Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its only a number

In many ways, I act my 30 years. I’m mature (most of the time), I now hold a secure job, (for any newcomers, I’m not a dead beat. this is what I used to do) and I don’t party, get wasted or go clubbing.

Yet, in so many ways I feel so so very young.

I didn’t realize years ago, that at 30, I’d still feel like a baby. I thought 30 was old. It was the age a person was in their ‘prime’. When I hear someone say they’re 35, I think they’re so much older than me because I feel as if I have a long way to go.

I’m getting wrinkles, no doubt about that. And definitely more gray hair, but when I look in the mirror, I still see this young girl that looks all sorts of gawky. Every hair washing night, I put my hair in braided pigtails and stare at myself marveling over how I’m supposed to be ‘old’.

I’m 30 but I still sport the ‘tails’ during the day….
photo (31)I’m 30 and I still get called a dork. And still get asked if I’m in college.

A blogger said, she read an early 20’s blogger say she believed 30 was middle aged. Now that’s plain immature. I don’t know if she was joking when she said it or completely serious but it got me thinking that its really only a number and as corny as it sounds, you’re as young {or old} as you let yourself feel.

I don’t know what point I’ll start to really feel my age. I hope no time soon, but at some point, I know it’ll creep up on me.

For now, I’m enjoying being 30 and knowing its an incredibly young age. That what I thought 30 would be when I was younger is even better than what I could have imagined. Its not a doomsday number. Its not depressing or life ending. To me, I see it as a time for maturity.

I had a great run at my 20’s, accomplished a lot even, but 30’s is something entirely different to me. I’m still figuring it out but I look forward to what’s to come. I know I’ll still be gawky and most of the time awkward but it’ll be fun none the less to see what they’ll bring.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Caught in a truth

Last weekend I was surrounded by 25 women in one of their homes. It was loud, a bit chaotic but a lot of fun. Among the 25, I knew 2, and really 1 of the 2 I knew more than as an acquaintance. As I’m talking with all of them, socializing and doing what I do, a 12 year old girl came over and started talking to me.

She reminded me a lot of my niece so we talked about jewelry, school and age..believe it or not. Bless her heart, she showed shock when I told her I was 30.

Once she walked away, an older woman was standing beside me and I mumbled half to myself half to her, ‘she is such a cutie.’ That’s when the woman told me she was her Grandmother. I had a moment of panic, replaying what I said, figuring if I said something nice or not (it was chaotic, so the brain was running a little slow) but I was relieved I in fact said a compliment.

It was in that moment it occurred to me just how careful I need to be with my words. What if I said something unpleasant about the girl (though there wasn’t anything unpleasant about her)? But what if the baby that was getting passed around was getting on my nerves and I let something slip with someone standing near? Or another woman…anyone.

You never know who is around you. But more so, you never can be certain who knows who when you’re talking about someone {whether its good or bad}.

We all know its best to keep certain comments to ourselves. It doesn’t benefit anyone to talk down about someone, but we’re human and things slip out, sometimes before we can even stop them from tumbling past our lips.
via pinterest

I know from experience.

After that night, I realized how loose my lips had been about that certain person I’ve replaced at work. Mind you, I’m not saying anything mean, rude or nasty. Only facts about how she was “running” the company, but I’ve been rather vocal about it.

This office had only had me there (at the time) for 2 days and I was openly talking about how wrong she was doing things, and what’s bad is that office is brick and the voice carries no matter how quiet you get. So I know, I wasn’t being cautious as I should because truthfully, I don’t know where these co-worker’s loyalties lie. But I can tell you, its not with me.

I’ve been reckless. It took me saying a kind word about a girl to the unsuspecting Grandmother for me to realize it.

Many times people will pretend they don’t know the person you’re talking about or even pretend they don’t like them in order to get your ‘dirt’. I’ve done it before, so I know there are others who do it with far better skill than me.

Think about holding your tongue if a stranger is annoying you. Their spouse could be right behind you, or the mother.
Search your heart if you find yourself always criticizing others or putting them down. You don’t gain anything by insulting others, it only serves to paint you in an ugly light, and who wants to be in the ‘ugly light’?

Psalm 141:3
Set a guard, OH LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kids and birthdays

Today is one of my nephews birthdays. Not just any ordinary birthday…today marks double digits for this guy! 10!

I’m realizing I don’t have a current picture of him. I think he’s 6(ish) here.
Remember when 10 was a huge deal? You’re double digits, its only the hugest moment ever!! …well, until 13…then 16…and 18, ok and 20, 21, 30… Yeesh, it never ends, I guess. But I did the appropriate card, as a good auntie should do, and I’ve been wondering about kids and birthdays, and what you all as aunts {uncles} and momma’s think.

