ll turn out to be house lights that could steer you off the road
~ think about anything. Getting lost in thought is not an option
~ think about passing a slow driver (even though you really want to)
~ do anything that would in any way distract from your driving

If you don’t know where you are or aren’t familiar with your surroundings then, I would say drive a little slower, but I can’t stress how driving way under the speed limit is a serious danger to all other drivers around. And more so, if you have to pull over for whatever reason; turn off all lights to your car! Keep hazard lights and headlights off. Any glint of light people see, will have them think they need to be over to the right and will slam right into your parked car.

My co worker (who also drives bus) sent me this picture. At first I thought it was her, but thankfully it wasn’t. A van came quickly on a stop sign she didn’t know was there, slammed on her brakes, which had the truck who didn’t know she was there slamming on her brakes, coming too fast behind her, slam into her, shoving her mini van into the other lane and stopping on the other side of the road. Thankfully no cars were coming the other direction.

You can see how thick the fog is (at 10am) behind them.

People drive stupid. Driving too fast… I’m sure people would call me stupid because I will drive the speed limit (55mph) the whole way. I’m very aware the whole time, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get in a crash still, but I’m not going to risk it and unnecessarily go slow.

The fog is disorienting enough as it is, I don’t need to be staring at it twice as long, going slow.

I’m sure I missed some do’s and don’t, so what are some that you feel are important to follow?

How are you driving in the fog?
- in town and residential areas, I do drive very slowly. I can’t risk hitting a person I don’t see crossing the street. But on a highway, I will go ‘fast’.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I wanna stay in Kauai

..and we did just that.

On the last day in the beach cottage, we did what we are quickly becoming known for; we extended our stay. It seems to be our theme wherever we go. We like a place so much, we just can’t seem to leave; and change our flights, hotel and car rental. We had high hopes to stay in the cottages but they were completely booked for Thanksgiving, so we made the move to the Grand Hyatt.

But not before seeing Waimea Canyon. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know we were so close to it the entire first 4 days we were there. Like I mentioned before, we only left the base for groceries, so there was no exploring going on whatsoever. Little did I know we were only 10 minutes away!

On our way to the Grand Hyatt, we decided to swing up through the canyon.
As I was crouching on the edge of the cliff to take these pictures, I stood up to turn to G-man, only to have a Russian tourist about 5 inches from my back taking pictures. To say she wasn’t aware of personal space..not to mention there was at least 40ft of empty space where she could have stood, was clearly completely beyond her.

She must have believed where I was, was the only spot for the perfect picture..

I was just so thankful she didn’t bump into me, or that I didn’t freak out when I turned around nearly running into her.

We stopped at a little waterfall where G-man finally had the chance to play with Monty ( camera). I promise I did not have to pee…and yes, I’m that white in real life.
em161em160There’s reasons why I like to stay behind the camera most days…^ one of the reasons.. I do awkward things.

We pressed on..onward and upward. Higher and higher in elevation until we made it to the lookout. What a lookout it is!
Don’t mind the ‘random guy’ walking down the steps.. he was an easy subject to shoot.
It was so beautiful. They say it rivals Grand Canyon..or is a close second..or is just as big. Ok, I don’t know really know what they say, but I heard the words “Grand Canyon” and “Waimea Canyon” in the same sentence so I know they run in the same circles.

We made our way back down to check into the hotel, where I got very lost looking for the room, while G-man parked the car. He found the room before I did, which if you knew how long it took, that’s a very sad thing to admit.

Our view from the lanai..
2 things you should take note of.. 1) old(er) man in a speedo 2) waterslide. Does the view get any better than that?!
Their pools are open 24 hours a day. I thought that was the neatest thing! And in case you’re wondering, no I did not take advantage of that, but knowing I could was all that mattered, as usually is the case with me.
When we set out to Kauai, we took 4 days worth of clothes. Clothes that would be great for hiking in, or lounging around the house in…not strolling around the Grand Hyatt in. I brought 1 dress on a whim. That one dress would get me through 2 very nice dinners, 2 nights in a row… its one of those dresses that stands out, unfortunately, but hopeful no one took notice, because a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to be able to get into a fancy restaurant.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

A thankful me - 44

Monday already! This weekend went by at all sorts of different speeds. Thankfully I didn’t have any repeats of last weekend with getting a flat tire, but it was still crazy. Jam packed busy.

Saturday, I was on my way to do a jewelry party, and I followed my directions to her house just fine until I pulled up to a gated community. She didn’t tell me it was a gated community and I truly didn’t think that’s where she lived, so I texted her…
photo 1

Yes, all gated communities are hater communities… you didn’t know!?

She bought me a Santa hat (my first Santa hat ever), so I wore it the entire night feeling oh so festive.

Have you ever taken a personality test? Like a really extensive one? G-man and I were to take one years ago and while I was cleaning out the big dresser that’s in my dining room…{you’d have to see it, it totally works in there, promise}, I came across his! I honestly don’t even know if I did mine, but boy, let me tell you, his results are spot on to how he is. I couldn’t believe it!

