Thursday, June 27, 2013

Having flashbacks

Yesterday during the interview I told a couple prison stories. If this seems odd, it’s only because the position I’m going after is within a law enforcement agency and the questions they were asking were in direct line with my prison days.

It took awhile for the stories to come to the front of my brain before I could tell them and even then, they were a little spotty. It was as if they had to come from the deep vault I put them in, by way of searching the index card for their file number, grabbing the key, pulling the file out and on a slow conveyer belt, eventually making its way to the front of my brain for the memory.

They’ve been locked away for a few years, hardly ever accessed. On the rare occasion, one story will pop into my head or I’ll have the few and far between prison dream that’s very intense but other than that, I almost never talk about it. Sometimes I think my 6 years I worked there never happened, its such a distant memory that doesn’t seem plausible that I would ever do that.

After yesterday, it was as if the vault had been opened and left opened, because when it was time to go to sleep, there was a good 30 minutes when that’s all I could think of. And generally, thinking about prison stories before I sleep is about the worst thing I can do.

Memory after memory started flooding back. I started remembering the good, the bad and the horrific. Moments that had me chuckling and moments I had forgotten about that I was quick to tuck back away with thinking about anything good to overpower it.

Eventually I was able to stop thinking about it, and thankfully I didn’t suffer the consequences of it all in my dreams, but it had me wonder for a moment if I wanted this position because it has the likeliness of keeping this vault open. Getting back into this environment will no doubt bring back a part of the Emily I let go of when I retired 2 1/2 years ago. Ultimately I do want this job. A part of me craves being back into some form of law enforcement, even if it means not being an Officer, but it’s a matter of finding that balance that I wasn’t quite able to find before.

I think being older and *cough* wiser would help me in obtaining that balance. Sometimes I want to relive the “glory days” as odd as that may seem. As if I were more important then than I am now, and I want people to feel and know that. I know I’m important today, just in a different way. It goes back to the balance, I suppose, of being okay with where I am today since its in stark contrast to where I was or where I thought I’d be.

Its that contentment I guess, that I haven’t quite found just yet.em150

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why I’ll never be a travel blogger…and an interview

As most things go, my laptop is worse than I thought. The screen…the internal screen has cracked and the entire thing needs to be replaced. Of course it’ll cost half of what I paid for the entire laptop, but that’s beside the point. United airlines saying they’re not liable for the damage and refusing to pay it, is beside the point. Finding out I can hook my laptop to my tv with the HTMI cable so I can have a big mondo screen to use… now that’s just plain cool.

Granted I can only go 4 feet from the tv, since the cable doesn’t reach very far, and I have to sit on my coffee table with the actual laptop on a pillow on a little table, but the fact that I’m staring at my tv while I type, not gonna lie, is kinda cool.

It’s the little things for me that keep me going these days. Otherwise I’ll flat out lose my mind.

One thing that’s keeping me sane is I have an interview today! The job that I tested for 1 1/2 weeks ago that I mentioned, I passed! I was sweating it for awhile there. Especially since I left for Japan, I didn’t exactly have a way to find out if they contacted me. I had a friend getting my mail and it wasn’t until the end of the week that the letter finally arrived saying I’m scheduled for the interview. What a relief!

Thanks to Katie, I learned what the sidewalk things are for…other than to cause me misery! Its to help the visually impaired. Which now that she said that, it makes all sorts of sense since its literally down the middle of every single sidewalk and on the edge of every street and everywhere else you would think you’d like a warning before potentially dying.

G took this for me and then after said I pose for every shot. My question back would be…how else should I pose? I think as far as poses go, this is a rather tame one.. especially considering the two girls to the left are cutsie posing.

I wanted to throw my arms in the air, put my hands on my hips, stick my butt out and blow a kiss…but darn if I didn’t hold back and stand there like a bump on a log.

I digress.

