Monday, February 27, 2012

A thankful me - 8

Welcome to the last week of the month…I cry.

Okay, maybe I’m not crying, but I might be. Me and time haven’t been friends lately. This is my first week back home and true to myself, I’ve been holed up inside my apartment away from everyone. After having to go to the grocery store Wednesday since the fridge was empty and my friend dropping off my house key later that day, I stayed indoors and didn’t talk to pretty much anyone.

I only just talked to my mom for the first time yesterday, and that’s only because she called. –sorry mom.

I don’t deal well with being back home and normally its easier if I avoid people and questions and well…everything. {its mature, I know} but its how I cope.

I’m doing better today (hooray), so have no fear this is in fact an upbeat post…contrary to popular belief.

I’m thankful for:
- safe trip home. From the airport debacle, to the stench of vomit on the plane, to not leaving for home until after the accident was clear on the 405, to the long dark drive home, I was so thankful to be done.
- my dear friend who picked me up from the airport and let me hang w/her and her daughter all afternoon.
- hearing a 1 1/2 year old say my name. It’s the most precious thing ever.
- my sweet friend who collected my mail for the 3 weeks I was gone and organizing it for me.
- hulu plus for catching me up on all the shows I missed. Once Upon a Time and Up All Night, anyone?! (my favorites!)
- getting to watch from the start, Major Dad. Watching a show as an adult that I used to watch as a kid is eye opening and hilarious. I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed out loud watching this show.
- getting to cheer at the season finale of Downton Abbey. I looooved it!
- losing myself in a really funny book.
- coffee.
- coffee.
- coffee. Without it, I’d be a lesser man *cough* err, woman.

Now for an absolutely random question for all you “been pregnant” ladies. Caffeine is bad, yes? They tell you to stay away from coffee when pregnant/nursing…? But what do they say about soda? Can that be drank? If you NEVER drink caffeinated soda but drink coffee in moderation, wouldn’t that be ok?

:: let me clarify, this is something I always think about since one day, in a land far far away, when a baby decides to appear in my belly, I wouldn’t want to give up coffee…ever! With that said, I never drink soda…so enlighten me, please. :) ::

See? I love it so, I used it for my ‘drink’ picture. OOh, how I heart you coffee.
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GreenGirl said...

You can do decaf. I haven't had soda in a year and half (November 2010). When I read all of the gross things that soda does I want no parts even though my stomach is healing up. I drink a decaf coffee (1 cup) about 4 days a week.
Decaf has a trace of caffeine from what I understand but not much at all.
Giving up soda wasn't as hard as I thought. I did miss my coffee though and slowly introduced decaf

the blogivers said...

Most not-super-conservative doctors say you can drink coffee and/or soda in moderation while pregnant/nursing, so you don't necessarily HAVE to give it up unless you just feel convicted to do so :)

Natalie said...

where would we be without coffee?? ;)

Callie Nicole said...

I just drank decaf coffee after the first trimester (no doctor told me to avoid all caffeine in the first trimester, that was just my own rule, because I'm paranoid). And I came to love rootbeer and Sprite, because I wanted to save me caffeine allowance for the decaf coffee. :-)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i didn't drink soda or coffee. don't hate me. i think 8 oz/ day is allowable, though.

girl, whenever i am blue it is usually because i haven't talked to anyone lately and i just swim in a deep sea of my own blue thoughts. so go make a phone call. : )

LeAnna said...

I did decaf, or regular in moderate amounts. You can have a cup or two a day no biggy. Now, if you start nursing you might soon learn that caffeine is the enemy. Which is torture, because you need it the most. ;) We should Skype sometime soon!

meme-and-he said...

Downtown Abbey! Everyone is obsessed! I need to see it.

Jennifer Blair said...

Hehe. I have started watching Once Upon A Time and Downtown Abbey. Glad we are on the same page. They're awesome.

Erin said...

Hello???!!! Your sister who is a huge coffee drinker like yourself and who btw has had 3 children I NEVER gave up coffee! With my first I went decaf but asked myself why, so with 2 and 3 I drank regular coffee! I don't go nuts but I definitely don't skip it!!! Love ya!!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I am a lifetime and a half away from having a baby so I can't shed any light on the coffee/soda question.

I do love me some Once Upon A Time. I am in major love with Prince Charming even though it makes me feel slightly icky for condoning adultery. And I am so not a fan of the kid, Henry. I am glad that he hasn't appeared a lot in the last few episodes. I don't know why but he just irritates me immensely.

And... twinsies!! I too have to hide myself away from the world when I feel bad. And sometimes the only time I go out is because I have to get food to eat. The worst is when I'm having one of those days and work calls me in. That is *not* a pretty sight.

Also, please excuse the essay I have just left on your blog!!

Wild and Precious said...

my doc said i could have one caffeine drink a day and one diet drink a day so i could have A cup of Coffee OR a diet coke... I eventually weened all the way off caffeine but would have it occasionally.

If i had soda as my caffeine drink it was a regular soda (which i decided the extra calories were healthier than than the "stuff" that made it diet)

Annie M Culley said...

Major Dad is right up there with Family Matters and Full house! Love the memories of TGIF!

They Strongly advised me to avoid all caffeine while I was pregnant. I did have a high risk pregnancy so I lived all of their rules to a T. When I got the craving for coffee I drank decalf however, it just was't quite the same for me! I looked at everything else like Tuna as a eat in moderation thing!

Rachel said...

It all depends on how much caffeine is in it, not just what you're drinking. They say about 200mg of caffeine a day is okay so a couple of cups of coffee, or 5 cans of soda.

This website is helpful as it lists it all...

Megan said...

You aren't supposed to have any more than 200 mg per day, but even then they don't really know what it does to you. Some people link it to miscarriage and some people link it to low birth weight babies. I drink diet coke all day long, like 3 or 4 huge fountain drinks a day...and I gave it up right on the spot when I found out that I was pregnant. I haven't touched caffeine since. I now drink Sprite and Fanta, both caffeine free, but still delicious! I think it just depends on you, once you get pregnant. I felt way too much responsibility and guilt to drink caffeine!


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