Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So so blessed

I can’t get over yesterday. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it turned out to be so amazing.

Thank you all a thousand times over for your wonderful birthday wishes. They were nothing short of awesome.

I really doubted it going well. I mean, I had to work! and there was a good chance the office wasn’t even going to know it was my birthday. I had the debate of, if they didn’t know should I tell them or go about my day because, not like they would care anyway. But the other office happened to send out a birthday week email and there I was number 1 on the list.

It turned out to be really nice. 2 co workers (a husband and wife) thought I was 23. And gaped so much when I said I was 31, I actually blushed and had to leave their office.

One sang to me. And my boss, with 30 minutes left in the work day surprised me with a red velvet cake fresh from the bakery. Where she proceeded to tell me to take it home, eat it all and gain 10lbs!
photo 1 (1)
Not 10 minutes later, a co worker who stepped out of the office, showed up with 12 Oreo cupcakes for me.

My sweet and dear friend, videoed her 2 year old sing happy birthday to me. And my goodness if I could show it, I would. It’s the sweetest video. She says my name and everything. Absolutely melted my heart. My almost 2 year old niece says I love you in the phone (where she’s never said that to anyone)..my Dad left a comment recalling my childhood memories, and from the texts and calls and tweets. Through instagram, email, e-cards….I am truly blessed.

Once I got home, I had to hurry to prepare for the party. I had to sass myself up before leaving and rushed out the door.
photo 2
The women were unbelievable. They made me feel so special and even though I knew they’d have a cake, I thought the lemon cake that was on the counter was it. But no, at the end of my presentation, they came out of the kitchen carrying a beautiful cake with candles lit, as the entire room full of women (most who I met just that night) sang me happy birthday.
photo 4
I cried.

I wasn’t expecting to cry, but I did. I was so overcome with gratitude, there was no stopping it.

So the day far exceeded my expectations. Went above and beyond and I couldn’t be more thankful for each and everyone of you. My family, my friends, my love..God has blessed me abundantly.

Happy last day of the month!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

A thankful me - 29


So, ummm I don’t know what to do.

Do I pretend like today’s just another normal Monday where I go into all that I’m thankful for. Or do I overwhelm you with the fact that today’s my birthday and go on and on about it???

The latter? Yeah, that’s what I thought too!

Its my birthday!!! Hooray!!

I did just what I always do and set my alarm clock for 3:02am so I’d wish myself a happy birthday, before falling back asleep. A tradition I’ve done since I was a kid, and a tradition I’ll continue to do for years to come. On the years that I was able, I actually would stay up until 3:03, you know, to make it completely official that it was my birthday. But given that I have to work today, I went with the alarm clock instead.

What are my plans today, you may ask? Work. And then after? More work. Partially sad..partially planned. I figured since I’m alone, the last thing I want on my birthday is to be alone at home, where crying could very well take place. So I made sure to book a party tonight (I sell lia sophia) so I wouldn’t be alone. And what’s great is they all know it’s my birthday and plan on having a cake for me.

I couldn’t ask for better clients! And seriously, I have so much fun at the parties that its not really work at all.

So far, I got this iPhone case from Society 6. They’re such a great website for finding such unique and beautiful cases. G-man got it for me.

On Saturday, I had an appointment for a pedicure. I need to have pretty toes for my friend’s wedding that’s this weekend, so it was a must. 1/2 way through the girl asked if I wanted to upgrade my pedicure to deluxe or spa, so I thought what the heck, let’s go deluxe and told her. But then I had a ‘you deserve a spa pedicure’ pep talk and went for it all. Why not, right? How many times do we allow ourselves to fully get pampered?

I wanted to be left alone to fully enjoy it so I left my phone at home but it was such a cute salon {I say this for the lack of pictures}. They speak English and were incredibly attentive. My girl had only been doing it for 7 months, so she really made sure throughout the whole appointment that she was doing them just as I wanted.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on Friday. I know I made it sound like it was over the weekend {unintentionally}, but I loved them all just the same! You guys definitely make up for not having the Facebook wishes. hehe

Thank you all for following along with me, new buddies and old buddies. I hope and pray 31 brings even better changes in my life than 30. …It just has to.


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Friday, July 27, 2012

dear dear dear Friday

Alright folks, this is it! This marks the last Friday I’ll ever spend as a 30 year old. I’m going to live it up with a potluck at work. That’s right! Things are going to get cray-zay today! The next you hear from me I’ll be…31! *gasp*


Dear Lauren, thank you so much for the Liebster Award. You’re too sweet!!

Dear basil plant, you’re doing real good there buddy. Keep up the yumminess for me.

photo (40)
Dear guys, close your eyes, count to 10 and when you open them jump down 2 letters..k, thanks. ..or you know, just jump down 2 letters without the counting.

Dear ladies, I’m in love with Kohl’s. I got a $36 bra that didn’t fit right, returned it for a full refund, walked over, got the exact same bra, in the correct size and paid only $9 for it. I may have pumped my fists in the air repeatedly in excitement at the checkout.

Dear Kohl’s, you’re just plain awesome. No two ways about it. Darn stinking awesome.

Dear signature salad, you will rock the potluck. I know this before anyone’s even had you because I’m that confident in your abilities to shine. ((cucumber, tomato, feta salad with avocado. With a drizzling of Caesar dressing))
photo (41)
Dear wrinkles, I saw you! If it wasn’t for the dental hygienist forcing me to hold the mirror to my face with the light just so, I never would have seen that you’re slowly creeping up on me.

Dear neck cream, …here I come.

Dear ladies, DON’T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE YOUR NECKS! …preferably the ‘jowl’ area.. otherwise you’ll be holding a mirror in the dentist’s chair with the light pointed just so thinking, oh dear Lord, when did those get there!? as she’s explaining to you (a 30 year old woman) how to properly brush your teeth..with toothbrush in mouth and everything.

