Thursday, September 6, 2012

My way or the highway

Can I just say, it pays to speak up. When the stylist does something you don’t like, or is “done” and you’re unhappy with it, do you say something? Do you tell them to fix a problem that you see or do you say it looks fine, pay and go home unhappy?

She was half way through with styling and I wasn’t happy. My rule is to make them straighten my hair so I can see every possible issue. It makes for a fairly boring hairstyle but I don’t care. I want to see how it’ll look as if I styled it. I questioned a spot and she fixed it and continued straightening. She “finished” and I still wasn’t happy and she fixed 2 more spots. Finally I was satisfied.

I know if I walked out of that room without saying a word I would have nothing but negative things to say and would have complained for months as it grew back out. But now, I’m content with it. It put the bounce back in my hair, that I was desperately needing.

Now! My fun friend, Katie is doing a September weekly photo challenge that I love! She gives you 3 subjects that you can choose from (for the week) or gives you the ability to do all three. Whichever tickles your fancy. Then every Thursday, we all get to link up to show what we did. Today is the first week’s challenge! Fun, right?!

The 3 this week are:

Since I brought my camera to my hair appointment, I thought what a better “now” and “me”. One thing about this salon is its all individualized. Where each and every stylist has their own private room with doors and they’re allowed to decorate it any way they want. I’ve never never been in a salon like this before. Have you!? I kinda liked how she closed her door to give us the ultimate privacy! As you can see that woman loves pink, and apparently dresses every single day in hot pink.
Mine chose more of a vintage 60’s theme, as you can tell. With a vintage hair dryer, chair, pictures on the wall and furniture.
Because we know no post is complete without public restroom mirror pictures, I felt it was only right. Ok, truth is, I kinda felt she was ready for me to stop taking pictures in her room, so I jetted off to the restroom to continue. Weird? Akward? Maybe…but I succeeded.
I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of her challenge. If you want to play along, you definitely can! She’s keeping the link open throughout the weekend, so hop on in and show us you..or what’s going on now…or the details of it all.

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Lisa said...

I wish I had spoken to my hairdresser on Saturday. Mind you I did not realise what he had done until I washed my hair and then had to style it myself!!

I have never been unhappy with his work before but lets just say that this time was a botched up job!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's hard to speak up - especially during the styling portion as my hair usually gets styled in a way I would never do myself - but it's important because you're the one that has to live with the cut afterwards! Your hair looks super pretty :)


Behold the Metatron said...

I dyed my hair back to brown and was so unhappy with it on multiple levels. First off, it was too dark. I even showed a picture, and they showed me a swatch of hair of the exact color beforehand. WTF happened?

So I saw that and freaked but figured it would fade so no biggie.

But she insisted on not touching my under highlights and it looked like I had half head dark, half head blonde. YUCK.

So I told her to dye it more underneath. But now it's fading so before the wedding they need to darken it.

I would have said something again but by that point it was 10pm and I was so done being picked at! I was tempting guying a box of dye. lol


Katie said...

LOVE IT! My friend works at a salon like that...she has her own room and I think its strange. I guess I like the atmosphere of an open salon? This coming from a girl that pays to get her hair cut 1x every 5 years...

But really, great shot! I am still terrible at the mirror pictures. Share your secrets.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your dress!! :)

angie on maui said...

Hello, gorgeous!

I am one of those spineless people who has a hard time speaking up. Fortunately, I love my hair lady and have been seeing her for years. When I first moved here and had to find someone, I had a few mishaps; overpriced, horrible haircuts and I said not a word. :( Just never returned.

Good for you for speaking up...but that doesn't surprise me, because you know, you worked in a prison and you have guns and all. ;)


Ariel Tyler Henley said...

Your hair looks great! I make them straighten my hair, too. I learned to speak up, too, when I had a hair dresser cut my hair to my ears instead of to my shoulders. You live and you learn, I suppose. But good for you for speaking up! I'm glad you like your hair now! And what an interesting salon. I've never seen or even heard of a salon with private rooms, but that sounds like such a fun idea.


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