Monday, December 5, 2011

I’m thankful for 42

What’s up my fellow ladies? I’m coming to you super hyper right now. {ever write when you’re hyper?} I wrote this over the weekend, since I’m currently flying high right now.

No, not that kind of high…the airplane in the sky high, so I had to be Jonny on it and have this up and running to ensure you’d be sighing that huge sigh of relief today. …what? You don’t sigh in relief when you see a post from me? Weird, could have sworn y’all did.

The day has finally come when I had to face the facts and board that plane once again back to the mother ship mainland. Wanna know something crazy? I’d say about 90% of native Hawaiians have never been to the mainland nor will ever. Feel free to dispute me..but why bother? Its probably darn near true. It is a very high percentage, though. I know that!

Although! {I did warn you I was hyper…} my friend did tell me, the one place they’ll go is Las Vegas since there’s always package deals that are on the cheap cheap there. heh…something to think about today..or forget.

Wanna know what I’m thankful for this week? Brace yourselves…

- not flying (or landing) when it was 100mph winds in Los Angeles. I knew there was a reason I pushed my flight back a few days…it was solely because of the wind… –right.

- getting $161 in goodies from Sephora for only $16. Special shout out to winning the $50 gift certificate and even more LeAnna for giving me her $15 off certificate as well. I scored big!!

- not having a fire start after the plastic lid fell on the heating coil on the bottom of the dishwasher. Be extra careful when you have the heated dry on and you leave the house. When I walked back in from working out, I smelled burnt plastic and knew something fell.
photo (26)
- G-man making breakfast 2 mornings in a row and rocking it. And then doing all the dishes. Love love love him!

- seeing shaka Santa. I missed him last year and there was no missing him this year! We were determined… ok, I was determined.

if you think about it, say a quick prayer I get home safely tonight. Once I land, I have to take the airport bus to my car an hour away and then drive 3 1/2 hours home. Then I get to tackle the ants I hear are wanting to take over my kitchen. I’ll be hitting them with holiday cheer when I get home.

Oh oh oh and I do believe I’ve told a bit of an awkwardly true story about something that took place over many years with a bit of a creepy person on Tabitha's blog today. Feel free to heed my warning at the end and give me some lovin’. {{thank you}}

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Ashley said...

YOU ROCK EMILY! I'm sooo loving the picture of you next to the Clauses :)

And, what a awesome deal you got at Sephora! Whadda ya get?!? Yeah, I'm nosey :p lol

Hope you get home safely! Said a little prayer for ya!

LeAnna said...

Safe travels and happy ant murdering! Yeah, we wanna know what you got from Sephora!

Stephanie said...

I can not even tell you how many things I've melted in the dishwasher. SO SO MANY.

Great post over on Tab's blog, by the way!

Natalie said...

That picture had me laughing so hard people around me started giving me the stink eye =D Headed over to check out your guest post and praying for safe travels for you!

meghan said...

So I just realized while reading this post that I never sent you an email back about what to buy...which was probably better because I'm such a beauty novice I probably would have led you astray! I hope you had fun!!

I probably would have panicked if I had come in to hot plastic smell too...

And good luck getting home. It sounds like that trip home will really make the arriving more sweet than bitter. :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

Thank you for your post!! Xozo

Mrs. Pancakes said...

have a great trip home...i know you will miss Hawaii but im sure Cali is glad to have you back!


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