Monday, May 7, 2012

A thankful me–18 {getting things off my chest}

Hi Hi everyone! I sure hope you had a superb weekend. Was it nice and sunny for you too? I sure do love this sun. There’s nothing like it's warmth to make me fully relax..except when that spider was on my arm, but we both survived the ordeal and resumed the relaxation.

Lots o’ lots going on in my neck of the woods, which I’m looking forward to telling you guys. One thing is, I’m in the works of completely redesigning my blog and oh dear, it’s a lot of work. HTML this, insert here that. To say I’ve been googling tutorials is an understatement. Web design is one tough cookie. But I’m hoping to crack it soon and switch over to my new look. I’m pretty excited about it!

I’ve also been doing a little ‘spring cleaning’ as I like to call it..especially in my twitter. Its such a fickle thing, twitter. Its good since friendships really can grow there, but in the same, there’s a lot of ugliness in it, too. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been realizing that unfollowing people was necessary.

I feel bad at first because I don’t want to hurt their feelings when they find out. Some immediately unfollow me, and that’s ok, but it’s a huge weight off of me when I finally take that step to unfollow. No more mean comments, no more anger and discouragement.

And most of all, no more disrespect. If there’s one thing that will get you an immediate unfollow from me is calling me a b***h. Doesn’t matter if its as a joke or done as an endearment (in your eyes) like when you say, ‘I’m going to the pool, b****es!!!’ I will unfollow.

I don’t know when this started, saying this as if its my name. Its rude, disrespectful and classless. I would never call the people I call my friends that.

Maybe you disagree with me, and if so, please fill me in as to why its cool or not a big deal to you to say this. I’m always up for a good discussion.

With all of that off my chest, this week I’m thankful for:
- naps in my car. Sometimes its just necessary.
- making it through last week. It was quite stressful and busy.
- getting a delicious crepe recipe from Katie. I devoured these in 2.5 seconds of making them!
- making time to paint my nails. Seeing color on them is really hard to take. Its been too long.
photo (21)IMG_2167

- getting much needed fresh air over the weekend.
- finally ditching AT&T for internet. I broke down and ordered Comcast after being unable to take AT&T constantly losing internet.
- pandora. Makes being in the kitchen more fun when jamming out to music.
- an $80 bag for free!! I’ve been dying for a new bag, especially in yellow and had my eye on this one for a long time. After returning some things, they gave me store credit for practically the exact amount and viola! they end up giving me money for it. I’ll never turn down the store giving me money.
photo (16)
I realize its not really free since I technically spent money in order to get the credit, but you get the point.

How’d your weekend turn out?

Tomorrow I get to tell you something big that’s been going on the past month. It feels good to finally talk about it…it’ll explain a lot.

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LeAnna said...

Totally agree about twitter. I've unfollowed people on there, simply because they complain. All.the.time. I mean, I realize everyone has a battle to fight, and their own heaps of insecurities, but at some point I just decided I didn't want to witness every one of them. I've also quit following people that go around spreading false doctrine. That seems to be on the rise...But, like you say, it's quite freeing!

You must share the crepe recipe!

LeAnna said...

Umm, never mind! You have a link to the recipe, I need to read more thoroughly. Thank you! ;)

Lindsay said...

I love the nail polish! Woo!! That yellow bag is FANTASTIC for the summer. I love yellow, it's so bright and cheery!

I'm also pretty sure I would never call my friends "bitches". I'm sorry I don't have any insight as to why people do that though... haha

Dilan Dilir said...

love the ourple nailpolish :)

meme-and-he said...

love all the girly girl stuff you have been up to! that nail color is great on you :)
I feel the same about twitter. I have had to stop following people because of negative or trashy comments. its a fickle thing, that twitter.

Anonymous said...

I don't twitter, at all. But I can assure you, if I did, I would NEVER call my friends the b word! Hello??? How is it cool being compared to dogs? I don't get it.

Daisy said...

Man I am so with you! There are a few people on my facebook and twitter that are getting deleted. I'm so tired of both of those. People need to know what you can and can't say on there. Nail polish is the cutest!!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Umm beezy whats tomorrow, jk jk I kid I kid.

I want the inside scoop to tomorrow.

Fun fact, did you know that I do our pushups/planks right before I comment on your post, so I can say I did them, hahaha. Genius.


Lucy McCracken said...

totally agree with you about the twitter comments. I've done the same thing. I don't really get that crude humor and don't really like it. I do however love all of the girlie products you posted specially the nail polish. I'm now followinfg your super fun blog. :) would love a visit @

Anonymous said...

I hate how people throw around the B word, it's so disrespectful. I overheard a bunch of middle school girls calling each other that during a trip to the mall and wow. So unflattering. Blegh. I totally understand, like LeAnna said I've been unfollowing people who spread false doctrine and just run their mouth about how bad their life is 24/7. Who needs to listen to that!

Laura Darling said...

Such a cute bag!! Perfect for summer!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Super cute bag! And I am with you - I have defriended people on Facebook for the same reasons.

Katie said...

Ok, I may or may not have immediately checked to see if you're still following me on twitter :) Not that I've ever called you one of my b's...but ya know.
I do the same though, I regularly sift through my twitter and blogs to delete the ones that are just so negative and full of 'ugliness.' I really believe we have to surround ourselves with encouragement...though I forget that too often!

glad you liked the crepes :)
And seriously gorrrrrgeous nails! Love that purple!

Megan said...

I'm kinda over Twitter anyway. I mean, I still have one, but I'm just a little bit over it now. I don't see how people stay on it ALL DAY LONG! I have to work and sleep and eat. Haha.


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