Friday, September 28, 2012

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

A couple weeks ago, while I was at work, my sister texted me asking for my delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. I jumped online and into my Pinterest version 1.0, a.k.a the folder labeled “recipes” in my personal email and began scouring it for the recipe. But it wasn’t there!

I told her it must be at home and after work, looked through my recipe folder but still couldn’t find it. I began to panic. This is my famous recipe. A go to fall recipe that everyone loves! 7 days and a mild panic attack later, I remembered there was a girl on facebook that I talked with about it, well over a year ago. Only problem with that is, I’m no longer on facebook and didn’t know how to get her recipe (that was almost identical to mine).

I sent a 911 email to my friend who I hoped was friend’s with her on facebook, when I decided to reactivate to contact this girl directly. As I’m writing out my covert “I’m on facebook but not really on facebook” message, I thought I’d check my private messages just in case I still had it. Lo and behold there it was, sitting pretty with both of us comparing our recipes.

I texted my sister! I texted my friend! I texted myself! {ok, not really} I was so excited!

I promised work I’d make them for our potluck today and I went to work on them last night. OOh how they’re so good.

I bring you, my cookies.

Let me break it down for you:

em3Here’s everything you’ll need. {milk and eggs not shown}

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Mix all the wet ingredients together in a larger bowl and slowly add the dry until smooth.
Add all the chocolate chips you desire…then realize it wasn’t enough and add a whole bag more.
Stir with a wooden spoon to combine and plop them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake, remove and let cool.
They are soft cookies. Not your crunchy variety by any means.

Now for the breakdown:

2 Cups Pumpkin
2 tsp Baking Soda
4 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Cinnamon
4 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
2 Beaten Eggs
2 Tbsp Milk
1 Cup Vegetable Oil*
2 tsp Vanilla
6-12 oz Chocolate Chips

Preheat over to 375 degrees.
Combine all dry ingredients together. Combine all wet ingredients. Slowly add dry into wet until blended. Add chocolate chips. Place by the teaspoon size on cookie sheet (non greased)
Bake for 12-15 minutes. Let sit, transfer to cooling rack.

*substitutes for vegetable oil (though I’ve only used vegetable oil)
1 C butter or
1 C shortening
these substitutes will require you to grease your cookie sheet, cream the butter or shortening w/the sugar, adding an egg one at a time, then remaining wet, then dry.
{again, I’ve only followed my recipe}

They are so delicious! Have a great weekend, friends!!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Signs that speak truth

I’m feeling signs today. Maybe you are too once you read them. I’m busier than a mule at harvest, (…I have no idea where that came from, but let’s go with it) and haven’t really had a moment to breathe ‘blog’ but I felt signs were words enough for me, right now.
appropriate given the above statement..

if you don’t drink coffee, well I don’t see how you survive..

nothing but the truth here..
via  via

this is me about 95% of the time. If you only knew how anti social I really am..

I’ll admit I’m guilty of this..or even guilty of judging someone for something I’ve done..but its different when they do it, ya know?

To give an idea to how my days have been, yesterday, I came home from work, changed into my workout clothes and fell asleep on the couch. I am darn near tuckered out. I don’t normally say this but I am looking forward to this weekend where all I have to do is a sunrise photo shoot. Not one thing more. A weekend all to myself. Glory be, I can’t wait!

A weekend off is just what I’m been needing lately.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

A thankful me - 36

Hi ho everyone! Let’s all pause and reflect on the fact it’s the last week of the month. Oh my dear goodness this is hard to fathom. The start of my weekend was busy but thankfully by 7pm Saturday it was nothing but restful. Just how I like to round it out, if you ask me.

I had a bit of anxiety since my friend came for a quick visit Thursday that involved a meeting at my house that left a lot of trash and dishes. Trash and dishes that couldn’t be cleaned up until Saturday evening (I was so busy) and I was having the most difficult time seeing it all. Once I got home at 5 that night, I spent the next 3 hours cleaning. Best part was making a long list and crossing each and every single one of those things off. aahhh, satisfaction indeed.

Today is my sister in law’s birthday, so (though she doesn’t read my blog) I wanted to give a hearty happy birthday to her!

