Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s in the stars

Before I talk more about the awesomeness that is Kona, let me give a hearty wave to all my new followers. I’m thinking the majority of you came from Tatiana’s blog, which by the way, for those who don’t know I guest posted Tuesday…you may read my intellectual story here, so thanks for liking me enough to want to follow along with me.

But before you jump over to her blog and leave me some love, let me first set it up for you…lest you think I’m a wacko within the first paragraph. Right after I say I’m confident, imagine a little line that says, “I prefer confident over cocky. It just sounds better.” and then proceed to read the ‘donkey’ comment. It will make A LOOOOOOOOOOT more sense. Promise!

With that, I’ll round out my 3 days of blabbering about Kona. You’re not getting sick of it, are you? {don’t answer that}

I know I teased you all with my amazing Jupiter picture and you’ve been dying to know how I ever could have gotten such a great shot, well I was 9,000ft up, that’s how.

We went to Mauna Kea. It’s a dormant volcano with an unobstructed view of the gorgeous night sky. The only thing that’s obtrusive about it are the people there. We thought it would be great to see the sunset from 9,000ft up all while hanging out until it got pitch black to enjoy the stars.

Thankfully we completely missed getting there in time for the sunset and were glad for it because everyone and their mothers were there, being loud, rude and well, obnoxious.

Note to anyone going. Bright lights kill the eyes, especially when its pitch black and you’re star gazing, so turning on your headlights is one of the rudest things you could ever do. But you can ensure many people did it.

Oh, and if you get the slightest bit car sick on windy roads, I encourage you to take something beforehand. I got incredibly nauseous going up and down. More so down. Even G-man was getting queasy and he was driving!

Once everyone left, we were able to have the vistors center virtually to ourselves. Looking through all the telescopes at Jupiter, seeing its rings and 4 moons {which was an amazing site}, seeing Orion’s Nebula and the 7 Sisters. Its freezing up there, though. Bring winter clothes if you ever make the trip up there and get a 4 wheel drive, in order to make it all the way to the top to the Observatory.
This is pretty much what I meant to capture

Which this Robert guy did.

But as we know, this is all I could get

Wow, I feel this was a random bit of word vomit going in many different directions. Sorry about that. So, I’ll just leave you with:
Guest post
Stars = pretty
9,000ft = cold
Tomorrow = a whole new topic

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LeAnna said...

Your depiction of Jupiter makes me want to hop on a plane and go Kona right now. Okay, not really. BUT you know I'm kidding, so you can't take me serious anyway.
I love the picture of the stars, reminds me why I love living in the country. Besides cheaper taxes.
It makes me queasy thinking about winding through twisty bendy roads. Q couldn't even make it through Missouri without puking all over the car three times. Maybe we won't take him with us if we go to Hawaii.
So glad you had FUN! So sorry your treat wont be in the mail when you get home. I'm waiting for my Christmas cards to come in so I can stick one in there!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my goodness, loving the picture of the stars so much.

Sam {} said...

your summary at the end is awesome - i wish all bloggers would do that :)

Megan said...

Hahahaha. Love that summary!!! And I loved your guest post at Tatiana's, too!

Tatiana said...

Gorgeousness! I love looking at the stars during a really clear summer night :-)
And I think it's hilarious that you have explained your line in your post! Haha. Sure. They won't be confused now.


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