I have 10 nieces and nephews so it seems a birthday is always coming. Before when there were a lot less and they were a lot younger, I dropped the ball. I never called (cause seriously…they couldn’t even speak) and I wouldn’t send cards…they couldn’t read… and even though I felt bad, I felt it was a waste of my time and money.

*hangs head in mild shame*

About 2 or 3 years ago, I resolved to be better and at least send them a card. And if I could, a text to my brothers/sister for the little one. I’ve been really good and consistent but still struggle with the ones that are turning 1 or 2, if a card is really necessary and really! do my brothers and sister even keep the cards? Or just throw them away.

hard to say

I’m noticing that they appreciate when I send their kids cards because their kids are so happy to be recognized on their birthday. I forgot how important birthdays are to kids. How much they matter. Once I was reminded of that, I realized how much a call was equally important to them and now resolve to make that call as well.

But they aren’t doing it for their nieces or nephews. They {general ‘they’} complain their kids aren’t getting birthday attention, but choose not to send cards to everyone else’s kids. How is this fair? Personally, I believe it you aren’t willing to take the time to send cards to other kids, you shouldn’t be upset if others aren’t sending your kids cards.

Maybe I’m off base, who knows, but me being kidless is offering up her kidless opinion of tough cookies if you aren’t willing to do it yourself.

So parents, I open it up to you. Do you get upset when family/friends don’t send your kids birthday cards or call them on their birthday?

Do you send your nieces/nephews/close friend’s kids birthday cards or call them?

Do you throw the cards away?

and a semi on topic/off topic question. Do you let your kids open the birthday card the day it arrives? Or make them wait for their actual birthday?
- I was surprised to learn my brother and sister in law let them open the cards the day it arrives, even if its 5 days before their birthday.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

A thankful me - 21

HI my buddies!! Its been so long, how have you all been?? Are we all enjoying this 3 day weekend as much as possible? I know I am. Lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep {and really weird dreams}.

My life has been crazy busy lately, hence the whole blog slacking. When dishes pile up for 4 days straight, you know this girl is busy, cause chica no likey dirty dishes. I’ve been doing my FT job followed by my little business I have at nights and weekends, that equals working 13-14 hour days. Talk about pooped! I haven’t had time for anything else.

But yesterday and today have been nothing but relaxing and its oh so nice.

This week, I’m thankful for:

- all who gave their lives so we can go on doing what we do daily
- my man being willing to sacrifice himself by being in the military
- having today off. It is beyond needed
- my busy schedule. It wears me out but I’m happy to have things to do whereas before, I did nothing
- helpful friends coming to my aide when I need them
- my new favorite necklace-Laguna, please say hi to everyone.
photo (26)
- knowing God is taking care of me and the ones I love. As if I ever should doubt
- a co worker giving me a Starbucks gift card as a thank you for helping them…even if it turned out to be a ‘re gift’
photo (27)
- baking hard ‘boiled’ eggs in the oven. Not sure why they had the brown stuff on them, but they turned out really good!! I did it for 325 for 30 minutes, but I think I’ll do 25 next time since the yoke had a small gray ring around it. This is so much easier than water. I always manage to overcook in water.
photo (29)

I have lots of topics that I look forward to talking with you guys about this week, so stay tuned!

Random question: I saw my neighbor’s front door wide open (as she sometimes keeps it) so I walked in to say hi, and ended up waking her from a nap on the couch…not 10ft. from the open door. I felt bad, she felt bad and I ended up turning around to let her go back to sleep.

My question, could you ever sleep on your couch while your front door is wide open (no screen)??

- me?? No way!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chaos and madness

No one believed it would go smoothly and they were right.

As you remember Friday I talked about the fact the woman was getting fired and we were all nervous how it would go down. Well, it didn’t go well. Not well at all.

Word on the streets is she flipped out. Like really flipped out. The manager still shudders every time she tells me how horrible it went, always shaking her head sadly saying, ‘oh it was bad. really really bad.’

I am so thankful I didn’t work in the new office the first 2 days this week, because there were a few people who were very upset over it. To the point of quitting they were so upset by it. But they were talked down from the ledge and are staying..for now.

Can you imagine me walking in Monday morning all perky, bright eyed and bushy tailed saying good morning to everyone?! I would have been hated instantly since all they would have seen was me taking over this girl’s job and it being my fault for it.

So the uppity ups said a little something to help me with that.

They are saying (as I am too…lest I want to be left out to dry) that I’m not “taking over her position” but rather “helping out by temporarily covering until things get sorted out”.