Today there’s so many things to be thankful for..for one..
- bacon. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I love bacon and the fact there were still some left in my fridge to have a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) made me endlessly happy
- my friend flying in for 24 hours and getting 7 1/2 hours of that 24 to hangout with her
- realizing my backseat in my car reclines. The fact I’ve owned the SUV for 2 years and have been eating my lunch in the backseat of said SUV for the past 4 months has not been lost on me. All that to say, it made my day knowing I could recline.
- long emails from friends. They really are a day brightener, not to mention my daily back and forth emails to my mom while we both work.
- your love over my eyebrows! Who knew that would make me so happy!? But know that it did. =)
- seeing the show on History 2 Channel, “How the States Got Their Shapes”. It is such a good show and so informative! I never realized that I would enjoy watching history shows or learning about history. Clearly a sign of me getting older because younger..? I couldn’t care less about any of it.

And then some extra special things…
- using a belt in my hair for a little extra something. Scooping peanut butter with my Hershey’s (best idea EVER) and making a real breakfast for the first time in weeks and weeks!
photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (1)

How’d your weekend fair?

I had the worst itch to spend a ton of money over the weekend, it was unbearable! Do you ever get that way?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

September photo challenge–week 3


We’re at week three and I’m going for a bit of a different approach for this week. The three to choose from are stranger, family and life.  I went for life but more so what my life has been lately. Beyond the driving everywhere, another thing has been my life lately.


As I’ve mentioned just recently, I sell lia sophia jewelry. Have for just about 2 years now and its pretty fun. I haven’t really talked about it on the blog because mainly, I’m not here to push it or make a sale off anyone. So its not something that needs to come up.

Over the past 7 months, its been pretty consistent at keeping me busy. Kind of too busy (which is good), since having my full time job to work around it. It can keep me up pretty late, like last night especially, with helping customers or with my new girl entering in her first party, walking her through each and every step until after 10pm last night.

But this is what I do. This is pretty much what I am and what’s become a huge part of my life. And truthfully, I rather like it…and even more so, I’m pretty darn good at it.

I like helping my girls learn what they’re doing and I like figuring out how a customer can get 3 things for the price of the one they planned and watching their face go from ‘are you crazy?’ to sheer excitement. …not to mention, all that jewelry being mine sure doesn’t hurt.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changing the direction

No, I’m not changing the direction of my blog. Like it ever had a direction to begin with.  I’m talking about changing up your direction to and from work. Or to and from home.

Yes, this will be a paranoid post by yours truly.

Remember, I’m an expert in these things… Almost from the beginning I was told it was important to never establish a routine in prison. Never walk the tier in the same direction twice, never leave the office at the same time, never go the bathroom, make a phone call, open a cell door, eat your lunch, pop inmates out at the same time every day… doing things like “clock work” was or could very well be your death sentence (or someone else’s)

Same can be applied to your day to day life.

I have to drive through the ghetto in order to get to work. You can change the name to lessen the blow; ‘less than desirable part of town’ but either way, it’s a druggie filled area that I get to work in… I get to watch the same druggies walk by the office and in so doing see whether they’re drug free (at that moment in time) or doped up as they walk by. Not to mention the gang members, homeless, scam artists and families who love them, smoking in their baby’s face while they walk by my lovely floor to ceiling window.

I started to develop the same route to and from work. Driving the same road where they’d all be hanging out at the liquor store and in their front yards watching cars go by. Where the girl would be spraying her husband’s face with the water hose while he had to do pushups in their front walk way and him not being able to breathe…you know, the normal things couples do for all to witness.

It wasn’t until one Friday morning, I was driving down the road and there were cars and people everywhere, lined up over a block long at the Salvation Army, that this one beat up mini van was going under 5mph for reasons I do not know. I couldn’t take it any longer and blared my horn nice and long and when I finally had that inch I needed, sped past him. It wasn’t until that moment I realized I may have rocked the boat on my route a bit.

There were a lot of people out that morning who heard the horn, saw the car and no doubt, saw me. I’m sure they’re used to noise and drama but I would prefer to stay out of it, so I realized it was time I took a break from that route. For the next 3 weeks, I went a different direction to and from work. Alternating between 2 routes. It was longer and more painful since there was more traffic, but I wanted to break the routine I had created.

