Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You’ve got a friend in me


Can you think of that one friend who’s more loyal than the others? Who would do anything and everything for you if you asked? Or even didn’t ask?

I have this friend, we don’t talk much now but the occasional text here and there since we live in different cities now, but when we were in the same town, we were pretty close. We were unlikely friends. No one understood our friendship and we actually got a lot of flack for it, especially him.

yes, *gasp* it’s a guy!

He was my partner at work and as a lot of partnerships go, you tend to get very close with each other. Only thing that made it extra odd was he’s a big tattooed tough, deep mumbling voice guy who doesn’t take anything from anyone, (read: looks like a thug) and I was a straight lace, by the book girl who had people take bets on when I would cuss.

I remember this one time when I found an ad in Craigslist for a free bed in a city 1 1/2 hours away, I called him up, asked if I could borrow his truck and next thing I knew, we were on the road. Anyone that saw us together would do a double take…if anyone’s been to San Luis Obispo, CA, you know if you saw a “thug” walking into a yogurt shop with a white girl, you’d be looking for an exit, trust me.

We were eating our yogurt in his truck that night, when these teen boys parked next to us, clearly drunk (nice, right?) and as they walked by the back of the truck, they jumped on his bumper and walked away. He jumped out of the truck, “said some words” and those boys were practically peeing in their pants, apologizing a hundred times.

What made it even greater was an hour later, he was having his smoke by the back of the truck (since he knew I hated it) and the boys had to walk by him. They were still apologizing as they got in their car.

I realize this is odd, me talking about my old partner.

We weren’t anything more than friends, believe me. Everyone speculated but he always stood up for me, setting the guys straight, even though it resulted in them calling him Mr. …and my last night. gotta love that.

I’ve been thinking about loyalty. Not many friends can say they have that loyal friend.

Even though this might be awkward, I can’t think of any of my other friends that would choke another man to the point of making them cry because he called me a b****.

Is it odd that I chuckle at that every time I think about it!? I realize how bad it is to choke another person out over a word, but the level of devotion he had, is beyond my understanding. And what makes it even more so, is I wasn’t even there when the guy called me this. It was my day off, which just makes it even funnier crazier to me.

Sorry, I realize a lot of you aren’t accustomed to my work stories or ‘prison Emily’ but I think about him often and how we were the unlikely pair. I always tell G-man it would be so fun for them to meet. I have no doubt G-man would thank him for watching over me at work.

Do you have a friend like this? Not necessarily one that would choke someone, but who would do anything for you?

::did I just freak you out by this story?!::

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The “A” team

Back in December, my friend asked if I’d do their family pictures. I asked if she was sure 3 times before agreeing to do them. {a person can never be too sure, you know?} We set a date after Christmas and were gearing up for the day. Then the day before they ended up getting sick and we had to postpone.

Almost 3 weeks later, we were back on with the weather being more beautiful than the original day albeit a little chilly. {I love it when that happens} If you remember, I teased with this picture all that time ago.em9

We had a couple locations in mind. The old train station and the beautiful walnut orchard that I truly can’t get enough of. Since weather has been so odd here, it felt like fall (in January) with the leaves on the ground all crisp and golden. It was perfect. {except when you wanted to talk. the leaves crunching drowned everything out. a gun could have gone off and we wouldn’t have heard it.}

I had such a difficult time narrowing them down. There are so many that I love.

It was a crazy fun day for everyone. I can’t even tell you how much I learned, only to show me just how much more I need to learn, but I had fun in the process. And as long as momma’s happy with them, I’m happy.

If you’re thinking you recognize the husband, you probably do. He’s the one that did the amazing artwork I talked about in January.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

A thankful me - 8

Welcome to the last week of the month…I cry.

Okay, maybe I’m not crying, but I might be. Me and time haven’t been friends lately. This is my first week back home and true to myself, I’ve been holed up inside my apartment away from everyone. After having to go to the grocery store Wednesday since the fridge was empty and my friend dropping off my house key later that day, I stayed indoors and didn’t talk to pretty much anyone.

I only just talked to my mom for the first time yesterday, and that’s only because she called. –sorry mom.