I can tell you now, I’m not destined to be a travel blogger. Pretty sure G-man wouldn’t be able to handle the constant photos and documentary of it all. Ironically we had this very discussion after I snapped a photo of my delicious iced Cappuccino and he informed me he has a friend who said he can’t stand when people take photos of everything they eat and drink. To which I replied his friend needed to get over it and look away if it bothered him.

I may have been a little sassy at that moment…and for the record I’m 93% sure he was talking about an actual friend and not himself…

Still digressing…

After that, we determined that I’d be a horrible travel blogger because a) I don’t remember where I went… for instance, above. I have no idea what city we were in or temple that is. b) G doesn’t like the fact that I’d be giving up ‘locations’ of where “we” are. which I guess makes “A” come in handy quite nicely… and c) it’s a lot of work documenting every single moment, train ride and tip.

Though I have a big tip for you… Four Seasons Tokyo?? Don’t even bother staying there. Huge waste of money for nothing. I did take the pen in the room though to “show them”. Not sure they fully got the message though… maybe if I had written the message with the pen. hmmm, that would have been good…

                                                                                          See!? Pretty!
photo (10)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its not what you think

My screen has gotten even worse since yesterday. More lines have formed making it more difficult to see words and ultimately pictures. I can’t edit anything, or even get a good idea of what one looks like, so I feel like sharing my trip or even working on the birth is on hold. My google MD license says it’s the ribbon cable, so we’ll see if the Geek Squad agrees.

Interestingly enough, I took so few pictures. You’d think while in Japan, I’d have my camera 100% of the time, but the majority of my time was spent in the lodge on the military base there. Being a ‘guest’, I wasn’t allowed to roam the grounds or even leave the base to explore the city I was in, so in a way, it was a bit of a confinement. The only times I was allowed to walk about was when G-man was with me and given that he was there for work, I spent many hours inside the room.

I knew this going into the trip, so I didn’t quite mind it. I ate at Chili’s more in that one week than I have in more than 5 years. It became too convenient having it directly across the parking lot from the lodge. We did eat out in town but what I found interesting is there weren’t really any sushi places. You hear Japan and immediately sushi comes to mind, but in fact, they eat a lot of noodles. Ramen restaurants were all over the place.

Even then, we found ourselves eating Korean BBQ, Indian (twice in one day), American and finally Ramen one night and not until the 2nd to last day there, did we make it to a sushi restaurant. And I’m pretty sure the table next to us was talking down about us.

Regardless, the food everywhere was really quite good. The people were really quite nice and the experiences all around were quite memorable. So even though I didn’t have my camera with me hardly at all, I enjoyed the moments. Even though it rained the majority of my time there, I was still eager to walk about and see as much as I could.

Watching the culture, their way of life is so very different than our own. On the trains, every person is either sleeping, reading a book or on their cell phones, while the majority of them all are on their cell phones. You think its bad in America, you need to see it in Japan. I’d say a good 85% of them were face down in their phones, completely engrossed in their game or text. They’re very quiet and respectful on the trains.

However, I noticed their disinterest in sitting next to us. We joked that no one wanted to be near the whities, but boy was it true. They’d walk in and look at the empty seat next to me or G-man, and would rather stand then sit next to us. This happened quite often and was rather odd. We were quiet, respectful and I know we didn’t smell, so I couldn’t understand their aversion to being near us. The few that did, we could see their reluctance and did it strictly for the purpose of needing to rest.

On day 2, G-man and I went for a late trip into one of the cities an hour away to see the big temple that was there, and on our way back, we fell asleep. hard. So much so, the next thing I heard was the conductor saying ‘excuse me’ to wake us up. Everyone had gotten off the train except us. He ushered us off the car and asked where we were going. In our bleary state, we were able to give our location, and he kindly directed us to the train we needed. We were so tired, we didn’t even laugh from embarrassment afterward. All we could manage to do was thank him, get on the train car and fall back asleep. It wasn’t until the next morning we laughed about it all.