Now I change it up between 4 different routes. Never taking the same street twice in one day. You can call me paranoid, obsessive, crazy or whatever else you want to think of, but there’s one thing I will always be. And that’s cautious.
They watch you. They see the direction you drive and they see the time you drive it. They know when you get home, when you arrive at work and the minute you pass by their place.

My advice to you is: Change it up. Find a different route to work, to home, to school. Make if more difficult for those who are looking to track your schedule. Oh, and of course…take those stupid decal stickers off…cause you know, that’s an obvious bullseye.

Do you take the same route every day or do you make the effort to change it up?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Filling them in

I felt compelled to show you just how much filling in {my} eyebrows really makes a difference. Since quite a few of you mentioned you don’t do it, I thought I’d let you see how it can change the look making it more complete, so to speak.

When I took the first set of pictures, I did it with greasy hair and after only one cup of coffee. Not something I recommend doing (the only having one cup of coffee first, that is). To say I looked like a hot mess is an understatement. What’s sad is I even had my ‘full makeup’ on minus the ‘eyebrows’. So after quite a bit of inner turmoil of, ‘to show myself as the less than perfect person that I am, or maintain my pristine image on here’, I made the judgment call to retake them the next morning.

Eyebrows are the first thing I do in the morning, which now that I think of it, maybe shouldn’t be. I’m barely half awake when I’m doing them, but none the less they are. I brush them first before filling them in, then brush again to smooth them all out.

First picture is of them not brushed or filled in and as you can see, they’re just messy.
Ok, I can’t believe I’m doing this but you need to see what my messy eyebrows look like without grooming, which means showing the hot mess picture.
em82…my point has been proven.

Second is of them brushed only. A little better but still sparse in some areas and still not quite looking as good as they can. My face doesn’t have the shape I’m wanting.
The third and final has them completely filled in. Completing the whole look for me that I’m going for.
Do you see the difference? It’s a big difference, right?! Even if you don’t fill them in at least brush them. It will keep them from being all kinds of crazy.

What’s your eyebrow routine? Since a lot of you don’t fill them in, do you have something else you do for them? Also, did you know, if you tweeze your eyebrows too much, the hairs won’t grow back, therefore leaving you with thin to non existent eyebrows!??

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Monday, September 17, 2012

A thankful me - 35

Welcome to the start of a new week…minus a day.. you know, Sunday.

The weekend came and went and wouldn’t you know I was a social butterfly a lot of it. Ok, sort of, ok not really. If you call having 2 girls come over to my apartment to get pictures and chit chat with me then yes I was quite the social butterfly.

Although, now that I recall, I did go to a friend’s house to give her her family pictures I did back in May, which coincidentally she was pregnant and didn’t know it then. Kinda fun.

She’s now 19 weeks and as cute as can be. Sadly, the day before her baby shower, she got home with her 2 kids and while unloading the kids, noticed her dog barking at their front door. Normally, he greets her but he wouldn’t stop barking. Instantly she knew something was wrong. She looked up at a second story window and saw a curtain was pulled back that she knew she closed before leaving that morning.

She immediately loaded the kids back in the car and called the police. Her house was getting robbed at that very moment. By the time the cops arrived, the guys were long gone, but not before trashing her whole (freshly cleaned for the shower) house. They took some very precious things of hers and her husband’s and even after it being over a week since it happened, I know it still affects them.

I’m thankful they’re alright and didn’t walk in on them. I don’t even want to think of that scenario. They’re a little more paranoid right now, which is understandable and hopefully over time will be able to go back to a normal state.

Speaking of ‘things’ being taken, I came across this website called TinEye reverse image search. It allows you to put in your picture URL or your website and see if your pictures are being used anywhere else other than your blogs. I thought it was pretty great considering a lot of us have been concerned with our images and even lives being taken and recreated.