I don’t deal well with being back home and normally its easier if I avoid people and questions and well…everything. {its mature, I know} but its how I cope.

I’m doing better today (hooray), so have no fear this is in fact an upbeat post…contrary to popular belief.

I’m thankful for:
- safe trip home. From the airport debacle, to the stench of vomit on the plane, to not leaving for home until after the accident was clear on the 405, to the long dark drive home, I was so thankful to be done.
- my dear friend who picked me up from the airport and let me hang w/her and her daughter all afternoon.
- hearing a 1 1/2 year old say my name. It’s the most precious thing ever.
- my sweet friend who collected my mail for the 3 weeks I was gone and organizing it for me.
- hulu plus for catching me up on all the shows I missed. Once Upon a Time and Up All Night, anyone?! (my favorites!)
- getting to watch from the start, Major Dad. Watching a show as an adult that I used to watch as a kid is eye opening and hilarious. I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed out loud watching this show.
- getting to cheer at the season finale of Downton Abbey. I looooved it!
- losing myself in a really funny book.
- coffee.
- coffee.
- coffee. Without it, I’d be a lesser man *cough* err, woman.

Now for an absolutely random question for all you “been pregnant” ladies. Caffeine is bad, yes? They tell you to stay away from coffee when pregnant/nursing…? But what do they say about soda? Can that be drank? If you NEVER drink caffeinated soda but drink coffee in moderation, wouldn’t that be ok?

:: let me clarify, this is something I always think about since one day, in a land far far away, when a baby decides to appear in my belly, I wouldn’t want to give up coffee…ever! With that said, I never drink soda…so enlighten me, please. :) ::

See? I love it so, I used it for my ‘drink’ picture. OOh, how I heart you coffee.
photo (8)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

And the 4th island is….


Once again we decided at the very last moment to go. Trust me when I say I don’t particularly like booking trips this way, but right now, its what we’re doing, so I just go with it. We actually agreed that very morning to not go to another island and in fact it wouldn’t be worth the money since it would be cutting it so short, but what do you know…we went any way, 5 hours later.

Actually we almost missed our flight, we were running so far behind, but when we arrived, we found out they canceled our flight for no reason (only because..’they do that sometimes’) ..uuuhh, ok. So we had to be put on standby for another airline and thankfully got on.

We stayed in the lodge rather than down by the beach. It was considerably cheaper, and I can’t even tell you how peaceful it is there! We talked about how we thought kids being there would find it incredibly boring, since there’s absolutely nothing to do but sit in quiet, but as we were waiting for the car one day, 2 little girls were handed hand towels upon arrival and one says to the other, ‘I think I’ll rather like it here.’ {literally those words. They were maybe 6-7. It was adorable}

So, no more talking from me, I’ll let the pictures show the trip.

Then we spent an entire day at the other resort at the beach…
{white legs staying white…}

It was an incredibly relaxing weekend and a great way to end out my time in Hawaii. We definitely want to go back and stay at the beach resort next time. It was a lot warmer, since the lodge was beyond freezing. It didn’t feel like Hawaii at all there, which was pretty neat.

Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fulfilling the pins

I reeeeeeally enjoy pinterest. Like really. Where else can you pin a website to go back to later, than pinterest?
I realize there are other ‘pinterest similar’ sites out there but pinterest is the only way to go…

I have currently 90 recipe pins in my ‘yummy foods’ board. A little much, don’t you think? Sadly, I wasn’t really making too many of them, but that has changed my friends!! I was on a quest to make very healthy {yet still delicious} recipes while with my love and I’m happy to say, I succeeded.

