Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I had an anniversary

Where have I been!? I completely missed my one year anniversary for my blog!! It was supposed to be huge and epic and monumental to the point of everyone being amazed and in awe and yet now…nuttin’.

15 days later, I stand on the dock looking out at the empty water where the boat sailed away without me. {nice analogy, no?} Instead of being all, ‘my blog made it a year, hooray. who would have thought all you lovely ‘buddies’ would want to read what I say’ {which seriously, I say frequently}, I instead talked about being given the go to Hawaii after my dad was in the hospital.

::Ce la vie::

It has been great blogging, though. I never knew just how much I’d love it and getting to know so many new and wonderful friends has been a great bonus. I’ve really enjoyed helping new bloggers with tips and tricks and am always happy to show them how to attach their email to their comments so us bloggers can reply to them.

{if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, email me so I can help you}
..and if you have any questions about anything blogging, comment or email and I'd be really happy to help in any way I can. I’m a giver…and sometimes a taker, but mainly a giver.

Since its technically not my blog Anny, I’m going to round out the Maui trip.

The last few days were complete relaxation. (except for the whole Road to Hana thing… we weren’t feeling that at all and turned around 1/2 way into it).

Though we did get fresh Krispy Kreme and see the rain pouring coming back! Which made up for it.

For the first time ever, we took a kayak out to see the whales. Now if you’re anyone who’s anyone, you’ve heard to take a 2 man kayak is relationship suicide. I never could understand that. I’ve heard stories of couples fighting the whole time, getting upset and frustrated with each other the entire time they paddled.

So when it came time for us to hop in, I was really curious how we’d fare. Wouldn’t you know there wasn’t a peep of frustration from either. We paddled in sync and when we weren’t, one would pause to get back in the rhythm. We were happy go lucky the entire time. Even talking about it and glad we weren’t among the couples who fight over paddling.

It was glorious out on the water. 3 whales were near by and we’d hear them blow air and pop up. After an hour of being out in the quiet and peaceful water, we saw one of the whales coming straight toward us. We sat straight up, eager to see how close he’d come. Popping his body up, going back under, then closer; popping up and going back under. We were getting so excited. Not 40 yards away, he pops up again, we sit in awed silence. Then from behind, a speed boat full of rowdy people comes flying in to see the whale…and he never popped up again.

We were so disappointed. As I sit back while G-man paddles us back in, we see his head come up about 200 yards away.

Our final days there, we lounged at the adult pool, sipped our cocktails and shopped our little hearts out.

Got pedicures together (his without nail polish of course) and ate some of the most delicious food we’d ever had. Each morning enjoying the special from their amazing chef and feeling special from the staff.
Waffles with baked pineapple and rum whipped cream…heaven in your mouth!
that’s me and G-man….I’ve got skills.
ok, that’s not me…


{I’m teaching G-man how to get the focus on the correct subject. …still teaching}

Reality struck us hard when we entered the airport where the woman behind the counter was unnecessarily rude and condescending to me about my carry on luggage. I told her I hoped she has a better day, and walked away determined to not have her ruin our good moods.

No more Four Seasons treatment, we were back in the real world again.

Have you ever taken a kayak with your other half?! How’d you guys do?

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bunky153 said...

I'm sure our discussion over the correct way to paddle our kayak was amplified over the water. Apparantly, my 'left side' stroke was a lot stronger than the other side, so I was causing us to go in circles. Maybe he should have been in the back, huh? Wow, that was 8 yrs. ago, and I still have an attitude...sigh.

Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

Hey you, happy one year for 15 days ago.... It is such a blessing reading your blog and seeing what you are getting up to. Any tips on how I can improve mine???? Feel free to be honest I have broad shoulders.

I did white river rafting once and lets just say I discovered things about myself I did not know and do not like so I will NEVER put a paddle in my hands again!!!!

Take care.

Stephanie said...

First of all, that rain picture? Stunning! And second of all if I ever got into a kayak with my husband I would end up hitting him over the head with the paddle. I love that guy A LOT, but we tend to not do well in situations like that. He goes all drill sergeant and I go all free spirit and it ends poorly for everyone. : )

Colleen said...

Kayaking with the whales sounds AMAZING. I'm so glad that I found your blog - happy blog anniversary!

Nicolle said...

That last picture made me smile and it's still good, even slightly off focus! :)

Loving all the pictures and your Hawaii stories. My mom and stepdad visited Maui the week before you went, and they drove the road to Hana. She said it was fun, but exhausting.


Ashley said...

beautiful pics, em! glad you and g-man had a wonderful time in maui!

omg, those waffles words! i just want some NOW! haha.

oh, i need some help attaching my email address to my comments. i've always wondered how you did that!

Natalie said...

mmm! waffles and pineapple sounds like a good combo =D Wow! You never told me you were a closet gymnast (lol) ;)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Yours is definitely one of my fave blogs! And I am grateful to you for emailing me and telling me about the "no comment blogger" business :) Much love and thanks to you on your belated blogiversary.

Kayaking with whales would have been amazing. Stupid jerk people for ruining it. Oh well... you guys will just have to go again :)

LeAnna said...

Happy blogaversary! Living it up in Hawaii, eating fancy breakfast and dancing with whales. SO ROUGH! ;)

If Hubby & I were in a kayak. Well, I wouldn't kayak. I'd maybe canoe in a fresh water river. I'm afraid of sharks. But if we were to kayak in a fresh water river not located near anywhere that an alligator or the lochness have been seen, well then I'd just shut up and do what my man told me to do. 'Cuase I can't swim. I would even fan him with one hand if necessary.

I hate large bodies of water...

carissa at lowercase letters said...

that handstand pic is seriously awkward. i'm glad it's not you. really.

happy blogiversary! i have no idea when mine is. so you're better than me.


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