On top of spending time with friends this weekend, I scored some awesome new FALL candles. 2 for $20, anyone?! Thank you awesome deals! I’ve burned the Marshmallow Fireside and it is divine! Subtle yet delicious!
photo (49)
Also, since its my house and I’ll do whatever I want, I listened to Christmas music as well. Michael can sing in my house (50)

I hope you had a fall-esque weekend yourself. You know it’s officially official this coming weekend, right? Fill me with your weekend happenings! Pin It Now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Photo Challenge–week 2

Thanks everyone who’s given me recommendations on your beauty products. I’m a little disappointed that pretty much none of you need to use an eyebrow filler. And by disappointed, I mean jealous.

I’ll have to show you a before and after of my eyebrows to prove how needed it is for me…at some the future.

Its week 2 of Katie’s photo challenge and it’s all about the joy, light and movement for the week. I had grand plans of going out at sunset to capture the corn swaying in the wind in front of the setting sun..and then I’d get home from work and realize that the 50, 000 other things I had to do trumped that corn. So I needed to think of a plan B. An even better plan than the first one.

But I was stumped. Plan A is pretty awesome, who am I kidding?!

However, one night I was beginning to get the familiar pains of hunger and did my normal stand in the kitchen, I have nothing to eat routine of opening the pantry, cabinet, fridge and freezer door at least twice when it clicked!


I can’t even describe how excited I was to know I had bacon in the fridge to cook, but know it made me more excited than a normal person should be. Mid way through it cooking, a couple more clicks went off in my head and my idea was formed.

So I bring you my {true} joy and light for the week.

I love bacon. I really really do. On top of my spree of buffalo burgers I’m on again {6 in 6 days}, I’ve also had a BLT a night for the past 4 nights.. my body is pretty happy over all the extra protein its getting and let me tell you, I’m happy to oblige!

Please tell me you like bacon!? I want to still be friends.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling all beauties

Yes, I’m talking to you.

I need your smarts
your expertise
your know how
your insight
your brains when it comes to beauty products.

I have used the same stuff for years. Makeup, face wash, moisturizer. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Well, I’m thinking it’s a bit broken.

My sister in law is an esthetician (oh my gosh, I spelled that right on the first try…*cough* any way..) and she recommended M2 and SkinCeuticals for a face wash. Both very different w/M2 getting very mixed reviews. She uses M2 and it works just fine for her.

I used to use Purity for years and years but it was time to move on from it as I felt it wasn’t cleaning as deeply as I needed.

What face wash do you use that’s gentle (I have skin that whines like a baby but will dry like the desert), that still gives a deep clean and that isn’t really a drying agent. The SkinCeuticals is ok, but I’m not seeing fantastic results for the price I paid.

Let’s move on to makeup.

This to me, is more serious because I’ve been stuck in the same makeup for years…meaning, I’ve used the same makeup for years…yes I need to throw it away. With that said, I’m DYING for a good, no, GREAT eyebrow filler. Whether it’s a pencil, powder and brush, tattoo…ok, I don’t want a tattoo, but something that you love and that’s worked for you, that doesn’t look like your eyebrows went from a soft brown to black. >>finger pointing at self<<

I use (present tense) Models Prefer eyebrow pencil…and it’s a bit harsh. Some days I wonder if its as obvious to others as it is to me that my eyebrows went 3 shades darker..and then I tell myself that yes, most likely they do notice and I run to the bathroom and cry.

Ok, not an actual portrayal but that’s beside the point. I’m on my last pencil and they don’t sell these anymore and I’m stressing over what to get to replace it.


Let’s continue on to the under eyes and a little something called bags..and dark circles..and permanent sunspots that were obtained thanks to birth control and sun exposure. Being told that you look like you have 2 black eyes is very enjoyable, says no one ever.

SO! What I’ve been using for years *cough* and years, is Mally Cancellation Concealer Systemthe same one. It works alright but I would really love something new that works beautifully. That’s smooth and brightening and that would work like a charm…and that isn’t 5 years old.

Ladies, will you help?! Will you share your beauty favorites and finds?

I need your best face wash
your best eyebrow filler
and your best under eye concealer/brightener

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A thankful me - 34

Well hello, there. Did we all have a weird weekend? Or was that just me.

Friday consisted of being there for a friend and things she needed to work through…that lasted the entire day and night. It was exhausting. It drained both my mental battery and my phone’s battery, but rest assured everything has worked out for her benefit.