I made:
these kale chips from Clara Photo Blog that we seriously loved.

roasted broccoli from the lovely Carissa at lowercase letters. I made this with countless dinners and we loved it each and every time.

chicken w/artichoke hearts from Gina’s Skinny Taste blog…I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of Gina’s tasty blog before. I also made her thai chicken and pineapple stir fry. Both were great but I did have to add more sauce to both as they were a little dry. Pretty sure that was because of something I did.
Oh and I forgot I made her crock pot kalua pork and it was absolutely delicious. She says to cook for 16 hours and thankfully I questioned this with everyone and they agreed it was way too long. So I did about 8-9 hours and it turned out perfectly!

kale, white bean, sausage soup from the dear Sam at Fitness Food and Faith. This was tasty!! G-man wanted spinach in it but I actually loved having the kale in there. He added his signature Tabasco to it, but I had it as is and will be making it this week again for myself!

the loaded bowl from Clean Eating Machine blog. This WAS delicious!! G-man and I loved this. Its so colorful and yummy!

photo (10)photo (9)

aaaand finally PB 'nana cream bites from Nom Nom Nom. These didn’t work exactly. The chocolate wouldn’t harden at all, but still tasted alright.

I’ve also been dying for Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. Once I found a ‘make your own’ Surf Spray, I couldn’t wait to make it. The first time I used my own spray, I used a blow dryer and it didn’t work that well. I was so disappointed. But I thought I’d give it another go and let it air dry on its own and it worked great! I love this stuff!

picture via Huzzah Vintage

Have you been making the recipes you pin? Or the projects you find? There’s so many wonderful ideas that so many have come up with, it makes me want to do more.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flipping the switch

There’s many times where I can go about my days and appear meek. So meek and mild that people think they can take advantage of me, because I don’t react or my guard is so down, that when someone says something nasty or rude to me, I don’t respond and it doesn’t phase me.

Then there’s those other times where I’m almost looking for it. Where I gear myself up, knowing something is coming and when it does, my switch is flipped and I react faster than my brain is working.

Yesterday, I was split. I was reserved but knew something was coming and simultaneously prepared for it.

While standing in the security line, I eyed the lanes up ahead. One went to the body scan (which I refuse to do) while the other went to the metal detector. I do this every time I go to the airport. I make sure I know which lane to get into for the metal detector to avoid all issues. But I texted G-man while the line crawled forward that I had a feeling I was ‘going to get touched today’. He laughed but with each step closer, I knew the TSA girl was going to be a problem.

Especially since she was blocking the metal detector forcing people to get in the already long line for the body scan. Granted she would let certain people through, but only a ‘certain type’ and knowing she would do this, just made me get geared up more for my turn with her.

via pinterest

I took my time, hoping she’d step away, but after I pushed my bins through, I pointed at the detector behind her and said I wanted to go through. But she wouldn’t let me. I again told her, I just wanted to walk through since others had, but she refused; telling me I had to go through the scan. I refused. At that moment, she lets the woman directly behind me go through the metal detector, while yelling, ‘WE HAVE AN OPT OUT!’ {wouldn’t you know that just made me more angry} I practically pleaded with her, not seeing the difference between me and other woman.

I’m told to go through, step aside and wait for someone to pat me down. I’m livid at this point and we have a long stare down before I walk away.

:::I can see the headline now: retired Correctional Sergeant in scuffle with TSA Agent:::

I blow up at the girl who has to pat me down. Cutting her off as she describes what she has to do, telling her to ‘just get it done, I don’t want to hear it!’ (because seriously, I've been patted down before and have patted down thousands of people, myself…I know the drill) She feels bad and starts checking my bags. I did have the sense to say I wasn’t upset at her, since she was nice to me and she actually understood.

I work hard on calming down after boarding the plane but the simple fact that whole situation caused me to miss getting food was making it hard to relax. After hours on the flight, I’m back to normal but know any little thing had the potential to set me back and the moment the window seat guy chose to not close the overhead bin for the 2nd time, without a care to the possibility of the bags falling on my head, I slammed it closed so hard, it hurt even my ears. And I thought..why?

What did I gain by doing that? By possibly hurting other’s ears to prove the point of my frustration over this guy’s selfishness and disregard for my safety? It didn’t phase him, but rather made me look like the immature fool for overreacting.

I have so much to learn in this little life of mine. I wonder if I’ll ever have a grip on that little switch that sometimes is so eager to get flipped. I truly wonder because I’m tired of looking like a fool.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Round 2 of pictures

I’m on the plane heading home and I thought I’d give the photo challenge post another round seeing how it wasn’t so bad after all, the first time.