Dear facial flex facial exerciser, …I will be buying you in my future and I’ll no doubt make sure no one ever sees me using you either. But I have all the confidence in the world you’ll give me that little boost I’m looking for.

Dear ladies, thank you for such a great response to my decal post. I don’t think I’ve had a post of mine spread around like that before. It makes me so happy to know you took the time to tell your friends to help open their eyes too. I saw so many of them come from facebook and twitter to read it. So, thank you! thank you for sharing.

Have a fun and enjoyable weekend. My agenda consists of a pedicure. A much needed pedicure. My toes are squealing with delight.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

30 in 30 part deux and a half

Time has definitely ran out for my life’s 30 pieces of wisdom. If by some strange occurrence you missed the others, catch up with part 1 and part 2 as we wait.
I’ve always been in awe of those who can spout off a quote or a nugget of wisdom that was passed down to them. Those ones where you sit after hearing it and say, I’m going to remember that. But then walk out the door and never think of it again.

That’s always been me.

I hear them, sometimes I apply them, but I never have them at the ready to share with others. It can take weeks, if not a couple months for something wise to come to me, and often times, the moment has passed and its forgotten again because it isn't needed at that moment. Of course I have all the important ones ingrained…

..don’t eat yellow snow
..look left, right then left again before crossing
..don't judge others
..be quick to apologize

Throughout my life I've learned quite a few valuable lessons. Some actually made sense for me, others were merely words being spoken but I know I've come a long way in my 30 years of life. I've grown up in a way I never thought I would. Seeing things, experiencing things, learning things that have molded and shaped me into who I am today. A person I've come to quite like.

So, if I was only allowed to give one piece of wisdom over all other pieces of wisdom, it would be to talk. Communicate. Understand nothing will ever be resolved or accomplished or laid to rest if you don't communicate. Its scary and nerve wracking and it even might make you break out into a sweat at the mere thought of being honest with the one you love but its essential to ever truly be happy and free from the constant barrage of thoughts, doubts and inner anxiety that will go on inside you.

Because it will go on inside you. So just embrace it my friends, you'll feel better for it.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Your decal families

This is a PSA of sorts.

An old co worker of mine talked about it on his wife’s blog over a year ago and I remember nodding my head the whole time in agreement with everything he said.
Now a days, you can’t drive down the road, park at a store or go to a school without seeing those family decal stickers on the back window of a car.

via technabob

When you see them, what’s your first thought? Is it, ‘oh, look they have the cutest little stickers for their 2, 3, 4 kids??’ Or do you think about the dangers that come with having the amount and general age of their kids on their car, for all to see?

The vast majority of you know I used to work in prisons. In that time I had a rather close encounter…too close of encounters with hundreds and hundreds of child molesters. I read their files, I knew what they did, I knew how and what they did to those kids and the ways the kids were lured in.

Its sick.

To this day, among all my prison paperwork, I have tucked away an ongoing note that spanned over a couple days between 2 child molesters that I happened to confiscate when I saw one attempt to pass it to the other. I didn’t know what it was at first when I asked him to hand it over, but I took it, told him to go away, and began reading it. I was shocked. Not to mention disgusted.

It was a conversation about little boys in a magazine they were looking through…and their age preference of them… and then how one, who was coming up on parole, planned to elude the cops, change his name, move out of the state and find himself another little boy..or two or three.

Are you uncomfortable yet??

Now, look again at those decals. Notice the ones that go so far as to give each and every name of their family down to their baby. How much easier do you need to make it for that child molester to come for your kid?

What do all parents say to their kids? Don’t talk to strangers!! But what happens when that stranger comes up to your kid and says, ‘Hey Tommy, your mommy Cheryl told me to come pick you and Jenna up because she had to take your little sister Heather to the doctor.’

And how does he know where you live? Easy! He followed you home, thanks to your decals being so easy to spot. They are elaborate thinkers! They will do anything to get your kids. I can’t stress that enough!!

Stop making it so easy for them by putting your family on your car!! and please for the love of God
If you have a friend or family member who has these, please tell them the dangers of this. If you have them, please understand the danger this presents for you and your family. We don’t need to live in a state of fear, and I’m by no means wanting to make you be in one, but I want you to be aware. Aware of what’s around you. Not to be naïve to the fact nothing could ever happen. And not to be so forthcoming with your personal information for all to see.

Its called “personal” for a reason.

this concludes my public service announcement

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 in 30 part deux

Remember the ridiculous wisdom I bestowed upon you last week? Things that I have no doubt you never knew or imagined and were eternally grateful to me for telling you??
em74same picture..going for a theme here…

I have more!

Technically I have every intention of spouting off 30 bits of wisdom {collectively} that I myself have gathered over the years, but I literally have stopped just shy of 30… read: 16

If you have any wisdom that you’d like to share, feel free to share in the comments and I’d be more than happy to take it and declare it as my own.

Alrighty then, to continue

~ no matter what your most embarrassing moment in life is, you will always have another that will surpass it’s embarrassment level.

~ you should always sign up for your favorite store’s emails so they can send you free stuff on your birthday

~ as the years go by, your body will slowly begin to reject your favorite foods leaving you wondering if your world is coming to an end. You will put your favorite food in your mouth and the saliva alone will make your stomach rumble in unhappiness.

~ once your body revolts, you’ll be forced to find all new and healthy things to eat and realize you’re much happier when you do.

~ when you find delicious recipes, its imperative you share it with the world.
Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken by Jamie Dean. Its an absolute keeper in my book. I served it over rice and of course, my broccoli. Oh and its incredibly easy!
photo (39) 
~ working out will become essential to maintain your weight and with each year, you’ll need to workout more and more because what you used to do won’t be enough to maintain as it did before.