Saturday was an emotional day that ended with one of the worst nights in my business, where I felt incredibly old and out of place. But trust me, that was a good thing (in my mind).

And Sunday was a day for God and finally giving over something that has plagued me for longer than I’d care to admit. Where I finally surrendered it, accepting what He wanted, regardless of the outcome and OOh, how it felt so good. Its scary to do that. Fearing what He may say and having it be the opposite of what you think you want. I know. I’ve been scared for a very long time. Until yesterday. I’m amazingly light hearted and feel so much peace about it all.

They say writing is therapeutic, whether it be typing it or pen to paper. It gets those thoughts out of your head. The thoughts that beat you with repetition day in and day out. The ones that consume you and pull you deeper into your stress and anxiety. It’s the worst.

I opened my computer and started typing. Points I wanted to remember at first but then the words started to flow. Sentences, paragraphs were formed and before I knew it, a full blown letter was written, rewritten, proofed and edited. Granted this took about 3 hours to write but within 30 minutes of completing it, I got my peace. I got my resolve and I felt that huge weight lift off my shoulders that I’ve been carrying for God knows how long. {because He does}.

So today, that’s what I’m thankful for. Having a God that graciously takes my stresses and burdens from me. Patiently waits for me to hand them over. And loves on me after I finally can’t take it anymore and surrender.

1 Peter 5:7
..casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.


Happy Monday everyone!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Realizing it can wait

Remember the day when we all sat in the car and talked and played car games? Relied on big huge bulky maps of the entire country, separated by states, where you had to connect A5 to D2 to find your destination? When you called to let the person know you were just about to leave and wouldn’t talk to them until you pulled up in their driveway?

Since June, when I went to Milwaukee and didn’t take my laptop, I’ve felt a shift of sorts in my use of all my gadgets. I have a lot of them. The iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, and my laptop. Overwhelming at times, not to mention confusing when I’m reaching for one and do a jerky arm move over everything because I can’t figure out which I’m going for.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was a master texter while driving. I can text without looking and drive with my knee like no one you’ve ever seen…until I looked down to proof read and see I was one letter over to the left and all my words were misspelled. So of course, I would then survey the road, ensuring no cars were coming toward me (because I made it a “rule” to not text when a car was about to pass me) and proceed to look down to fix all the mistakes.

I always told myself I should cut back on texting and driving. I should. But it was always too easy to grab it when someone texted. I’ve mentioned it before; I generally text a person immediately upon receiving their text. If I read it and don’t, I’ll forget to respond, so I don’t wait. I’m just about always available. Even phone. I have this thing where its hard letting a call go to voicemail.

Well, I have noticed that no matter how quickly I’ll write back, they can take up to 5, 10, sometimes 30 minutes to get back to me. Odd seeing how they just texted but its slowly sunk in these past couple weeks that its okay to wait. Its okay to let that call from that client go to voicemail at 8:30pm. It’s okay to read a text and not respond until the morning. And most importantly, its okay to not touch my phone when I’m driving.

Why? I honestly have to remind myself that the person who is texting me, or calling me took 15 minutes to write back. Or 3 days to return my call, and if they feel its ok for me to wait, then I know its ok for them to wait that 20 minute drive home to respond. Its not an emergency, its not life or death. It’s a silly text about a piece of paper, or a workout, or someone wanting to say hi.

They can wait.

For the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve made huge efforts to stop texting while driving. There have been a couple times I’ve done it but 98% of the time I wait. And you want to know something crazy? The people on the receiving end of my texts, haven’t complained one bit. Heck, I bet they didn’t even notice I took longer than normal.

Everything is at our fingertips now. GPS, video games, communication. There’s no need to wait anymore when all a person needs is to grab their smart phone and look it up while sitting in the car driving down the road. And there’s no need to map it out to such great extent as before. We can call the person on our way and say we’re coming and call them 10 minutes before we get there. And we can all zone out to our little video games, keeping us separate from our riding companions. Things are not the same as when we grew up.

I love my iPhone, but I miss those days of less. So I’m working on less. Less texting, less computer time, less zoning out just to zone out..and I have to say, its been pretty nice.

