Friday, December 23, 2011

Tree for me

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Yes, I just went there.

I’m far and away in San Francisco hanging out with my love and couldn’t be happier right now. He got in bright and early this morning, so I’m happily enjoying his company. I know I said last week he was coming in Thursday but clearly I was wrong.

It happens about once a month.

Since I adore Christmas trees, I thought I’d show all the ones I’ve gotten to be around with my travels this season.

Honolulu, HI

G-man’s Christmas tree that I surprised him with last year. Completely out of the normal, where Christmas trees are concerned, yet to me, it seemed to fit perfectly out on his lanai.
The Hilton’s lobby in Kona, HI.. I don’t quite know why it wasn’t lit.
The sports lounge at the Hilton.
The lobby in G-man’s building
And my humble tree…
sorry for the recycled picture…I couldn’t find the individual ones.

I wish you a wonderful wonderful Christmas weekend. I hope you get to start new traditions or continue the ones you’ve had set for years, this season.

If you can, watch this video. One thing I love about G-man is his soft side. He’ll find videos or stories that he knows I’ll enjoy and he sent this to me last night.

I cried it was so beautiful.

Merry Christmas everyone. From this humble girl over here on…

I wish you nothing but the warmest of weekends.
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Natalie said...

I like your tree the best! Merry Christmas to you too Emily! =D

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love this!!! Have a great weekend with your man and family!

I'm Hannah said...

Merry merry Christmas to you too :) Hope its fabulous!

LeAnna said...

Merry Christmas, friend!

Oneika said...

Love this blue tree! Merry Xmas!


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