I’m still enjoying taking pictures daily. Its just so fun figuring out which picture to take for each assignment. Some are more challenging to figure out than others but I always manage to get the one that suits the day perfect for me. Is it the same for you too, if you’re doing it?


Day 9: Front doors…leading out to the lanai
Day 10: Self Portrait…those are my ‘bulging’ muscles in my arms, by the way.
Day 11: Makes you (me) happy… G-man making me banana pancakes for breakfast.


Day 12: Inside your closet…since I wasn’t home, I showed a glimpse of G-man’s uniform side of his.
Day 13: Blue…the gorgeous blue waters of Hawaii
Day 14: Heart… bacon hearts..ummm, delicious! Perfectly fitting for Valentine’s Day, as we all know.


Day 15: Phone…my simple iPhone case. It suits me.
Day 16: Something New… G-man’s new tinted windows that were done that day. Perfect timing.
Day 17: Time…I was able to get G-man to hold up his watch (a little begrudgingly, I might add) to show the aircraft carrier’s time coming into port.


Day 18: Drink…how can I not do my morning coffee for my drink. Its pretty much all I drink beside water.
Day 19: Something I hate doing… dealing with headaches…which all day I couldn’t figure out what to do for the picture when it hit me that I’ve had a headache all day…and I hate dealing with them. Again…perfect timing.
Day 20: Handwriting… I love cursive. Hopefully it doesn’t die away like they’re claiming it will. Though I’ll still always write in it for as long as I’m able.

Only 9 more to go..

After my flight, I have that lovely 3 1/2 hour drive home. Hopefully it’ll go without a hitch…hopefully and then, I’ll be back to my norm..not to mention I’ll get to tell you where we went over the weekend.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A thankful me - 7

Hello Monday! I say I’m happy today and looking forward to a great week, but its pretty much a lie. Tomorrow is ‘doomsday’ in my book…ok, a little dramatic, but I’m choosing dramatic over optimism today. I go home tomorrow. Back to Cali and naturally, none too excited about it. {obviously}

We already extended my trip once, (I was supposed to be back on Saturday) and we talked about pushing it back a few more days since he’ll be leaving Friday for the mainland, but it couldn’t happen, so Tuesday it is.

I know what you’re thinking….so please…don’t say it.

I’m just going to look back at the last week and think happy thoughts from those days, cause there really were a lot of happy moments…minus my mini breakdown right before our Valentine’s dinner, Wednesday. …what?? you don’t cry right before leaving for a romantic dinner? Weird, I thought everyone did.

This week, I’m thankful for:
- a 4 day weekend with my love. We drove around the first day, saw an aircraft carrier come into port, ate amazing crepes, then saw Chinaman’s Hat. More later, but here’s a sneak of the day.


G-man kept snapping pictures, so I started to get silly. After this pose, he stopped (albeit because of laughing!)

- being here to help G-man with some important errands. ie. window tint for his truck and getting a spray in bedliner. If I could tell you how many times he’s said thank would be a high number.
- deliciously healthy recipes I’ve found, pinned and made. I’m planning on showing all the recipes with links because they’ve been absolutely delicious. And they’ve all been G-man approved.
- a 2nd nice dinner night with my love.
- island hopping. Yes…we went to another island. (more on where, coming soon)
- friends who pray for me. Its always such a blessing when I hear that.

What crazy things went on during your weekend? Do share, I’m in the mood for some great conversation!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A dinner and a birthday..or birthday and a dinner…

Today is my sister’s birthday! This lovely lady turns 35 today. Did she want me to tell you her age? Probably not, but let’s face the facts…35 is NOT old. {said by a 30 year old}

My sis and I are night and day. Our personalities are completely different. She is the social butterfly who loves being out and about and on the go. Meeting new people and sharing the love. ..where I?? am not. I’m the stay indoors, not leaving the house after 6pm, introvert who’s content making ‘internet friends’.

{can I get a ‘what what’??}

Any hoo, my sis is my only sis, so that makes her my absolute favorite sister. {naturally} Even though she looks up to me (the whole being taller than her, thing), I look up to her.