~ its been proven by me, in the state of California, the highway patrol have a 15 miles over “rule”. If you keep your speed right under 15 miles over the speed limit, you will not get pulled over. Example: 55mph. Keep it at 69. 65mph. Keep it at 79… simple, right? The moment you go over. You will be pulled over. I got pulled over for going 81 in a 65.
(he even showed me the radar gun in his car) and he even told me over 80, he gets.

I’ve encountered many a wife of a cop who have disputed my 15 miles over rule because.. “their husbands don’t do that.” And I heartily disagree because they don’t see when their husbands are passing me as I’m going 68 in a 55 flashing their hands in the “five” “five” motion (telling me its 55), and they don’t see them flash their lights at me as they go by as a warning…and on the 1 rare occasion I did get pulled over for going 70 in a 55, the cop and I struck up a conversation only to have him end with, ‘I’m not going to give you a ticket. You were only going 70.’

So the theory has been proven time and time again. Most recently yesterday on my way to work, as I was flashed the “five” “five” hand sign as he passed me going 68.

As most may know, I do have plenty of ‘research’ in this matter of getting pulled over as I have had around….10 speeding tickets and maybe 18 pull overs but since implementing this method, I haven’t been pulled over in over 3 years. That’s a big deal.

Who can top my amount of pull overs? Surely one of you has a higher number…surely.

Oh and don’t forget, your wisdom will become my wisdom, so share the love. :)

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A thankful me - 28

Hi, I’m Emily, and I was temporarily bi-polar over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday couldn’t have been further from each other when it came to my personality. Saturday was all about the depression of life, my world was coming to an end, crying at the drop of a hat. A guy pulls his hamstring in a race – cry. A girl sticks her landing on one leg – cry. A dog eats a piece of ham – cry. I was miserable. Add the fact G-man is over 3000 miles away on the phone not able to help or understand why I’m feeling this way for absolutely no reason at all other than its ‘that time’ made me all the more weepy.

I knew that I would go to bed and wake up Sunday completely fine. It always lasts 24 hours and true to my hormone’s bi-polar ways, I woke up completely happy. I even…are you ready for this? Went into the city. Shocker!! And while at the crazy insane busy stores, I remained happy. Craziness, I tell you.

All is right in my world again.

I’m thankful for:
- G-man safely making it to the East coast. He went from 3 hours behind me to 3 hours ahead of me…
- cooking shows. The only shows that kept me sane on Saturday and even had me crack a smile from time to time
- doing a little retail therapy at Kohl’s. I finally found a dress for my friend’s rehearsal dinner. It has the short front long back thing going and I think its perfect for their Carmel location wedding. Thanks to mom and everyone on instagram who gave me the boost to get it. Its definitely out of my element with being a pattern. I’m a solids girl.
ignore the scratch in the mirror..

- making new friends. I seriously love doing that!
- testing out pinterest recipes. I made this potato. Though I had high hopes of its crispy buttery garlicy deliciousness, it just..wasn’t. It was alright.
photo (30)I have a slight feeling I may smell like garlic tomorrow. There was a slice in between each and everyone of those potato slices.

This coming week should be a good one, seeing how it’s my last week as a 30 year old. My last Monday..my last Tuesday..my last, ok I’ll stop the dramatics.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

A declarations of sorts

Its foot puttin’ down time!

I’ve owned a particular pair of jeans, my ‘dark wash “evening” jeans’, as I dubbed them. From the first day I bought them they were a little snug. I was told they would stretch with wear and I believed it. Why not? I had other jeans that did just that.

But after 7 years, no matter how many times I wore them, they never stretched to fit. Each time I put them on, they were so tight, they made me feel I needed to lose weight. They were so tight, It hurt to eat. They were so stinking tight, I couldn’t sit down without them cutting into my stomach.

I would put them away, workout for a few months, get myself in better shape; put them on and have them still be too tight. What a disappointment!

So after changing the way I ate, making very healthy choices, working out regularly and slimming down once again, I wore them to work in June. and they about killed me!

That’s when it hit me. Why in the world would I continue to wear a pair of jeans that always make me feel like I need to lose weight?!?? Like I'm never going to be the right size to have them fit perfectly. Why subject myself to serious mental torment for 7 long years over a pair of silly jeans??!

So on this day, Friday July 20th, 2012, I declare I am officially retiring my Joe’s jeans. That I am a perfectly healthy size, that I don’t need to lose weight or believe I need to in order to fit into an ill fitting pair of jeans!

THERE, I SAID IT!! They’re an ill fitting pair of jeans!

whew! that felt good to say!!

If you have a similar pair of pants that always leaves you unhappy, feel free to make your declaration as well. Let’s not let 1 pair of pants stand in the way of feeling beautiful as we are right now.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 in 30

We’re getting closer, my friends.

In my wise old age, I feel it’s my duty to bestow some things..if not wisdom upon you, the readers of this blog. This wisdom does not come lightly and shouldn’t be taken as such but rather to be pondered over, reflected upon and implemented into your own lives as I have every confidence, it will enrich them fully.
When I thought of doing this at the beginning of the month, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to think of 30 pieces of wisdom. Guess I’m not as wise as I figured myself to be, so we’ll start small. Sound good?

~ I heard it in my teens and in my 20’s and the whole time I thought, ‘I’ll have plenty of time.’ Moisturize the neck! Don’t skip this vital step in your beauty regimen! I did my face day and night but always thought I didn’t need to focus on the neck and ladies, let me tell you, I’m noticing those neck lines coming through. And while you’re at it, move on down to the décolletage, because that shouldn’t be skipped either.

~ There is a chance when your career ends unexpectedly before you’re 30, there may be a very good possibility you won’t know what you want to be. And as hard as it is to believe, its ok. Keep trusting God.

~ It is more than okay to NOT believe a Doctor when he tells you something’s wrong. You have cavities?? Don’t believe him, go to another dentist and get checked out without saying a word and see if HE finds cavities. We already know about my surgery issues from the ‘bad dr’…get a 2nd opinion and a 3rd!