Meaning: make it look {in everyone’s eyes} like I’m only swooping in to save the firing day by covering the position while things calm down…since I was working in the other office, of course.

Its kinda genius if you think about it. They’re making my transition into this new office 1000 times easier by doing this because if that office knew I was originally hired 2 months ago to do just this {take over her position} I would be hated!

Over time, after things calm down they’ll let everyone know that I’m working out smashingly {because really…I’m smashing at my job} and be asked to stay full time permanently. To which I’ll reply, ‘sure, now give me a $5 raise, thank you.’


With all that said, Wednesday was my first day there and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. At. all.

We discovered this woman was doing some shady things with the business. Big time shady, to the point of thousands of dollars worth of fines had anyone legal found out. And we (me included) had to sort it out, putting out potential fires all day long.

I don’t look forward to the days ahead of discovery. This doesn’t bode well at all and as if it was an omen, on my way to work yesterday, she drove past me. Really, what are the odds of us being at the same intersection at that exact time of day?

Slim, people..slim!

Did I also mention she came in Monday unannounced to get on the computer when no one was there but the receptionist? Yeeeah, no one knows what she did on there…

Here’s to an adventure!
                                                                                   safety helmet – check!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facing my fear

I have this fear.

I don’t like being the center of attention in public or even knowing there are people seeing me. Even if I know I’ll never see the people again. It makes me absolutely nervous, uncomfortable and I’ll do everything possible to get myself out of doing what I committed to do.

and yet I wanted to be a runway model…pssh!

This was a major issue I had to deal with while working in prison. Knowing I had 200 pairs of eyes watching my every move. My every bite I would take of my lunch…to the point of one of them yelling through their cell door the moment I closed the lid to a 1/2 eaten chicken salad, ‘I’ll eat the rest of that!!’ It was very difficult to deal with, walking across the yard of 600 inmates, knowing each and every step was being viewed. I’d mumble to myself, have the worst scowl on my face and pray I made it to the building without one saying something derogatory or me having to stop to tell one to ‘move along’ since they were staring too much.

I hate knowing people are watching me. H-A-T-E.

So, one day I headed down some country roads and saw these really pretty wild flowers off the side of one of the very busy roads. I swore to myself, since it would be my very last weekday off, I’d capitalize and return with my camera. Regardless of how many people saw me snapping away.

And truthfully, I wanted to do it when the majority of people were at work and not on a weekend. (baby steps)

2 hours went by after the fact and I still hadn’t returned to the flowers. Making excuses why it wasn’t ‘time’ yet, but really hoping the sun would set faster so I could lose the opportunity. But knowing my car was sitting in the blazing sun and not the garage, forced me to go out again.

Camera in hand, I made the drive back to the flowers. I parked and walked with my head down to the little patch of purple and red flowers, telling myself, ‘Don’t look at any cars, keep your head down, if you hunker low enough they might not see you…’ I start to hunker in what was the worst shoe choice imaginable. flip flops..what person in their right mind wears flip flops to walk through prickly weeds? *this girl* As I got lower, I saw huge black ants!

Another thing I don’t deal well with, mean ants. So now hunkering is practically out of the question. I planned on laying on my belly (pre flip flop/prickly weeds/ants) to:
A. be at the lowest possible level so no one would see me.
B. get the best shot possible
C. be at the lowest possible level so no one would see me.

I stayed for maybe 10 minutes. Enough time to have several cars drive by, to realize it was the worst lighting of the day, that flip flops gives ants a direct line for my toes {even if none actually came close}, that I jump at the slightest movement on the chance its an ant coming for me and that rocks aren’t friendly to walk, kneel, or crouch down on.

And the worst part? My pictures are subpar at best. Not like, oh, I’m just being modest…no, they really are subpar. Nothing wowing, unique, eye catching. Nothing more than plain ol’ run of the mill pictures of some flowers.

I promise it looked prettier driving by at a high rate of speed.

the focus! Where’s the focus!? It was so bright, I couldn’t make out anything.

All that for some pictures I probably won’t keep. The only consolation was I repeated to myself that everyone driving by seeing me wished they would be as brave and bold as I taking pictures off a busy road.

It worked…until the end of the sentence.

~what’s a fear of yours?~

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Monday, May 21, 2012

I’m thankful for - 20

Oh my goodness gracious what a weekend I had. It had to have been the busiest weekend I’ve had in a very very long time. I have a teeny bit of resentment I have to work today instead of sleep and do nothing. How dare they not accommodate me!

Saturday was the Swedish Festival in my little town and I actually walked over to see the parade. Its pretty bad that in all the time I’ve been here, I’ve never seen it…and its only 1 block away. I would always peer out my blinds to see the floats set up in front of my apt as I sipped my coffee looking like a wreck.