I’m just thankful he spoke such good English to help us.

I will admit this. There’s one thing that I can say with all confidence that I hated in Japan. That I didn’t understand why it was needed on every sidewalk, at every crossing, at the top and bottom of every step, at every single turn and corner!
These were the devil. And my feet and I hated them with every single miserable step. I do not know their purpose other than to torture me. Other than these, I thought everything else in Japan was great. Pin It Now!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jet lag

Hi my friends. I’m back in the states. Got in yesterday after an incredibly long day of traveling and I’m wiped out. Not only am I wiped out, but apparently so is my laptop. Note to self: Do not put laptop in checked bag for international flight.

I got a little lazy with carrying a heavy load in my tote and risked the laptop in the checked and well, I think I paid the price. I’m not sure that white part of the screen is salvageable. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?
photo (4)

There’s nothing like leaving at 5:30pm on Sunday only to arrive in Los Angeles at 10:45am Sunday to throw a person for a loop. I had a 6 hour layover in LA and subsequently fell asleep on the airport floor propped up just enough to have my mouth open wide for all to see… I woke up to make direct eye contact with a 16 year old boy (in Sesame Street pajama pants I might add) who was laughing at me…as I wiped my mouth in case any drool was there.

It was one of my finer moments, to be sure.

I have lots to tell and share about my trip over the week. I had a great time in Japan. It was one of the longest weeks of my life, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I loved how time slowed down for me to enjoy each and every moment.

                                                                                 Tokyo Grand Central Station
photo (5)

I think I’ll be sleeping for the next couple of days to get myself back on my time. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

It’s a little surreal

I’m here. I’m in Japan. And its Monday…but its not. But it really is. I pretty much lost all of Sunday to flying. I started out at 8am Saturday and didn’t get to Japan until 2pm Sunday afternoon and in the end I stayed up for over 24 hours and was a walking zombie before I was able to crash at 9pm Sunday night.

Leading up to leaving, it got chaotic real quick. Friday morning, on my last day of work, and of course the day before leaving for Japan, my friend texted me saying her water broke. This is great news, exciting, thrilling..all those things, but it had me panic for a moment because I was supposed to photograph her birth!

She was due on June 23rd…the day I returned from Japan. It was her first..she was supposed to be at least a week late…she was not supposed to go into labor until after I got back! We agreed! ..ok, she might not have agreed to waiting that long.

I took my camera to work with me in case I had to leave early and waited for updates all while mapping out everything I needed to do at home before the trip. I made it through my last day until 5pm, doing lots of work. More work than I thought I’d do, to be totally honest. I got treated out to lunch and was able to head home, with no major updates from my friend or her husband.

By 6pm, she was at a 6, so I started to get things ready for my trip before I went to the hospital around 8. It ended up being perfect since she was ready to push just 15 minutes after I arrived. That girl can push! She was such a trooper and it was nothing short of amazing getting to be in the room to witness her daughter’s birth. I’ve never actually been in the room before. Outside, peaking through a window, seeing it on tv, but inside? while it’s happening? witnessing the nitty gritty of it all.. amazing.

a sneak

The nurses and doctor all thought it scared me off to having babies, but is it weird that it just spurred me on more for them? It looks hard. It looks beyond painful but it just made me want to do it all the more.

I’ll go on and on about her birth in another post, but I finally made it home at 11:30pm and I knew I had a long night ahead of me with packing. By 2:15am, I was finally able to fall into bed so I could wake up at 5 to get ready. It was rough! I was finally able to get coffee in my system before flying out of San Francisco, and it was like heaven.

You know I must be bored if I’m willing to bring my big camera out at an airport and not care what people think of me snapping photos of my coffee.
em39       photo 2 (3)photo 3 (4)

It was the first time I’d ever been in a double decker plane and I thought it was the neatest thing. Even though I wasn’t taking advantage of the double decker amenities, I had an exit row, and to me, that was all I needed. I have to give it to United. Their service was really great and they fed us 3 meals plus 2 separate snack times plus ample water throughout the whole flight. I was never hungry once. All of the flight attendants were above and beyond nice too.