~ When alone eating dinner, its ok to use your accent pillow as a table when eating on the couch.

~ No matter how sharp you think your brain is, write everything down! If its not written down, it will never happen! I live for notes, lists, calendar reminders, anything that will get me to remember that I was supposed to do something these days!
~ Money will never buy happiness. I was miserable when I was making loads of money. Now making barely a fraction of it, I haven’t been happier. Do what you love and what you want. Don’t let money or the idea of the perfect job (in everyone’s eyes) stand in the way of yours and your family’s happiness.

~ As the years go by, you will find yourself having more and more mannerisms like your mom and when you do them, you’ll stop surprised but see that it’s ok because you love your mom and honored you do things like her.

~ Allergies for foods will all of sudden surface where they didn’t before. Avocados, spinach and melons will give you reactions without warning.

~ Its actually considered cool (and safe) to look over your shoulder before getting in the other lane. You know, the look all the way over your shoulder thing? As opposed to just darting your eyes to the left… believe it or not you won’t look lame doing it.

~ Stop crossing your legs! Crossing your legs will give you varicose veins! It cuts the circulation off and that’s the last thing we ladies want are those deep blue bulging lines! I learned this in my early 20’s and haven’t crossed them since. Hard habit to break but absolutely worth it.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If you really knew me…

YES! I’m jumping on this too. I have no doubt the majority of you have seen this going around, if not done it yourself. I think it’s absolutely a lot of fun, and couldn’t NOT do it, myself.

If you really knew me…

>> you’d know I’ve moved 24 times and foresee many more to come.

>> you’d know I’ve gone on major spending sprees in the past, plunking down $500-$2300 in a day but I no longer do that.

>> you’d know the first pair of designer jeans I bought 8 years ago for $218, are jeans I still own and wear to this day.

>> you’d know my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip (the green kind).

>> you’d know I hardly ever wore shorts in my 20’s because I thought my legs were too chunky. How stupid was I?!

>> you’d know I now own 9 pair of shorts and the number continues to grow.

>> you’d know I had no intention of staying in my current apartment for more than 6 months and even told my landlord this…but still find myself here almost 3 years later.

>> you’d know I sell lia sophia jewelry and am darn good at it.

>> you’d know that every time I step inside my dark apartment late at night and close the door, I imagine someone coming out of the darkness and attacking me.

>> you’d know that G-man believes I’m addicted to chapstick. And on the off chance I have him hold it for me while we’re out, he won’t give it to me when I ask for it because he thinks it’s “helping me” break the habit.

>> you’d know I used to always be in chat rooms back in the 90’s (when they used to be cool). But only the clean ones. I’d always leave when things got inappropriate.

>> you’d know I’m an open book and have never been good at hiding my emotions.

>> you’d know in college I had a running bet with a guy friend on who would cry first. and that 1 1/2 years later on the phone, he was telling me of his breakup and mentioned he cried, to which I cut him off and yelled, ‘haha you cried, you lose!’ I’ve never been prouder of myself.

>> you’d know I now cry over every little thing. Happy, sad, laughing, depressed, angry. You  name it, I instantly choke up…and that I blame age for this.

>> you’d know I hate to stand and talk to people without some form of support against me, like a wall, a car, a counter. Without it, I’m miserable (physically and mentally).

>> you’d know I have very morbid bathroom dreams that always involve one or more people one way or another watching me go…*cough* number 2. Different settings, different people, different languages (like Russian) but a constant dream for the past 17 years.

I had to end on a good note.. *ahem*


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rotting the brain

          I’m feeling flash backy..

A few years back I loved tv. Tv was my thing. When people asked me what shows I watched, I would begin on Sunday and go down my list by every single day. I had a minimum of 4 shows a day I would watch and would average a good 5-7 hours of tv daily.

But at the beginning of this year, I had my Directv turned off for 6 months. I figured I was traveling so much, it was a waste of money to keep it on. Once I stopped traveling and got a job I found myself at home a lot more. I didn’t want to turn my tv back on, since money was so tight, so I let the 6 months continue.

To bide the beyond bored moments, I jumped on my parents netflix and hulu plus accounts through the PS3, (thanks mom) which kept me up to speed on the few shows I used to watch.

I noticed throughout the 6 months, I watched less and less tv. Especially with a full time day job. I barely had a moment in the evening, let alone to sit down and watch tv. I won’t say I did other more productive things, like take up knitting or anything fancy, because really, I was on my computer quite a bit…

But I liked not having cable anymore. It was nice. People talked about reality shows and commercials, and I was pretty ok not knowing what they were talking about.

The 6 months ended the middle of June and I figured I’d have it back on and see how it goes and I have to say. I hate it. I hate tv. There’s NOTHING good on. I’m actually pretty shocked at the raunchiness that’s on there. Women grinding on other women (and men)…in a commercial no less! I feel like that 6 months reset my brain to forget all the smut that’s out there, only to be smacked upside the head with a whole new dose of it.

Even House Hunters (which used to be one of my favorites) is annoying to me with how the couple is so aware and ‘camera ready’. Nothing is natural. Its like I can see all the fakeness now and I can’t look past it. Since having it turned back on, I hardly ever have it actually on. I’ll record cooking shows and that’s pretty much it.

I can’t decide if I want to completely cancel it now or wait for the Olympics to end before canceling it. {quite the conundrum} I feel it’s a major waste of my darn near $100 a month for only an hour a day that its on. I could put that toward clothes …or shoes!.. I kid. Ok, I don’t… I really need shoes!

Do you have cable? Do you think you could ever cancel your Directv or cable service permanently?

Have you ever gone an extended period without tv, only to turn it back on?

How did you feel once you did turn it back?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

A thankful me - 27

Its safe to say when the weekend is nice and relaxing, I don’t dislike Monday as much. That’s true for today. Truthfully, I don’t normally dislike Monday any way. Sure it’s the start of the work week, but it isn’t the end of the world. My weekend was great. Did I really do anything? No. But that’s what makes it great for me.