But this year, I made my way over there and watched 5 too many fire trucks go by, and 5 too many John Deer tractors roll by, not to mention the tractor pulling the tractor, which was the hi-lite for me. {not really}

I was most bothered by the fact they didn’t throw candy. What kind of parade doesn’t throw candy? One girl brought me and a little girl next to me, a piece and I offered the girl mine and she said, no. Clearly she was taught well, but then I must have freaked her out cause she never returned. sorry little girl..I’m not a creeper, promise.

Then there was the wedding, that took up the majority of my weekend, which I’ll tell all about when my brain has returned. The heat melted it away.

So this very week, I’m thankful for:

- not working in prison anymore. I ran into a Sgt. friend at the festival who told me nothing but horrible things that have been going on, and it truly made me so thankful God got me out when He did. I’m so blessed to be out of the prison system.
- finally checking ‘seeing the parade’ off my list of things to do.
- getting to shoot what had to have been the most laid back relaxed bride and groom ever. The bride made Mac & Cheese for lunch 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony, nothing fazed her.
even when I *without thinking* showed her a picture of them looking through the door that separated them before the wedding…when they clearly didn’t want to see each other. I still feel horrible for doing that!!
- finally finally finally getting my photo album that I worked on for 10 months of our Europe Trip. The website, I have to say is the worst website I’ve ever used and will never use again, so to finally have my book in my home is the happiest most relieving moment to date.
IMG_9233 (1280x853)IMG_9234 (1280x853)IMG_9237 (1280x831)IMG_9242 (1280x853)
- getting my favorite blossoms picture on canvas. All I do is stare at it.
IMG_9246 (1280x853)

- not starting in the new office until Wednesday. I don’t know how the firing went, so I’m relieved I don’t have to work in that office for the first 2 days after, in case anything goes down…is that bad??!

How was your weekend? Is it blazing hot where you are, right now?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

It happens today…

I’ve been getting trained by the person who’s job I’m taking over.

In other words. She’s unknowingly been training me to take her job.

After a few weeks of working, I realized something. The company didn’t create a position for me like they said they did….but instead, they finally found a person to replace the woman who they’ve wanted to fire for months now. And that person is me.

Maybe in some way they did create it. Hard to say, but it was obvious to me after having a ‘top secret’ meeting with the higher ups that they were eager to fire this woman and have me take over as Office Manager. Only catch is, they were confident she wouldn’t go down without a fight and the best way for me to learn all that position holds is to have her train me without knowing.

And that’s just what she’s been doing…training me to take over. Sadly, I believe when they tell her, it won’t go over well. And sadly, I believe this is the only way to have me learn because I know she won’t help in any way the moment she finds out. I actually believe she might do things…sabotage-ee things once it happens, but I’m just going to wait and see if that’s true.

I sure hope it isn’t, but even her boss told me to come in and copy all her files while she’s at lunch, in case she deletes them all. So I did…and felt a little like a spy while doing it.
I named it the ‘ninja folder’
photo (24)

I understand why they need to fire her. I’m getting trained by her after all, and I have eyes…and ears. Its obvious, but I do feel bad. Its rather devious and she really has no clue at all. Like, at all!

For all she knows, I’m learning solely to help on days she’s out sick. But it happens today and thankfully I’ll be in the other office and won’t witness the spectacle.

All I know is I have to play coy. I can never ever in my time with this company, let on I knew anything about this. So as far as you and I know, I was minding my own business in the other office when they offered me the position at this office after the fact…more pay..more responsibility...more opportunity for growth… how could a girl turn something like that down!?

Its only business.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

When do you pray?

Is it first thing in the morning? Right before you fall asleep? As you’re driving down the road or making meals? Is it in the shower?

Or when you’re on the toilet?

Think about don’t have to say if you actually pray when you’re on the toilet, but I’ll admit, I have. I don’t know what it is, but there have been many instances where the moment I sit, I begin to pray. Not sure if it’s the fact there isn’t much to do in there, or if I feel that’s a ‘quiet place’ or if I think that this is the only moment I’m willing to give to the Lord…whatever it is, I’ve caught myself more times that I’d care to admit.

I had a discussion with someone some time ago about this, where they told me they caught themselves praying while on the toilet and it struck them how disrespectful it was. Here they were praying to Almighty God…while ‘doing their business’.  As if there’s no other time in their day to talk to Him but while on the pot.

That’s the moment I admitted to them, that I do the same. To me, its quite shameful. I realize He sees everything, knows everything, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a time to give my prayers to the Lord.

Where’s the reverence?
via (no source)

When and where do you pray? Is it in a hurried rush of words before you pick up your ringing phone? Or after you narrowly escaped hitting a car? In between commercials? Or sitting on the toilet….?