She’s funny, crazy and a goof and I love her.
Happy Birthday, Sister!


Last night G-man and I went on our Valentine’s dinner date. We decided to go the next day, just for kicks, instead of battling with the crowds. This is where we went…

I had gotten him a card and wasn’t sure since we were celebrating it the next day, if I should give it to him on the 14th or 15th. So after he got home from work, I placed it where he’d see it. He comes out, thanks me for the card but declared he wouldn’t open it because it was Valentine’s Eve.

That even though every calendar, phone, tv, radio, person says the 14th is Valentine’s Day, its in fact the 15th and will wait then to open it.

I promptly apologized for the confusion, tucked the card away and promised to have it ready the next day. I’m pretty sure we’ll never celebrate it on the actual day from here on out!

I did however make a tasty little dinner on the 14th that involved these tasty guys.

They didn’t quite want to stay together, I blame the new pan, but still were extra tasty!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I had an anniversary

Where have I been!? I completely missed my one year anniversary for my blog!! It was supposed to be huge and epic and monumental to the point of everyone being amazed and in awe and yet now…nuttin’.

15 days later, I stand on the dock looking out at the empty water where the boat sailed away without me. {nice analogy, no?} Instead of being all, ‘my blog made it a year, hooray. who would have thought all you lovely ‘buddies’ would want to read what I say’ {which seriously, I say frequently}, I instead talked about being given the go to Hawaii after my dad was in the hospital.

::Ce la vie::

It has been great blogging, though. I never knew just how much I’d love it and getting to know so many new and wonderful friends has been a great bonus. I’ve really enjoyed helping new bloggers with tips and tricks and am always happy to show them how to attach their email to their comments so us bloggers can reply to them.

{if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, email me so I can help you}
..and if you have any questions about anything blogging, comment or email and I'd be really happy to help in any way I can. I’m a giver…and sometimes a taker, but mainly a giver.

Since its technically not my blog Anny, I’m going to round out the Maui trip.

The last few days were complete relaxation. (except for the whole Road to Hana thing… we weren’t feeling that at all and turned around 1/2 way into it).

Though we did get fresh Krispy Kreme and see the rain pouring coming back! Which made up for it.

For the first time ever, we took a kayak out to see the whales. Now if you’re anyone who’s anyone, you’ve heard to take a 2 man kayak is relationship suicide. I never could understand that. I’ve heard stories of couples fighting the whole time, getting upset and frustrated with each other the entire time they paddled.

So when it came time for us to hop in, I was really curious how we’d fare. Wouldn’t you know there wasn’t a peep of frustration from either. We paddled in sync and when we weren’t, one would pause to get back in the rhythm. We were happy go lucky the entire time. Even talking about it and glad we weren’t among the couples who fight over paddling.

It was glorious out on the water. 3 whales were near by and we’d hear them blow air and pop up. After an hour of being out in the quiet and peaceful water, we saw one of the whales coming straight toward us. We sat straight up, eager to see how close he’d come. Popping his body up, going back under, then closer; popping up and going back under. We were getting so excited. Not 40 yards away, he pops up again, we sit in awed silence. Then from behind, a speed boat full of rowdy people comes flying in to see the whale…and he never popped up again.

We were so disappointed. As I sit back while G-man paddles us back in, we see his head come up about 200 yards away.

Our final days there, we lounged at the adult pool, sipped our cocktails and shopped our little hearts out.

Got pedicures together (his without nail polish of course) and ate some of the most delicious food we’d ever had. Each morning enjoying the special from their amazing chef and feeling special from the staff.
Waffles with baked pineapple and rum whipped cream…heaven in your mouth!
that’s me and G-man….I’ve got skills.
ok, that’s not me…


{I’m teaching G-man how to get the focus on the correct subject. …still teaching}

Reality struck us hard when we entered the airport where the woman behind the counter was unnecessarily rude and condescending to me about my carry on luggage. I told her I hoped she has a better day, and walked away determined to not have her ruin our good moods.

No more Four Seasons treatment, we were back in the real world again.

Have you ever taken a kayak with your other half?! How’d you guys do?

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