Among some extra special things, of course.

Saturday, I puttered around the apartment, sipping on my coffee, enjoying the fact I had no where to be or nothing (beyond cleaning) to do. Texting and talking to G-man off and on while lounging on my couch. He asked if I was going anywhere or hanging at the apt. all day (making ‘convo’ as he claimed) when a good 30 minutes later, I see a guy walking through the complex (I have a view of the entrance) with flowers in his hand. He turns toward my door and I said (to myself) what is this!?

Flowers. for me. from the love.
photo (21)
It took a good hour for it to click why he asked if I was hanging out. I should have known with the ‘making convo’ bit something was up. But I was so happily surprised.
photo (24)

Later that night, my sister in law who just got skype a week ago, wanted to skype. I can’t even tell you how excited I was. They live far away and I haven’t seen them in 2 years. The second I logged in, it was already ringing and my brother was sitting on the other end…not knowing what he was doing. A minute later their video was up and there sat my brother, their youngest and my sister in law.
she could very well kill me for this picture, but I thought it was hilarious. they were so cute
photo (22)
I can’t even explain how hilarious it was. It was only their 3rd time ever skyping and my niece was loving seeing herself on the computer. She kept making faces and waving. The kids were kind of tripping that I was on the computer talking to them. They took me on a tour (even though I’ve been there) down into their theater room since their 10 year told them at 10pm, he was bringing friends over for a movie night.

Summer fun!

It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again. Its so nice having the kids see me as opposed to them not knowing who I am when I call for birthdays. Technology is amazing.

I’m thankful for:
- finally finally finally editing a friend’s pictures from mooooonths ago. Somehow she doesn’t hate me
- finally getting on my 2nd friend’s pictures to edit…from months ago #slacker
- getting beautiful thoughtful flowers from my love
- a nice recovering weekend after an insanely busy work week
- online shopping. Its so convenient…its too convenient
- a fun part time job where I can make people laugh all night long
- signing up with Redbox and within a week’s time getting 3 free blueray movie rentals.
- skyping with my family, even if my nephew had more important things to do than say hi to his aunt…boys. I heard him ask my brother, ‘is that your sister?’ …uh, or your Aunt, buddy! At least the girls loved me
- getting a clean bill of health from my new dentist and getting a thank you gift for choosing their practice

- recovering this sad wilting basil plant from the grocery store and giving it a fresh start. I cannot wait for fresh basil!
photo (26)

- mom pinning how to properly trim a basil plant so that I can make sure it grows and grows.
- all of you for giving me unforced compliments last week. It really wasn’t my intention when I posted about it last week so know they were all genuinely appreciated!

I think that’s the most I’ve been thankful for in a long time. What about you? Keep the flow going and fill up the comments with your thankful hearts.

O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For his lovingkindness is everlasting. 1 Ch 16:24

in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ. 1 Th 5:18


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Friday, July 13, 2012

L stands for letter

Oh happy Friday, I’m so happy you finally graced us with your happy presence. I’m not going to say you took your time, but I think we know you kinda did.

its been awhile since I’ve seen this. *sad face*

Dear Friday, I forgive you..you’re here now.
Dear work, you actually had work for me to do this week. For the record, it kinda got in the way of my daily blog reading and commenting. What say you go back to normal next week.
Dear L, I loved our hours of texting yesterday morning while I was at work. I giggled a lot…which kinda gave away the fact that I wasn’t doing all that work I just mentioned.
Dear co workers going bowling while I’m left ‘watching the office’, no hurt feelings. Are you kidding? This let’s me have the entire office to myself! A complete luxury if you ask me.
Dear boss, I’m still enjoying giving you a hard time for making me stay back while you all have fun together.
Dear friend who’s name is Erin, the sunflowers won’t be up forever. Do I have to schedule an appointment with you just to hangout? Because I will.
Dear single women, did you know that sometimes you have to schedule time to hangout with married mommy friends like its an appointment? I had to with a friend…let’s hope she doesn’t cancel it!
Dear USPS, coming home to a very large box at my door was great! Seeing a pick up slip for another box stating it was ‘unsafe to leave at the front door’ was not great. Care to explain that to me? 1 box is ok, but 2..oh no!! Its unsafe! Lame.
Dear homemade blended coffee drink, you were so darn good…and easy. 1/2 C ice, 1/2 C cold coffee, 1/4 C sweet condensed milk..blend blend, dabble of cocoa/whip… mmm mmm good! We will now be best friends forever and ever.


Now go enjoy your days, evenings and weekends. Tonight will be filled with me meeting my quota for forced compliments. I don’t even kid. Last night’s amount was a little low so tonight I’m gonna have to step up my game to get more. Have you gotten your 5 yet??


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Put a lid on it

Ladies, I’m blown away by your comments on yesterday's post. Truly blown away. I loved how passionate you all got on the topic and not only that, how passionate and committed you are for your husbands! I love it!

I have so much to learn from all of you. You guys are a well spring of knowledge!

I realize I’m not the best example all the time. I get perturbed sometimes, way too easily. I mumble under my breath backhanded comments like a pro, and I judge. I say I don’t but I do..ok, I say I do. I work hard not to and fight the urge but it happens.

If there’s one thing that I need to learn that hasn’t quite caught on, that the wiser Emily refrains from, is sharing stories about co workers. And I’ll add on; random people I meet who may or may not have my cell phone number. Because there is that slight possibility, regardless of how much you don’t talk about your blog, they could one day find it.

How crappy would that be if they stumbled upon a post and realized it was about them? Pretty crappy.

Tuesday night I had a bit of a scare that I think darn near set me straight. I had 2 new followers on instagram. First thought was, great! new followers make me smile. But once I saw who they were I got a bit confused how they found me.