One caught on that I drink a lot of water and the moment I finished one cup, he took it and immediately placed another full cup in my hand without saying a word. I had conversations with a few of them on the flight, and it was so nice and a far cry from domestic flight attendants.

I met up with G-man at the airport and we indulged in a strawberry shake together before we boarded the bus to take us on the base where we’re staying. I was dead at this point, but over an hour later, we arrived and were immediately invited out to dinner by his boss and co worker.

You can say no to the co worker, but you can’t say no to the boss, so looking haggard and worse for wear, we hopped in a cab and made our way through town for dinner. It was such a nice night. The boss treated us out for Korean BBQ and we all were able to talk and get to know each other. I’ve never accompanied G-man on any work dinners so this was new to me and I was a little uncertain with how to be. Its one of those where I want to act normal yet don’t want to embarrass G-man in any way, so I was on high alert as best as I could be with being awake for nearly 24 hours straight. However meeting his boss and not realizing it was his BOSS until the dinner was almost over had me wondering where my brain was. If G-man hadn’t said “Sir” at one point, I’m not sure it ever would have occurred to me.

By 9pm, we were finally able to get some much needed sleep and sleep never felt so good. I’ll have the days to myself while G-man has to take care of things, so I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to explore this town a little bit.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Guess where I’m going??


before I say where, I have to show you the after!
em113I’m dark! With a slight {accidental} ombre think going with my ends. And lest you think I’m really that white (though, I am really that white). I moved a little to the right and look at that! a little more color in the skin. Not so ghostly.


Before and after side by side since I was told its subtle.
photo 3 (3)

I’m really loving the dark. It has a lot of dimension to it and even my old color comes through a bit and offers a little highlight here and there. Only a few people actually noticed at work so it made me think even more that it wasn’t as noticeable but every time I’d walk in the restroom I’d see myself in the mirror and think how obvious it was.

Speaking of work, today is my last day and I couldn’t be more relieved. If there ever was a long week in my life, it was this week. It drug on. It didn’t help that I thought it was Friday on Wednesday AND Thursday. Talk about a moral killer. Another killer is them believing things will fall apart once I leave so they’re piling on the work so I can get it all done before I go. Only thing is, its work that isn’t due for another 2 weeks that they think I should do.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy and pretty upset (since Tuesday) where I almost walked out without returning. I only stayed because I like the people in my office and I didn’t want to leave them in a lurch, but if I were in the main office, I would have walked out without looking back. I’m doing everything in my power to be kind and do as much work as my office is asking me to do, but its proving more and more difficult as I ruminate on Tuesday’s events.

I’m so thankful its over after today. That’s all I’ll say on the matter before letting it rest.

…back to where I’m going.


I leave tomorrow!! I can’t even tell you how excited I am. It’s my first time there and I’ve been attempting to learn anything with the language and it’s proving harder than I thought. Ha-gee-may-mahsh-day, Emily des… is Nice to meet you, I’m Emily. …and well, that’s about as far as I’ve learned.

I cannot wait to see as much as I can about this culture. Just listening to the podcasts and videos to help learn has me so intrigued. I should be blogging while I’m there and I’m so eager to share the trip with you.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Did you think it was Hawaii?

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

To the dark side

It wasn’t until I had photos taken last week that I knew just how bad my roots were. I was in shock and felt all sorts of gross that I went so long without taking care of the stark contrast of my roots to my hair color, so I called upon my friend to come over and color my hair.

She’s a box color pro, having done it for many years on her own hair, I knew I was in good hands, though I was a little nervous because I don’t think I’ve done box color in over 10 years. As you may remember, I’m more than willing to spend $250 on a color (provided they do it right)…and yes yes, it didn’t go quite right, but that’s beside the point. Given that I quit my job, I don’t exactly have $250 sitting around..not to mention the $400 flight THERE to get it done, so a box was the next best option.