I called him up and read his results to him and the whole time he would say, yep! that’s exactly how I am. Yeah, I do that probably a little too much…

This almost made me want to see if I really took mine or not, almost. I’m not sure I want to know the truths about me. Voluntary ignorance is bliss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its been awhile since I’ve said what I’m thankful for throughout the week so I feel its high time its picked back up.

- indoor plumbing.. I don’t think I’ll ever take this for granted. Especially in the winter months. And especially ever since my friend who was born and raised in East Germany shared stories of how their toilet was on the landing of the outside stairs for all neighbors to use in their complex. And how inside their apartment, it was so cold, ice would cover her interior bedroom walls…and that they had no running hot water. Her mom would heat it on the stove, and fill the tub up in the kitchen for a bath and my friend would go first, then her husband and the mom would go last, once a week.

I’m blessed with my gas fireplace, electricity, central heat and hot water within seconds.

- extra pillows on my bed. Saturday night, on a whim, I grabbed a pillow and shoved it between my legs to sleep. All night long I slept with that thing firmly in place, and all night long my hips, knees, and ankles had never felt so good. They didn’t hurt once, like they have been…and I feel incredibly old for a) needing a pillow between my legs to not be in pain and b) the sheer fact I’m even bringing it up as a topic of conversation.

- my lia sophia business. It’s going really well and I’m so thankful for it. It’s a little overwhelming with juggling it and my FT job but I’m always so grateful when another person wants me to do their party. Its so fun and I love it!

- and not to mention they’re sending me and G-man on an all expenses paid trip to Riviera Maya Mexico in a few months!!! We’re so flipping excited! They’re sending us here and everything about it is going to be amazing.

I surprised G-man with the news when I was in Hawaii and he was blown away. I worked hard to earn that trip for 2, and its going to make us being there all the sweeter. I cannot WAIT to get pampered!

How did your weekend turn out? Are you finished Christmas shopping or still have a ways to go?

I bought a couple more things over the weekend (that may or may not have included things for myself..) but I’m 50% done..I think.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday letters

Believe me when I say I have so much more to show you from the trip. I’ve only touched the surface. Okay, maybe I’m wrist deep, but more is to come because I have so much more to say!

Its been so long since I’ve done Friday letters so I think I’ll take a ‘trip’ break and jump back in next week!

Dear fireplace,
I’m so glad I have you. You’re the most coziest thing and I never ever want to give you up. But I do…for the right price, I’d totally drop you like its hot…
Dear fog,photo 4 (4) go away. No one likes driving in you…no! no one knows how to drive in you and it drives me crazy. I just want to drive to work without being stuck behind someone who’s scared to go over 45.
Dear all my buddies,
thanks for missing me while I was gone and loving me since I’ve been back. I missed hearing from you guys and I especially loved being told to keep blogging. Warmed my heart big time!
Dear really huge piece of metal,photo 5 (1) how how HOW did you get all the way inside my tire? I mean, HOW??? Were you placed perfectly in the road to have you go straight into my tire? Were you planted by someone in hopes I’d pull over right then and there to see what happened, in hopes they’d rob me? Or were you a complete fluke? You will forever boggle my mind. Oh and don’t think I can’t tell you’re in the shape of California… #conspiracy
Dear mechanic,
thank you for going into the trashcan to retrieve the piece of metal for me after I declared I wanted it 30 minutes after you showed me. …and thank you for not making me explain WHY I wanted to keep it after you threw it away. {because I hadn’t taken a picture of it yet…} You’re the best!
Dear Hawaii,
photo 2 (2)I miss you…and by you I mean G-man..quite a bit.
Dear Instagram lovers,
I watched the funniest parody video that I think you’d find hee-larious! I’m linking it instead of posting it because it has…well, 2 “words”…one rhymes with “duck”, so I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to watch it, but I was near tears I was laughing so hard.
Click Here
Dear wittle bitty twee,
photo 3 (1)
I’m glad I decided to put you up…I almost didn’t but I like that you’re my go to for when I need to ponder something, I can just stare at you and get lost in my thoughts.

Until Monday, my friends. If its your birthday this weekend, Happy Birthday!…if it was your birthday this week…or say yesterday… *cough* Mitchee…HAPPY Thirty-niiiinnnnfirst BIRTHDAY!!!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A rose by any other name

would smell as sweet. And a sunset by any other name would be just as beautiful.

It was on that third night, we experienced a truly magical sunset. One for the record books for us. I think its very important to witness one truly spectacular sunset on each island. It’s a must! An absolute must.

I’m so thankful my Kauai sunset did not disappoint.

I think G-man has finally accepted my need to capture the sunsets. Before, I think it bothered him I always wanted to take photos of yet another sunset, leaving me gushing about something that he saw growing up living near the water… a sun setting into the ocean. No big deal really for the man. But I think he finally sees my desire to truly capture spectacular sunsets. He’s less likely to make comments, but instead encourages me to get out.

To understand when I say, “I have to go riiight now” when it means leaving the food on the stove and him finishing the dinner.