They are both in real life acquaintances…that I never shared I was on instagram, let alone my name on there. One, I was ok with, but the other…well the other I’ve kinda been openly sharing certain stories about this week…

*hangs head in shame*

I swear, I’m a horrible example. Never take after me.

Who knew you could open your contacts in Instagram and find who has an account??! I sure didn’t! Until Tuesday. I can only hope no one feels the need to look through my old photos showing my blog.

I’ve pretty much learned my lesson. It goes back to gossiping without using names, its still gossiping. I hate when I’m guilty of the things I blog about saying I’m not going to do.

Feel free to chastise me vehemently.

                                             this is a, reflect on what you just learned ‘deep thoughts’ pictureem55

Have a good Deep Thoughts caption for this picture? do share!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marriage is horrible

Or so I keep getting told lately.

It saddens me there are so many married women (and men) out there who feel its necessary or even appropriate to “warn” single women from getting married. As if every marriage is going to be like their unhappy one.

I think a lot of people believe that about marriage. That it all goes to hell in a hand basket over time and there’s no way around it. So prepare for being miserable with the ol’ ball and chain.
{I do hate that saying}
It immediately sets you up for failure, in my opinion. Guys joke with other guys that all she’s going to do is drag you down, keep you from having fun and partying and…what? hookin’ up?

I don’t get it.

One girl…who ironically was the one calling me a “B” on Sunday, came up to me out of the blue and said, ‘you wanna see what marriage is all about?’ and showed me a text her husband sent her. It was an angry text laced with a pretty foul word. She walked away but not before mumbling, don’t ever get married!

A co worker of mine was on the phone with her husband in an argument and after hanging up said, ‘I hate my 'f****** husband!’ She said it just loud enough for me to hear in hopes I’d make a comment, but I walked away pretending I didn’t hear a word.

I’m not going to encourage you to trash talk a man I’ve never met in my life because you had a disagreement.

Another woman who’s been married before is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend. He’s about 3 hours away and she was saying how she only sees him every 2-3 weeks and a few days at a time at that because after a few days, she can’t stand him anymore and wants to go home.

People laughed but I find it far from funny. Why be with him then!?

I can’t wait for marriage. I’m realistic, I know there’s going to be ups and downs (as evidenced in my dating relationship with G-man) and its going to take work, some days more than others and loads of communication but darn if I don’t look forward to it all…and darn if I have the confidence to pull it off, rather successfully I might add.

So many married couples don’t respect each other anymore. If they did they wouldn’t happily bash their husbands to all their girlfriends. Getting the proverbial “amen” when they tell another, ‘I hate when my husband does…’ story.

In all the years I’ve been with G-man, never once have I bashed him to any of my girlfriends. If I don’t have something cheery to say, I just don’t speak. It does our relationship no good to do that. Believe me, I’m not a saint by any means. I’ve had things I’ve wanted to say but it isn’t worth harming my friendships or relationship.

Any way, I can’t figure out what makes a person want to trump someone’s happiness in their marriage? You know there’s those who, once you say how happy and great your marriage is, scoff. Give you that look of disbelief and say, ‘just wait. you’ll sing a different tune soon enough.’ What do they gain from that? Are they jealous? Are they wanting to bring you down to their unhappiness level??

I hope more women stand up for their marriages and their husbands. If they’re unhappy, to actually talk it out with their husbands and no one else to hopefully make a step toward change. Who wants to be miserable their whole life?

Have you had someone give you that speech or similar? Telling you it won’t last. The honeymoon phase will fade quickly.

What are some ways you respond?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Becoming an egomaniac

You probably don’t know this –mainly because I haven’t told you- but I force people to compliment me on a weekly basis. Its pretty fabulous! You should consider doing it..especially when you’re needing a pick me up on a lousy day.
I generally elicit a good 30-60 compliments on average a week. I’ll be honest, forced compliments feel pretty real to me {why think otherwise?} so I take them to heart each and every time and squeal in delight when I get another. And generally, when I get them to let loose and go crazy, some actually become genuine, which just makes it all the sweeter.

Ok, I may entice them with a special something at the end for all the compliments but I always end my night feeling wonderful because, well, who wouldn’t!?

Where am I going with this.

After yesterday’s ‘bathing suit’ comment, and the fact that the ever so sweet Lisa wishes me a ‘happy birthday month’ daily, {seriously, thank you so much Lisa!} I’ve been feeling a little full good about myself.

It got even better Monday night.
While I was working out at the high school track, running the bleachers, a mom in her 30’s was working out with her two 9 year old boys. It was pretty cute. We both happened to finish at the exact same time and were walking out to the parking lot when I told her how I loved seeing her working out with them.

Conversation ensued and by the time we reached the parking lot, she says, ‘Do you go to high school here?’ I scoff and can only say, ummm. So she repeats the question and I spit out, ‘uh, I’m 30!’ The look on her face was priceless as she sputtered over her words. I assured her it was a wonderful compliment and didn’t mind one bit.

As I walked away she shouted out, ‘do you have kids!?’ Once I said no she said that’s why I look so young.
Seriously honey, you don’t need to backtrack on the compliment!

So as I approach my 31st birthday (in a mere 20 days) I will happily take a complete stranger believing I look like I’m still in high school.

Now, I encourage everyone to get at least 5 forced compliments this week. Its super easy, all you say is,
I need them
I want them
I have to have them to survive…
please give them to me…and ok, I’ll give you a [insert ‘gift’ idea here] for giving me one.

It will make your sad day into such a happy one. Promise!
And to start you all off, here’s a genuine one:

I truly appreciate you and think you’re pretty darn awesome!


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Monday, July 9, 2012

A thankful me - 26

I’m so thankful its Monday, said no one ever.

Kidding! Yesterday, I woke up to my alarm going off. I jumped out of bed and started my normal work day routine when I stopped and said, today’s Sunday! Now that I was thankful for…and after declaring said thankfulness, I lied back down.