When do you give God your time?

all listed above are moments I’ve prayed. See this not as me calling you out, but me calling myself out for not giving God enough of my time.

I should say that I pray throughout the day, regardless of where I am and what I’m doing if I feel the need to pray at that very moment. With that said, I personally believe praying while ‘doing my business’ is not one of those places or times to do so.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rounding out the 50’s

Today is my Mom and Dad’s birthday. My dad is just a couple hours older than my mom. Neat, right?

Growing up, I always loved telling people that they shared a birthday…I don’t think I’ve ever asked them if they liked telling people that… hmmm can’t see why they wouldn’t, but think about how easy it is to remember the other’s birthday. No one can say they forgot, can they?

Happy Birthday to me!!!…wait, what? It’s your birthday too??! Gosh, must’ve forgotten that. See? It wouldn’t work.

Today marks 1 year away from living for 3 score (as my Dad is putting it). Did anyone else not know a score was 20 years?? Did anyone else just say, ‘4 score and 7 years ago?’

Let’s travel down a small road called, memory lane. I’m sure my mom will be nothing but tickled, since I have no doubt she hasn’t seen these pictures in years. :) I love you, Mom

aawww, the many years with the mustache.

10 days after giving birth to big little ol’ me, we went out for a picnic but poor Mom was really sick and feverish. I think I was showing my disappointment for being out, for her. {by the way, I realize her eyes are cut off, but this is one of my favorite pictures}

So pretty!!

Spring of ‘98

Summer of ‘99

Proud Papa to #3

I scored a free helicopter ride for the 3 of us. Our first ever! Even though we had to endure the song “Viva Las Vegas” on repeat the entire time (we flew over the strip) it was worth it.

I wish I had more to look through. Its weird not having a lot of pictures of my parents over the years. Pictures weren’t so big as they are now…or maybe that’s just me who thinks that, but I’m thankful for the ones I do have.

And I’m thankful they’re still here today for me to wish them both a very

Having you two as my parents have been the biggest blessing to me.
I love you both!!!

~~A sweet message my Dad said to my Mom on our family website yesterday~~

To think that 2 families 1200 miles apart were about to go through the same window. Those 2 babes would then meet 17 years later and become the foundation of this web site Whoda thunk it. I am more than pleased and happy to say after some amazing ups and downs here we are, the last day of 58 as you say. We will have known each other 2 score and 2 yrs. I LOVE YOU and your attitude,disposition­, personality, singing, style, not to over look your cooking, you have made me what I am today, just more to love. Going forward into tomorrow together, Looking ahead to the next big score. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!

For the record: My mom’s name is not Nancy.. I don’t even know why he called her that, but I’m pretty sure she does, and that’s where it matters.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You have two faces

I’m seeing a lot of these around me lately. More than I thought. Everyone looks really nice, acts really nice but I’m finding out that’s not the case.

Its always a given there will be a few who put up a front to get you to let your guard down, but it seems {right now} that everyone I’m around has a front up. And let me say, my guard is up with a shield and a chain link fence surrounding me, because I don’t trust one single person I’m working with.

At times, I forget and start opening up but quickly remember and close back up. One time I did, I blame Pinterest for being so awesome because I started talking about it to a co worker who hasn’t joined and I told her I’d invite her…well, my blog is linked to my pinterest account and next thing I knew, I emailed her the invite, realized, and had to take my blog address off my pinterest account.

In no way can I have her (especially) or any of my co workers know I have a blog. Talk about needing that separation but its moments like that that I realize I need to very careful with what I say.

There have been other situations where I know almost an entire office of staff do not like this one particular co worker of theirs, but you wouldn’t have the first clue watching them interact with her. Even worse, she’s told me how they praise her and her work weekly. Yet, I know the truth. And I think, if they can be so convincing with her, how much better can they be with me??

Even I start to believe they like her with how they talk to her. Even when she’s not there… {let’s be honest, a lot of women are a bit catty} I was waiting for them to talk about her and they didn’t once…yet again, I know they don’t like her at all.

Talk about confusing!

It makes me tired having to watch what I say. I’ve deflected many personal questions but I know they’ll keep coming and there’ll be moments I won’t be able to deflect.

So, I ask do you keep from answering questions about your personal life at work?

How do you get your co workers to stop asking you personal questions?

I’ve thought about saying, “I’d prefer not to talk about my personal life.” but talk about them instantly hating me after that.

Any ideas, tips or advice would be superb!!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

A thankful me - 19

Hidee ho, my fellow friends.