I trusted the Ulta girl’s recommendation and picked up the color. Last night my friend came over and after some girl time, we went to work. The before:
Its light, with a hint of red (a lot when out in the sun) and the roots are a darker gray/brown. Not exactly the look I’m going for.

Mid-way through, after my friend commented on how much hair I had again and again, I remembered how all the stylists would say the same thing. How halfway through they run out of color and have to go make more. This didn’t cross my mind when I bought the box, and true to my hair, my dear friend had to run to the store to buy a 2nd box of color.

You think it’s thin. You think there’s not a lot there, but the moment you touch it and handle it, you’d be amazed at the amount. Its very deceiving.

On a side note, I think this is why I’ve had some headaches and sensitive scalp, its so heavy it weighs my head down.

Any way, she finished up and while the color was brewing on my head, I made the chocolate sandwiches for her. I’m pretty sure its going to be a staple in my family. And naturally, she loved them.

I showered and I have to say, the color {wet} looks pretty good. Now given that we finished very late, I wasn't really inclined to dry and style my hair, but if you follow me on Instagram, I can say with confidence, I’ll show it there first. If not, check back here tomorrow. I’ll take care of you.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to all who prayed for me for the testing yesterday. It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be and it threw me a for a bit a loop, but I’m doing everything in my power to trust God with the outcome and not let the answers I know I got wrong get me down. That’s one thing I’m really working hard on doing, not focusing on the negative of things, rather the positive, even if they’re small. It’s a work in progress to say the least. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A test, a prayer and a sneak

This very morning I’m testing for the position I mentioned yesterday. It’s a 3-4 hour long test and since I’m writing this beforehand, I’ll be honest and say I have no idea what it’s going to entail. Well, I have an idea but it could be nothing like what I’ve conjured up in my brain.

So if you’re inclined, pray. Pray that I pass to move on to the interview process…which will also take 3 hours. who wants to be in an interview for 3 hours straight?!? apparently >this girl<In other exciting news, I’m getting my hair colored tonight…by my friend…from a box.

I trust her.


If you haven’t yet, I think its time you make the grilled chocolate sandwiches I went on and on about last Tuesday. If you’re still unsure about them, you can read Casey AND Amanda’s reviews on them since they trusted me.


The photographer from last week, who also is my good friend, knows what she’s doing. There’s no doubt about that. She also knows the difficult position she and I are both in with being able to post photos of G-man. So she used her Masters brain, and brilliantly created ‘blog-able’ images for both of us to use.

Silhouettes and blurred shots. Can’t get any more ‘obscure’ than that. To say I wish nothing more than to show my favorites to you, would be an understatement. But I also like being on G’s good side and will respect his wishes of not having any photos of him on the blog. And friends, for the record. Its hard. I’ve debated making my blog private so I could share ‘us’, but haven’t quite been able to do it. I like you all and getting to meet so many new people by being public is what I enjoy! If I had gone private when it originally crossed my mind, I wouldn’t have met my 2 newest and already dear friends, Casey and Amanda. So I struggle with the idea of being ok with not making anymore friends if I went private, and I don’t think I’m ready for that.

So, until I’m ready, I’ll stay public and refrain from showing photos of my love and continue showing the vague shots I’m given.
em60em61photos courtesy of Erin Pasillas Photography

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The weight has lifted

I felt stuck for awhile. I got into a position that I felt pigeon holed in and didn't think I could get out of and it was making me miserable more and more each day. and if I'm honest, a bit resentful.

It struck me while on the plane about to fly back home from my Uncle's funeral just how unhappy I was and wanted a change. In fact I wanted to do something downright rash. My brain was going a mile a minute as I concocted idea after idea but forced myself to sit on it and pray. Keep it from others because I felt they would think me irrational.

