Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mushy day o’ love

I almost forgot what today is and almost didn’t even write about it. It might have been a nice reprieve for everyone seeing how everyone and their mother is probably writing about Valentine’s Day but alas, I’ve fallen victim to it as well.

Over the past Valentine’s Days, G-man would always get me flowers and chocolate. Mainly because we weren’t in the same state and it was the surefire way to celebrate the day. I’m always up for chocolate and flowers, so this girl hasn’t minded one bit.

In the start of our relationship, G-man bought me flowers just because and since I was traveling for my work at the time, I left them in his spare bedroom in the back of his house, where they wilted and died. And where he saw an uncaring soul… *cough*

It took years to change his belief that I hated getting flowers. Seriously…years! He thought since obviously I was so negligent with the first ones, I had no desire to ever get anymore. No matter how many times I would explain that there was no way for me to take those first flowers (since I was traveling for work) he kept on believing this fallacy, with that image of dead flowers permanently burned in his brain.

::hand to forehead::

Thankfully all that has changed. He now knows I love getting them..though oddly, he doesn’t capitalize on that knowledge very often…hhmmm maybe I should have another ‘talk’ with him about this…

Of course, I need to remember that instead of bouquets of flowers, he takes me on vacations and randomly declares he wants to buy me a new bathing suit or sweater or shoes/hat/bag..you name it…and not because it’s a forced holiday…but because he loves me and wants to.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it today; I’m blessed. I don’t deserve it, God knows, but I’m blessed more than I ever thought possible with this man that I love so deeply. Each year, each month, each day, more and more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether its with your close friends, an intimate evening with the one you love or your family…or just you (as I’ve spent many a V-day alone). Enjoy those sappy movies, eat lots of chocolate and know that you’re loved.

Share your plans (PG, of course) with me… doing anything special today?
Or waiting to celebrate on another day? ..which G-man and I just might do.

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Annie M Culley said...

This is the first year my kids have been old enough to understand V-day. They exchanged valentines at school yesterday and LOVED it!!! Remember knocking and running? Do kids even do that anymore? Anyway, the husband took the kids to choose my a gift and they came home with roses and a wood XOXO crafty thing! We usually do dinner on valentine's and not give gifts. So having the kids old enough to tell their dad they gotta go get something worked in my favor! Hope you have a great day!

Jennifer Blair said...

Haha! I hate flowers. I just don't see the point. They don't last long and then they drop their petals everywhere. I'm probably the only girl in the world that does though! Ha! Maybe you'll get some, but I must say that a vacay trumps flowers! :) Sweet gifts every now and then mean more anyway!

Tatiana said...

I love getting flowers! It just took Brandon 4yrs to get me the right ones.
I hope you have a beautiful date with your love :-)

Natalie said...

Aww! Such a sweet post Emily! Unfortunately I'm spending the next couple of hours doing homework... but then I got a bag of chocolate and movies to delve into before a dinner party tonight =) Happy Valentines Day!

christine donee said...

only PG sharing? bor-ring.


happy valentine's day to you and your man!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

guess i can't share our plans! ; )

i once told my man that i didn't ever want him to spend money on flowers since they'd eventually just die. then, he bought me some last summer and i decided that i do like getting them. so he bought me some today. : )

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I'm weird about flowers. I LOVE having them in our home and buying them for myself BUT I don't really get thrilled over receiving them from someone else. How ungrateful of me.. I know. =) We didn't celebrate Vday because my husband had a class to attend..but we will celebrate soon, I think. I hope! =)


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