Did we all have a wonderful weekend? I sure hope you told your Momma’s Happy Mother’s Day! I know I did! I even called my uncle to wish him a happy mother’s day…seeing how it was his birthday.

Did I ever tell you I used to live with my uncle years ago? Just imagine living with Jim Belushi…He not only reminds me of him, he looks like him too, and boy is he quite the character! You gotta love a guy who laughs {hard} at his own jokes.

This week, I’m thankful for:

- my momma. Wouldn’t be here without her. I sure do love her. I wish I could have been there for girls night with her and my sister.
- a great successful busy weekend.
- a spontaneous girls night with my sweet friend. I think the best nights are the ones where its planned within 2 hours of happening. I wouldn’t have enjoyed watching our guilty pleasure show as much as I did, without her.
- knowing G-man is on the mainland right now. Even though he’s one hour ahead, and its only for a few days, just knowing he’s over here, makes me feel closer to him.
- being able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour for a few days. This whole 3 hours behind thing (our normal time difference) has been a kick in the pants for me!
- dunkin donuts coffee finally arriving. I ran out, which resulted in tears {not really} but it was horrible being forced to drink a nasty nasty off brand while waiting for my shipment to arrive. My coffee time is sacred and without Dunkin during those mornings…I can’t bear to talk about it, it was so traumatic.
- actually having real people internet service. Granted I’m paying real steep prices, but I am in awe at how fast my internet is..not to mention, it doesn’t lose the connection 50 times a day. Oh, glory be..oh happy day!
- seeing my pictures in frames. My friend bought my pictures and had them framed. Seeing my work about to be displayed in someone’s home has to be one of my proudest moments as a budding photographer.
- people telling me I’m funny. People I’m not even forcing to say I’m funny, even! I love a good affirmation, don’t you!?

What do you like people to affirm for you?

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Got my fix

Happy Happy Friday, my dear friends. Oh what a happy day this is, don’t you agree?

Last night, I had so much fun with my friends doing their family pictures. YES! I finally did them…only 3 weeks after we…no, 4 weeks after we planned. It really couldn’t have gone better. The kids cried a bit, but I think it wouldn’t be a photo shoot without at least one meltdown.

Here’s an itty bitty teeny weeny sneak peek…

He loves his little sheep.

Afterward, they treated me to Mexican food. Its like they knew I was craving Mexican…specifically a hearty burrito for the past few days. When it’s the size of your plate, you know it’ll be good. I could only handle half…I eat like a bird, remember? Although, I believe this is the most I’ve eaten in a long time. (sad, right?)
photo (22)

I’m sitting here realizing I went out on a week night. A week night! This never happens. Let alone with a family with little kids. These are the best moments to savor, I think. Those rare spontaneous moments where normally I would have turned down the chance to go out because I’m a recluse…and I like my alone time, but instead I went and had a really good time.

I’m glad I stepped out of my hiding place. This whole having a job is doing that to me. Making me step out of myself and interact with people again, although I have a whole other blog post for this topic. All in good time (read: next week)

I sure hope you have a jam packed weekend. The weather is warm, bordering on hot here, so watch out for those rays!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

All in one day

Whoa guys!! I can’t believe your amazing responses to my new design. Thank you a thousand times over for being so sweet!! I know its not at a web designer level, but I’m really thrilled to have done it myself and can’t thank you guys enough for being so kind!


I have to say, there’s nothing better than a productive day. I didn’t have to work yesterday, so I made sure to schedule a haircut first thing in the morning so I could actually be productive, rather than sit on that spot that’s starting to sag a little more each day on my couch.

{{you know that spot}}

Off I went to see a new stylist. I don’t like finding new stylists. It always makes me so nervous….aaaaand, even though she’s super nice and sweet and seems like a great all around person, I’m not completely digging my hair.

If you see it, you wouldn’t think anything of it, but I guess I’m comparing it to my hair stylist in HI who does a phenomenal job, and well…they cut differently. But THANKFULLY my hair is once again healthy. It cried tears of joy with each fried/dead/split end getting chopped chopped chopped off. I can’t even tell you how much lighter it feels…or shorter…


In the middle of this haircut, I get a call from a lead manager from work (in regards to that top secret thing I’ve been mentioning) and its in the works FAR sooner than she thought it would be. She’s getting a wee bit of pressure from above, so I might be starting my new position very very soon.

{nervous fingers crossed}

In other news of the day, the ever so smart and clever Lindsay at Delighted Momma, made this FANTASTIC tutorial for making your own nail polish. Since I A. don’t have clear polish and B. don’t have funky shadows, I had to hit up the beloved Target to score me some cheapies. Once I got home, I did everything (made quite the mess) and bam! I have my very own turquoise nail polish. Something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

{{I kinda felt like I was preparing cocaine…in case you wanted to know}}
There’s some sediment in it (cause I didn’t stir/shake enough), and I bought really cheap polish, so I’m ‘paying’ for that, but otherwise, I love this!! And I think my nails turned out great!! I can’t wait to do more colors.