Eventually I got up to endure the dreaded and vile Wal-O-Mart. I can only stomach that place before 10am on weekends, so I hurried as fast I could and left in the nick, of all the approaching crazies, time. One guy had the courtesy of belching right when I walked by. I held my breath

I’m thankful for
- not smelling his icky breath
- finally getting my beloved Blue Bunny ice cream..its only sold at that vile place so its hard to load up
- indulging on this tasty cup o’ ice cream from the swedish creamery
photo (18)
- leaving work 15 minutes early on Friday, even though everyone else left an hour before at BOTH offices leaving me alone. It was still nice to duck out early.
- having such an easy job. Sometimes its too easy
- deep cleaning my stovetop and oven. I’m embarrassed at how grimy they were but amazed at how great they look
- my carpets being so clean. Best $30 I ever spent
- a day off in the middle of the week. As much as it messed me up it was still pretty fantastic

Yesterday, I very awkwardly had a woman (a married woman at that) tell me she wanted to see me in a bathing suit to see my body. All I could do was stare at her. Then her sister agreed, followed by her calling me a “B” for being so skinny because they were jealous (their words).

I said with an awkward laugh that I workout and moved on to another topic.

It amazes me the lack of filter on some.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tuesday..no, Friday Letters

Its Tuesday, no its Friday…I’m so confused! Darn you holiday on a Wednesday!!

Wednesday felt like Saturday, Thursday felt like Monday and today…well, I’m just thankful its actually Friday.

Can I get an amen!?

Dearest client and now new friend, the whole ‘me loving volleyball..everything about volleyball..and gushing over the fact that you play in a city league’, was clearly lost on you since you sat there in silence afterward. Or it really wasn’t lost on you and you just didn’t want to suggest I join your team. I may have shed a tear…
Dearest buddies, thanks for sticking around after yesterday’s post. I thought for a moment that surely one or two would run screaming, ‘the girl stinks, I can’t follow a stinky girl…’ but for the record, I don’t stink anymore! Promise.
Dearest ‘new buddies’, I promise, I don’t stink. Awkward, sure. But not stink.
Dearest G-man, skyping = glorious. Let’s keep doing that, you know, for sanity sake.
Dearest bacon, you cooked perfectly and not only cooked perfectly, you tasted perfectly…all 4 nights I’ve eaten you.
Dearest feet, I do think its weird you’ve shrunk 1 1/2 sizes. From a 9.5-10 to a now 8.5-9? How do you do that? I mean really, how?
Dearest shoe stores, I can now shop in your ‘cute section’ since you clearly believe only people with ‘smallish’ feet are allowed to own cute shoes, while the ‘mammoths’ are forced to buy ugly mules or sneakers.
for the upcoming wedding

via Macy's

and finally, Dearest birthday, 24 more daaaaays…


Happy weekend to you all!!!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got botox

via kissmekwik

It’s true. It’s true, I got botox, and I loooooooove that I did!

I suppose I should explain since I’ll be bursting many bubbles here. It wasn’t botox cosmetic, but just botox. Did you know there’s 2 different kinds? “Botox cosmetic” is the face freezing muscle kind. “Botox” is for everything else. Feel free to read all about it on the mayo clinic's website.

So why would I possibly need botox and why would I ever go through with such a horrible thing?? {as some may see it} Because this girl here has suffered with an embarrassing thing called excessive sweating for over 15 years. When I say excessive sweating…I mean excessive sweating. Running down the side of my body excessive.

Paint a nice picture for you? You’re welcome.

And with excessive sweating comes its morbidly embarrassing constant companion…smell. I did everything I could think of to help this issue. I switched to men’s deodorant for years, but it did little to help, though it was far better than women’s…and cheaper too! Seriously, I didn’t realize we pay twice the amount for 1/2 the size for women’s deodorant! What a crock! – I digress.

I used the extremely painful ‘stop sweating’ roll ons w/lots of aluminum that left me burning for days. I did everything imaginable… remember G-man and my first date? With the napkins?? Yeah, who wants to smell on the first date!!?

So when I talked with my amazing Dermatologist about my ever so sensitive issue, she assured me botox would fix everything! I was quickly on board. Others in my life *cough* G-man *cough* weren’t so keen on the idea. But when a lot of our relationship revolves around me asking him to do the ‘smell test’ <that’s love, people!> …. I felt it was worth whatever risks there may be, because a girl can only take so much humiliation asking and changing of clothes, sometimes up to 3 times a day.

The confidence is pretty much non existent at that point.

Fast forward to the day. There I lay in the chair, with each underarm plastered with betadine and baking soda with 2 lamps pointed on each to promote as much sweating as possible. My view for over an hour.
Finally it was time. It was incredibly easy to get done, pokes in the left..pokes in the right, and bam all done. Virtually pain free. The botox weakens the action of the sweat glands, in case you’re wondering.

~I took pictures of my armpit afterward but I realized you probably have no desire to see an armpit, so I spared you. you’re welcome~

She said it would take up to a week to see the results and they'd be subtle, but friends, let me tell you by the next day I could tell. It is amazing! When I knew there should be “my” sweat, there wasn’t. Even by the end of the day, I still had a clean smell. I can’t even express to you how thrilled I was.

Do I still sweat? Yes. but as a normal person would, as I like to think of it. Its been 3 weeks and my confidence is through the roof. I’m back on women’s deodorant and enjoy smelling like a girl again. I enjoy being able to leave my arms at my side and not fear what’s brewing, or raise them high in the air and not have to do the quick smell test to see if I need to put them back down.

I’m beyond relieved I got this done. Its needed every 6 months, and all I can say is I’ll be enjoying every day of these 6 months until I get it done again and I’ll be enjoying those 6 months that follow.