I’m thankful he gets it now. Because as odd as it may sound, its becoming quite the passion for me. The best part…is when he’s eager to see the images on the computer and ooh and aaw when I pull them up. Picking which one his favorite is. Makes my heart happy.

This night was no different. I admit, I didn’t think it would be a magical sunset but I was so wrong. Once the sun was completely behind Niihau, the show began.
em153em154em155Once it started to fade a little, I took a seat on the deck to soak in the last bit of colors. Resting in God’s beautiful masterpiece.
Its hard passing up one of these nights. As the moon shone, we went back inside, ate our dinner and watched what we thought was the newest Spiderman, but really was the first one and rested and talked and enjoyed each other’s company as the waves crashed on the shore behind us. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to our nights in the beach cottage.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take me to Kauai

…and he did just that.

Its been a little known fact (that’s had to be repeated…and then repeated again) that I’ve always always wanted to go to Kauai.

We’ve been to Maui, Lanai, Kona, and Hilo. Why we put Kauai off for so long is beyond me…I blame the man.

But it was high time we made our way over there. He suggested going back to Maui since we loved the Four Seasons there, but he did his research (the man’s a researching maniac), and found the military base on Kauai has beach right on the beach! (hence the name..yes yes, I know).

We weren’t able to nab a cottage right on the sand, but we did manage to get one across the street that’s on stilts that looks over the one level cottages. I personally loved this. I loved being up high. We had an obstructed view, but to come out in the morning on the deck and drink my coffee listening to the waves crashing and only the waves crashing was a glorious and relaxing sound.

We made all our meals: big breakfasts in the morning and grilling at night. He watched his football while I watched the waves. 4 unwinding days in the cottages. We only left the base to drive into town to get food, we had little desire to do anything else.

One night as the sun set, we walked along the water’s edge. If you knew us you’d know we aren’t exactly “water” people. Its borderline cold for us…yes, even in Hawaii, so for us to wade our legs in and let the waves crash against us was a big step. But we ended up loving it. The tide would come in a little more and a little more as the minutes passed. The little crabs would pop their bodies out of their hiding places in the sand, and let the water sweep them in only to have the next gentle wave push them back to shore.

We found so much enjoyment watching those little crabs run in the water.

On day three, I finally made my way out to the beach for some true relaxation. While he watched his football, I set up camp enjoying the virtually empty beach. A private beach is really hard to pass up.

I was inspired by this pin and went to work.

Again, I’m thankful for a virtually empty beach as that took me 4 different times in 4 different locations to write. I’m sure I looked a little crazy writing, running to my camera, snapping away, erasing it and moving on 4 times over. But I love how it came out.

I’ve done a bit of sand writing on other beaches on other islands, and I think this might be my tradition. To write ‘love’ or a love message in each beach’s sand that I’m on.

There’s nothing like this little gem. This secret spot that only few get to visit. I’m honored that I had the opportunity to stay there.  To feel the waves and watch the crabs.

But it wouldn’t be a true visit by us without a jaw dropping sunset and an extension in our stay… until tomorrow! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To be a tourist

Hi, its me.

Its been a couple weeks, I know. I just wasn’t quite in the spirit of blogging all last week after getting back home. A few of you emailed asking if I was ok, so I have to say, thanks for checking up on me. I really thought I’d take a break until January, but then Friday happened, and I just couldn’t stay away any longer.

It was all sorts of insano!

And besides, I’m feeling a lot more like “me” now. Any way, surprisingly most of the time I was in Hawaii, I didn’t take too many pictures. I kept my phone and camera away for a lot of the time, and it was nice. When I brought it out, I made the most of it, and really enjoyed playing with Montague (aka my new camera).

We thought it would be fun to go to the Dole Plantation since we’d never been, and made our trek to the North Shore. G-man informed me that I wasn’t able to walk through the maze since it was for kids only.. {but now looking at the website, I feel a little cheated… I think I’m going to have a talk with the man. I could have been entered into the history of Dole plantation with the fastest recorded time!! I feel gipped!}

Instead we ate pineapple ice cream, which was delicious and meandered our way through their little gardens of pineapples as we waited for our train ride.

Before we rode the train, they had us pose w/the pineapple. At first we just held onto it and smiled, but the photographer felt we needed a second picture with the shaka, and we’re glad we did, because at the end of the ride we ended up really liking the picture of us. $25 and 4 copies (plus the digital) later, we now have a fun little capture.

For all those who are ‘newer’ to my blog, he’s requested to not have his picture shown. So I’ve taken great lengths to not show his face. I think this is the most I’ve ever shown of him. To all you faithful buddies, I know you all are probably thinking ‘just show his face already!!’, so thank you for your patience! Just know there’s a great smile underneath that blur.


Dole Plantation, isn’t all that much to look at, I admit. It is a nice place to get away and be a little touristy, if you’re wanting it, but a person can easily swing in and 15 minutes later swing out with a mental ‘check in the box’ for having gone.

I’m glad we both got that ‘check in the box’.

Tell me, if you’ve been to Hawaii, have you ever been to the Dole plantation?

What were your thoughts there?

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