All in all, I saved about $3 vs. buying an actual polish. I’m sure if I hit a cheaper store next time, I’ll save even more!
So, what should the name be? I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My new look!!

What do you think??? Do you likey?!!?

I worked super hard on it for the past few weeks you know, so if you don’t like it…umm, pretend you do..

If you’re new…or like me and forget what it used to look like the moment the new look comes up, here’s what it used to look like.
old blog

I have to credit the sweet and talented Kris at Behold the Metatron for giving me a great blog look for so long. She helped me with the big switch from One Can Hope to Amazing Grapes.
for those not in the blog used to be called “One Can Hope”

I’ve been thinking for a bit that I wanted to try my hand at blog design and decided I could do my own. So, after many google searches and tutorials later, I pulled it off.

I’m so excited for my new look!! I love it! Ok, you can be honest and tell me what you really think. :)

Thanks for all the happy words on yesterday’s post. You guys are the best!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You don’t look like an idiot

Says the woman I’ve known for a total of 4 days.

I choked on my water when she said this. –Gee thanks… I guess that’s a compliment??

She goes on to say, when she heard they were conducting interviews for a position, she hoped they wouldn’t hire an idiot…and then I walked in {apparently} and her first thought was, ‘oh, this girl doesn’t look like an idiot.’

Boy, am I SO glad I don’t look like an idiot!! After getting hired, 4 days of work later she tells me this fact, again stating, I don’t look like an idiot and don’t appear to be one, since getting to know me.

-again, thank you…??

I’m not sure why people feel its okay to be so bold like this. I guess, since it’s a positive (to them) they feel it should be shared. I don’t know. But share she did. I guess I’m relieved, as maybe others would if they were told they didn’t look like an idiot….

So YES!! I have a job! Its been over a month now and I’m still catching on. I’ll be catching on for a very long time..which I’ll go into in due time, as to why. Lotsa little top secret things going on that I’d rather wait until after its happened to blab.

This is the main reason I’ve had zero time to blog, zero time to return emails quickly, zero time to blog hop and return the blog love and zero time to be lazy. Weird, they won’t let me be lazy there…might have to talk to the CEO about that one.

Here’s a few other comments I’ve received from my new co-workers…

~I knew you’d know what you were doing the moment I saw you **sidenote: I’ve never worked in this field before, I know nothing**
~You’re very professional looking.
~You act very professional. **apparently others do not**
~I knew you were smart when I first met you.
~We’ve already told the CEO we think you’re great and we like you a lot {after meeting them once}
~I haven’t seen the CEO yet this week, but when I do, I’m going to tell him nothing but great things about you.

There’s 2 offices that I’m going back and forth from right now and after working the 2nd office for the first time, I received 2 text messages. 1 from the Lead Manager of that office and 1 from the CEO.

you bet I saved them

I couldn’t believe they texted me. I’m not accustomed to getting texts of praise from management, for one. And two, that day was one of the easiest days I had that week. So I had a moment of guilt since I barely did anything that day.

But hey, they like me!! And hopefully that lasts, cause they have big plans for me, as they’ve mentioned several times. (that’s the little top secret stuff I mentioned)

I spent month after nerve wracking month applying for jobs and not getting hardly any responses. I was getting so down over it all and thankful I had so many praying for me. It was very difficult not knowing what I wanted to do. Since working Corrections the past 7 years and off work for the past 2 since retiring, I was applying for virtually everything under the sun. I was confident no one would give me a chance because my resume showed Dept. of Corrections, and anyone who thinks of that job has a certain stereotype associated with it.

I can’t fault them, shoot, I stereotype them! I was just praying for someone to give me a chance and talk to me. Thankfully this company did!..and they’re giving me more than just a chance, which I am blessed beyond belief over. Though they certainly had me nervous when in the interview they agreed I was “overqualified” for the position they were hiring for and they’d feel “guilty for hiring me for such a ‘lowly’ position”.

Not something a person desperately seeking employment wants to hear.

So what did they do??? Create a position just so they could hire me, where they felt it more suited my management experience.

Well, color me happy!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

A thankful me–18 {getting things off my chest}

Hi Hi everyone! I sure hope you had a superb weekend. Was it nice and sunny for you too? I sure do love this sun. There’s nothing like it's warmth to make me fully relax..except when that spider was on my arm, but we both survived the ordeal and resumed the relaxation.