I patiently impatiently waited and prayed and as my little mental time frame neared with each day passing, I got more and more confident in my decision. Even if at that moment, I didn't have a backup plan. So on May 31st, I met with my 2 supervisors and discussed my position. I sat in the conference room, my body tense, my face blank as we talked about the raise I wanted. That they were unwilling to give.

And that they ultimately rejected.

I calmly informed them if they didn't meet the amount I wanted, to consider that very moment my 2 week notice and they were quite taken aback. One even turned to the other asking to step out so they could discuss it, but the other refused and condescendingly repeated what I said so he could be clear with what I was threatening.

I confirmed it, not budging under his belittling tone and he asked if I'd wait until the following Monday to see if they'd meet my demand, and I agreed but not before reiterating that if they didn't agree, my 2 weeks began Friday.

The meeting ended and I returned to my desk as if nothing happened but with my mind in a whirl over everything that was said. Growing slowly angry as I thought over what he said and how he said it. It felt good knowing I had my 2 weeks looming overhead, even if it wasn't official yet.

I opened my email and there all by itself sat an email for a position I applied for over a month ago, just waiting for me to open, inviting me to start their testing process. A position that I've prayed for the moment I saw it, that I had countless others pray for for me and I knew in that moment God was taking care of things.

I called my supervisor back down to my desk and told him not to bother until Monday, that I was done and officially quit. He was surprised by what he saw was an out of the blue action, but knowing it was official, I couldn't hide my relief.

My last day is on the 14th, and even though I might not get the other job, I know I'll be alright. It dawned on me that I don't need to stay in a job that under-appreciates me and who thinks I should be grateful for the incredibly low wage they were paying with being told "a lot of people out there don't get paid what they feel they should".

There's better out there. It could be the job I'm testing for that pays 2 1/2 times more or another that pays a little less. Regardless, I know that I don't have to settle and feel stuck anymore, and that is the most freeing thing ever.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to reality

Normal days again over here. I had a sneaking suspicion that his flight would get delayed Saturday morning and secretly hoped for it.. no one likes a 5am wake up call. And thank the good Lord, it was. By 3 hours. So getting a little more time with him was the perfect way to end his time here.

After I dropped G-man off and got back home, I admit, I did very little. Anything that constituted being hygienic was not a priority. I made matters worse better by walking in 108 degree heat for 20 minutes, so its safe to say afterward, it was good I was all alone. though I still get botox, so it certainly wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

As always, his time here was nice. short, but nice. I may have unknowingly fibbed a bit on his excitement for getting photos done, but we made up for that little hiccup in our communication by eating out at the absolute best restaurant in the world…or in my area, any way.

To all my local friends, if you have never been to Schoolhouse Sanger, you must make reservations and go now! Hands down the absolute most delicious restaurant in this area. And this is saying a lot if I’m willing to share a place close to where I live. The food is grown right on their property, they pick fruit right from the orchards across the street, ice cream is made fresh daily from a local creamery, and they create these phenomenal mind blowing dishes in the absolute best atmosphere I’ve ever been in.

We left our cell phones and camera at home, but I was wanting to channel Jenni at story of my life, to share pictures and a review on this place. I’ll just have to return to get my chance.


A lot is happening soon in my little world that I’m getting mentally ready for. Tomorrow will shed some light on one thing and later this week, I’ll share a little more, but I’m prepping, and preparing and all around excited (mostly) for it all to happen.

While G was here, we made an entire day of driving to the big outlet mall in Gilroy (home of the garlic) and shopped. His suggestion even, so you know it was one to be capitalized on. He gifted me with 3 pair of socks and makeup. I knew I loved that man. We did a lot of mundane things while he was here and I wanted nothing more. Mundane to many is a treasure to me. Sitting together watching 24 and Arrested Development at night, every night is what I relish.

