Thursday, May 10, 2012

All in one day

Whoa guys!! I can’t believe your amazing responses to my new design. Thank you a thousand times over for being so sweet!! I know its not at a web designer level, but I’m really thrilled to have done it myself and can’t thank you guys enough for being so kind!


I have to say, there’s nothing better than a productive day. I didn’t have to work yesterday, so I made sure to schedule a haircut first thing in the morning so I could actually be productive, rather than sit on that spot that’s starting to sag a little more each day on my couch.

{{you know that spot}}

Off I went to see a new stylist. I don’t like finding new stylists. It always makes me so nervous….aaaaand, even though she’s super nice and sweet and seems like a great all around person, I’m not completely digging my hair.

If you see it, you wouldn’t think anything of it, but I guess I’m comparing it to my hair stylist in HI who does a phenomenal job, and well…they cut differently. But THANKFULLY my hair is once again healthy. It cried tears of joy with each fried/dead/split end getting chopped chopped chopped off. I can’t even tell you how much lighter it feels…or shorter…


In the middle of this haircut, I get a call from a lead manager from work (in regards to that top secret thing I’ve been mentioning) and its in the works FAR sooner than she thought it would be. She’s getting a wee bit of pressure from above, so I might be starting my new position very very soon.

{nervous fingers crossed}

In other news of the day, the ever so smart and clever Lindsay at Delighted Momma, made this FANTASTIC tutorial for making your own nail polish. Since I A. don’t have clear polish and B. don’t have funky shadows, I had to hit up the beloved Target to score me some cheapies. Once I got home, I did everything (made quite the mess) and bam! I have my very own turquoise nail polish. Something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

{{I kinda felt like I was preparing cocaine…in case you wanted to know}}
There’s some sediment in it (cause I didn’t stir/shake enough), and I bought really cheap polish, so I’m ‘paying’ for that, but otherwise, I love this!! And I think my nails turned out great!! I can’t wait to do more colors.

All in all, I saved about $3 vs. buying an actual polish. I’m sure if I hit a cheaper store next time, I’ll save even more!
So, what should the name be? I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

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Lauren said...

Love the new look!

Make your own nail polish? I might have to try that! I love the color came out for you! Love that color! I own more than 3 shirts that color LOL

Happy Blogging

Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

Hi Em, I know I have already told you but the new look really is awesome!!!

How about naming the nail polish turquoise delight!!!

Lindsay said...

True story: my couch is getting one of those spots. Thank god I'm starting a new job on Monday haha!

I saw her tutorial the other day and I really want to try it - yours came out AWESOME! I love that color.

Laura Elizabeth said...

I'm not a nail polish girl at all but I think that looks awesome! I bet it felt amazing to have made it from scratch. Crafty lady, you :)

And because I missed the update, your new design is all kinds of fab! Love it. Great work. Hope you didn't get too frustrated or lose anything important- which is what happened when I did mine!

Tatiana said...

I love how much healthier our hair looks and feels after a good chop. Yours looks great! And it kinda does look like you're about to snort some coke. You got lots of practice doing that?

Megan said...

Love your new hair! I think it looks amazing. It kinda does look like you are doing coke. No judgment. : )

So you have to have an eyeshadow and a clear nail polish? Wouldn't that end up being about the price of a nail polish? Maybe I should just go read the tutorial. Haha. I'm going!


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