Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When in Rome

It goes without saying that you always get the best weather on the last day of your trip. And that’s what happened when we were in Rome. We were prepared for cold, but going when Europe had the worst winter they’d seen in over 100 years, might not have been the best choice.

But the last day was ‘warm’ and it was beautiful.

Our goal while there was to be gone from the hotel as long as humanly possible. We succeeded. Out by 8:30-9am and wouldn’t return until 9pm that night, every day. We were exhausted, but were loving every single minute of being out and about Rome.

We set out for Vatican City our first day, spending hours walking around St. Peter’s Basilica.



Moving onto the Spanish Steps where Audrey Hepburn got a gelato in one of my favorite movies, ‘Roman Holiday’ and finished our hours of walking at the Trevi Fountain.


We stayed in a little tiny hotel that was one block from The Coliseum and the next day it was on our to do list. That day made it the coldest day in Rome while there, and we were outside the entire time. To say we both were freezing is an understatement.



It was an amazing site to see. I’m dying to go during the Spring so I can actually walk below, through all the tunnels. Its closed off during the Winter due to all the moisture. I was so disappointed when I found this out, as it was one of the main things I wanted to do.

Has anyone had the chance to walk below through the tunnels?

Can we acknowledge the fact that the very very top of the Coliseum is where all the women had to sit? Talk about the true meaning of nose bleed seats.

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meghan said...

I LOVED Rome! St. Peter's Basilica was gorgeous, I adored the Coliseum, and I had the most fun at the park near the Coliseum. I'm sure you had an amazing time! How wonderful!

Dilan Dilir said...

oh everything looks amazing! :D

Laura said...

Wow! Those are some amazing pictures! Rome is gorgeous (from what I can see)! I'm glad you made the most of it despite the cold.


Jennifer Blair said...

So. Very. Jealous.

I want to go there SO BAD!!!! These are amazing photos!


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