Having him scrub my entire apartment down the day before he leaves (without me knowing), while I’m at work so I won’t have to clean for awhile, is just one of the reasons I’ll keep him.. I mean, love him deeply.

I get to see him again in just a few short days, and I’m eagerly counting down until I see that face again, that most handsome face of his.

What all did you get to do this weekend? Did it get blazing hot where you are?

Random photo of my niece when I was in Utah. I have a lot of catching up to do with this blog. This little darling texts me just about every single day and I can’t say enough how much I love that.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grilled chocolate sandwich

Happy Tuesday, my friends. Have you heard of these delicious sandwiches? If you haven’t let me be the first to tell you, they will change your lives forever the moment you make them.

G-man wanted to make a dessert one night and started to search for ideas. He came across this recipe and knew it was something we needed to make. I picked up the ingredients wondering what in the world he was thinking wanting grilled chocolate sandwiches but kept my reservations to myself and brought everything needed for it, home.

After dinner, we got everything ready and went to work.
It should be noted that its “required” to drop the whisk and have it roll across the top of your stove. If it doesn’t do this, your chocolate won’t taste as good.

Ok, so maybe it’ll taste just as good if not better if you don’t drop it, but I guess you’ll never know unless you do it.


These are incredibly delicious. Not too sweet like you would think (or like I was thinking). They’re just perfect.

1/4 C evaporated milk (also can use 1/2 and 1/2 or heavy cream)
3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 1/2 Tbsp softened butter (for spreading)
8 slices of whole wheat bread
3 Tbsp semi-sweet chocolate
chopped hazelnuts or any nuts (optional)
sliced fruit – strawberries or bananas (optional..and very good)

1. Heat milk  until just boiling, add bittersweet chocolate, let stand for 1 minute, then whisk until smooth. Let cool slightly.

2. Spread thin layer of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Divide melted chocolate onto each unbuttered side of bread, leaving a small boarder. Sprinkle chocolate chips onto each slice, top with other slice of bread and press down gently.

3. Grill sandwiches on med-high heat for 1-3 minutes on each side until golden brown and chocolate is barely melted. Serve warm.

The 2nd night we made these, we used ‘barely sweet’ chocolate and it wasn’t as good. Bittersweet chocolate is what you need to melt to make them amazing.

Run, don’t walk to the store to get everything you need to make these. Your family will thank you eternally for making them.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

One of those great weeks

Happy June! This month is going to be one of those months that will aide in a little life shift for me. More on that another day but let me just say how happy I am. G-man is here and we’ve been enjoying our time together. Cooking dinner, desserts (sharing a recipe tomorrow), and have been staying unplugged from everything and its been quite nice.

Saturday, we went back and forth with what movie to rent and as rare as it is, we got a movie I wanted. The Impossible. I’ve wanted to see this movie since it came out in theaters, and once G-man saw it was based on a true story, he was convinced to get it.

We were gripped the entire time. From beginning to end I was either on the verge of tears or crying..from and a certain someone was sniffing next to me too from time to time.

After we finished, we sat there in silence and then agreed to watch it all over again with the Director’s commentary and immediately pressed play. It gave so much more insight to hear them talking, explaining the scenes and how real everything was, including hearing from the mom Maria who the story was about.

We couldn’t stop talking about it afterward, its that moving. If you haven’t seen it yet, I can’t recommend it enough. Even G said it was a good pick on my part, and generally he and I don’t agree on movie choices.

This week should prove to be a  fun week. I get him for 5 more days and in that, for the first time ever, we’re getting professional photos taken. This is monumental. And scary. but mainly exciting. Scary only because I’m awkward in front of the camera and get more so when I know I’m being photographed, but I know we’re in good hands with the photog so my excitement outweighs it. Even G-man is excited for it.

still planning on sharing our Tahoe trip, but in the meantime, another moment from there.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and a fabulous start to their June. Definitely come back tomorrow, because the recipe I’m sharing is a life changer, for sure!

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