Lots o’ lots going on in my neck of the woods, which I’m looking forward to telling you guys. One thing is, I’m in the works of completely redesigning my blog and oh dear, it’s a lot of work. HTML this, insert here that. To say I’ve been googling tutorials is an understatement. Web design is one tough cookie. But I’m hoping to crack it soon and switch over to my new look. I’m pretty excited about it!

I’ve also been doing a little ‘spring cleaning’ as I like to call it..especially in my twitter. Its such a fickle thing, twitter. Its good since friendships really can grow there, but in the same, there’s a lot of ugliness in it, too. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been realizing that unfollowing people was necessary.

I feel bad at first because I don’t want to hurt their feelings when they find out. Some immediately unfollow me, and that’s ok, but it’s a huge weight off of me when I finally take that step to unfollow. No more mean comments, no more anger and discouragement.

And most of all, no more disrespect. If there’s one thing that will get you an immediate unfollow from me is calling me a b***h. Doesn’t matter if its as a joke or done as an endearment (in your eyes) like when you say, ‘I’m going to the pool, b****es!!!’ I will unfollow.

I don’t know when this started, saying this as if its my name. Its rude, disrespectful and classless. I would never call the people I call my friends that.

Maybe you disagree with me, and if so, please fill me in as to why its cool or not a big deal to you to say this. I’m always up for a good discussion.

With all of that off my chest, this week I’m thankful for:
- naps in my car. Sometimes its just necessary.
- making it through last week. It was quite stressful and busy.
- getting a delicious crepe recipe from Katie. I devoured these in 2.5 seconds of making them!
- making time to paint my nails. Seeing color on them is really hard to take. Its been too long.
photo (21)IMG_2167

- getting much needed fresh air over the weekend.
- finally ditching AT&T for internet. I broke down and ordered Comcast after being unable to take AT&T constantly losing internet.
- pandora. Makes being in the kitchen more fun when jamming out to music.
- an $80 bag for free!! I’ve been dying for a new bag, especially in yellow and had my eye on this one for a long time. After returning some things, they gave me store credit for practically the exact amount and viola! they end up giving me money for it. I’ll never turn down the store giving me money.
photo (16)
I realize its not really free since I technically spent money in order to get the credit, but you get the point.

How’d your weekend turn out?

Tomorrow I get to tell you something big that’s been going on the past month. It feels good to finally talk about it…it’ll explain a lot.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Photos by phone

Don’t hate me. This is the last group of pictures, promise. I feel like I’ve been neglecting le blog as of late with very few meaningful posts. Like I said yesterday, I have a lot to tell you, but it just isn’t the right time. Though I hope within the next week or more, I can go into everything in detail.

It’s a monkey..and its on my back and if you know me, I hate monkeys. Like H-A-T-E them, so believe me when I say I can’t wait to go into everything.

My friend and I met with the bride and groom last night and they have to be the most laid back couple ever. They’re really sweet and anyone who offers me milk and cookies will forever be in my favor. I will say, I’m very happy we met with them as we had the wrong day down for their wedding.

Can  you imagine?! We both could have sworn it was on the 25th, but its in fact on the 20th. So glad we got that straightened out, you have no idea!

IMG_1989IMG_2005IMG_2015IMG_2044IMG_2070IMG_2076photo (18)IMG_2071

21. Bottle- I got this olive oil in Italy and even though its empty now, I can’t seem to part with it. Not sure what to do with it, so it sits next to its friend that I got with it, balsamic vinegar.
22. The last thing you bought- these trouser jeans that I wore for the first time yesterday, and subsequently returning. Too short. #TallPersonProblems – boo
23. Vegetable- isn’t it obvious that it would be the roasted broccoli?
24. Something you’re grateful for- I was super bored one day and this Pottery Barn catalog came and it was the perfect time waster.
25. Looking down- eating a Subway in the car…it was gone way too quickly.
26. Black and white- too many words on paper. Had me confused for the 1st 5 minutes on what on what to do with it.
27. Somewhere you went- Michaels to return something. I love getting money back. If only I could stop spending it to begin with.
28. 1pm- Soakin up the beautiful sun over the weekend…again, with my SPF50. No need to get skin cancer.
29. Circle- if one more person tells me my coffee looks like its milk…well, let’s just say, we’ll have words by the flagpole. {{the filter is partially to blame for the color}}
30. Something that makes you sad- what a bummer to end on this day, seriously! but its true..though now its been almost 11 weeks and I want to rip my hair out its so depressing.

This weekend is the last weekend of peace before my weekends get busy with many many things, so I’m going to soak it up…maybe feel the rays again and catch up on everything.

What are your plans this weekend??

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