The ultimate test was the plane ride to Milwaukee. Normally one of the worst moments for me as I have to take a back up shirt to change midway, but I passed with flying colors, I couldn’t believe the difference. I even stayed in the same top until 1am the next morning, I was blown away and truly thankful for this procedure.
                                                                                           my plane outfit

Tell me:
Would you ever get either botox? Which one?

Are you against getting any form of botox done?

There’s many different medical conditions that botox helps with, its not the superficial reasons many associate with it. Here's just a few.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The controversial scarf

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Even though its on a Wednesday, I’m thankful I still get the day off. A little reprieve from the work week never hurt anybody. Least of all me.

Yesterday, I stepped way out of my box with my outfit. I’m normally a simple dress pants and top gal when it comes to work, but I couldn’t take wearing pants one more day and was dying to wear a skirt. Since the legs were far from shaved, a long skirt was the only way to go.

I combined my maxi dress with my maxi skirt and added a belt. But then I took it even further with a red scarf…and that’s where the controversy came in.

I put the outfit on Instagram for opinions. Everyone loved the skirt/dress combo but virtually everyone said no to the scarf. I kept the bravado of this bold choice and decided to go to work with it on, even though everyone was giving it a thumbs down.

The moment I walked into work, a co worker said (with just a bit too much surprise in her voice) ‘You look so nice!’ as if I don’t every day..hmmph

Throughout the day, several of my co workers complimented me on the outfit choice. I haven’t had that much attention on an outfit ever since working there! So picture me confused with all blogland ladies saying no way and in real life people saying definitely!

Whether it fully worked or not. Whether the colors and patterns clashed, I felt good. Which doesn’t happen often with me and my clothing. I stepped out of my typical predictable outfits and was different for a day and I’m glad for it.

So, here’s the outfit in all its patterned glory. Enjoy or cringe. I’m ok with either.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That time I was in a flash mob

Its been almost a week since I’ve been back from Milwaukee and I’m still processing the trip. I haven’t exactly said why I went or what it was about. Partly because it’s a part of my life I haven’t talked about just yet, so in the meantime I’ll talk about the fact I was in a flash mob!

Crazy, right!? Who in their right mind ever gets to be a part of a flash mob??

Months before going to Milwaukee, we were told we were going to do a flash mob and I about freaked. I, Emily, do not do such extrovert-ee kind of things like this. But they were all determined and I figured I couldn’t be the only one who didn’t do it so I knew one way or another, I needed to learn the steps.

The night before we practiced. And practiced and practiced some more. Until after 1am, in the hotel room, me and 6 other girls going over each move. With each time we practiced, I started to get more and more excited for it.

The morning of, we all were pretty antsy. Standing around outside waiting to get in to start the morning. Thousands of women were milling around the parking lot, streets, and sidewalks. We all hovered around waiting for the 2 minute signal. Continuously asking each other, is that it? Oh oh, was that it? Then the music started and we all started running into the street.

…the busy street of Downtown Milwaukee at 8:30 in the morning…stopping all traffic so we could dance. One poor car got caught right in the middle of the mass of women dancing…as you can see. If you’re not quite sure what a flash mob is, you can watch OURS! Thanks to Katie for finding it!!.
                                                                      (I’m out the screen on the far right side)

Initially I planned on being in the middle mixed in but I found myself up front and on the very edge. Visible to all. But I didn’t care. I just had fun!
And I seriously had fun…and was diggin’ it apparently from my expression.

Everyone who watched us were cheering us on, it was pretty great. The music got cut half way through but we still had a blast.

I didn’t know being in a flash mob was on my ‘to do’ list in life but I’m certainly happy I can say I checked it off. Pin It Now!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A thankful me - 25

Its Juuuuuuuuuly! You know what that means, right!?!?


And the best part of all, is my birthday is at the END of the month so we get to celebrate it for the entire month leading up to it. Don’t you wish you could be so lucky!? So far its started out alright. I’m hoping it picks up some, which I figure it will, only to end in awesomeness…which I figure it will.

Over the weekend, I had my yard sale. Waking up at 5:45 in the morning to get over to my friend’s house to set everything up is not my idea of a nice Saturday morning, but I’m the one that wanted it, so up at 5:45 I was! I’ll save all the rather unbecoming remarks of the ‘clientele’ that showed and give you the highlights.

I overprice things. Its what I do. As the day wears on, I’ll drop the prices to make sure those things sell. Early in the morning one came up to me with a top I was selling for $10, only my friend’s $1 sticker was on it. My first thought was, ‘oh crap, they must have gotten stuck together and now I’m going to have to sell this for $1.’ Then the reality of it hit me as I got a good look at the sticker. This woman took my $10 sticker off and placed the $1 sticker on it.

oh no, she di’int!!

Needless to say, she didn’t buy my top. All in all, I made $140! It was quite the long successful day!

Since I missed last week, I feel I have a ton to be thankful for today,
- a safe trip to and from Milwaukee
- a chance to spend much needed uninterrupted girl time with a bunch of wonderful women
- my carpets getting cleaned today. Something I’ve wanted for so so so long. I can’t wait to get home from work to see them!
- great new friends
- getting all dressed up for an occasion. Its been a long time since I’ve gone all out for an event
feel free to note, this is close to the most makeup I’ve ever worn and at first I thought I had ‘big hair’
- a work potluck where they loved my zucchini brownies!! Always a success when they love what you made, don’t you agree?
- being able to stock up on my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee directly and not online. Seriously, it’s the little things sometimes!
- having my patio chairs be complete and finally taking advantage of them on a nice quiet Sunday afternoon
- a/c in my apartment. Definitely do not take this for granted
- being able to afford to run my a/c

Is anyone else a little down that the 4th is on a Wednesday? I feel like its ruined everything. And by everything I mean a chance for a 3 day weekend… BUT at least I get Wednesday off. It’ll be a nice little break of my work week, I suppose.

Happy Monday and Happy July. Feel free to wish me a Happy birthday (or birthmonth) every day this month, if you feel so inclined.

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