Have a safe weekend and remember, it really can wait.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My way or the highway

Can I just say, it pays to speak up. When the stylist does something you don’t like, or is “done” and you’re unhappy with it, do you say something? Do you tell them to fix a problem that you see or do you say it looks fine, pay and go home unhappy?

She was half way through with styling and I wasn’t happy. My rule is to make them straighten my hair so I can see every possible issue. It makes for a fairly boring hairstyle but I don’t care. I want to see how it’ll look as if I styled it. I questioned a spot and she fixed it and continued straightening. She “finished” and I still wasn’t happy and she fixed 2 more spots. Finally I was satisfied.

I know if I walked out of that room without saying a word I would have nothing but negative things to say and would have complained for months as it grew back out. But now, I’m content with it. It put the bounce back in my hair, that I was desperately needing.

Now! My fun friend, Katie is doing a September weekly photo challenge that I love! She gives you 3 subjects that you can choose from (for the week) or gives you the ability to do all three. Whichever tickles your fancy. Then every Thursday, we all get to link up to show what we did. Today is the first week’s challenge! Fun, right?!

The 3 this week are:

Since I brought my camera to my hair appointment, I thought what a better “now” and “me”. One thing about this salon is its all individualized. Where each and every stylist has their own private room with doors and they’re allowed to decorate it any way they want. I’ve never never been in a salon like this before. Have you!? I kinda liked how she closed her door to give us the ultimate privacy! As you can see that woman loves pink, and apparently dresses every single day in hot pink.
Mine chose more of a vintage 60’s theme, as you can tell. With a vintage hair dryer, chair, pictures on the wall and furniture.
Because we know no post is complete without public restroom mirror pictures, I felt it was only right. Ok, truth is, I kinda felt she was ready for me to stop taking pictures in her room, so I jetted off to the restroom to continue. Weird? Akward? Maybe…but I succeeded.
I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of her challenge. If you want to play along, you definitely can! She’s keeping the link open throughout the weekend, so hop on in and show us you..or what’s going on now…or the details of it all.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Callie and Ben

Months ago I went to “help out” at a women’s function at church. To be honest, I don’t quite know what was needed to be done because it became more of a social event rather than me actually helping. Some were sewing and crafting…two things I don’t really do, so I know I wasn’t much help.

The snacks were really good. That I remember!

There was a young girl there ironing, who I found out was getting married in May. My friend was their photographer and before she knew what hit her, I got my friend to introduce us and declared I wanted to volunteer to be the 2nd photographer. Blindsiding is probably the best way to put what I did.

I never shot a wedding and it seemed this couple would be the best one to start out on. They’re laid back, easy going, cool, calm, and beyond collected. They did everything themselves and just about didn’t sweat a thing throughout the whole process. Enjoying every minute of it. The bride even made mac and cheese before getting in her dress to head to the church.

It helped me being around such relaxed company.

As she continued getting ready, I headed to the church to meet up with the guys. They were a fun bunch; eating pizza and playing with guns in the pastor’s study as they patiently waited for the time to tick away.

I realize that’s an odd sentence, but it’s all legal…

One of the groomsmen had rented a Camaro, so they were eager to have their pictures taken with it. I can’t really blame them, it is a Camaro after all.
It was finally time and the ceremony was underway. They were so excited.

All throughout the day, he would crack jokes and they’d give each other cute silly faces. It was adorable and really showed their fun loving characters.
It was nice to be there. Capturing the fun pictures. Not necessarily being the one that was under the gun to get all the right shots. I felt it was ok to have the fun, goofy ones that they’d be able to chuckle at later on.
As the bride and groom danced, this adorable little girl was eager to get a picture of her own.
She was devoted to her work, making sure she remained hydrated to ensure she could keep working.
In reality, it was blazing hot that day and I commend the bride for staying in her dress throughout the whole reception.
I’m glad I went that night, so that I could meet Callie, so that I could volunteer to shoot their wedding. It was definitely an experience. One that taught me I have a lot to learn in the way of weddings. One that showed just how hard a true professional photographer has to work and how much they’re counted on to get those perfect shots, whether it be in harsh lighting, not enough lighting, or with people walking in front right at what would have been the perfect moment. They’re seen but invisible.

I have a new found respect for all of you.

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