Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rounding out the 50’s

Today is my Mom and Dad’s birthday. My dad is just a couple hours older than my mom. Neat, right?

Growing up, I always loved telling people that they shared a birthday…I don’t think I’ve ever asked them if they liked telling people that… hmmm can’t see why they wouldn’t, but think about how easy it is to remember the other’s birthday. No one can say they forgot, can they?

Happy Birthday to me!!!…wait, what? It’s your birthday too??! Gosh, must’ve forgotten that. See? It wouldn’t work.

Today marks 1 year away from living for 3 score (as my Dad is putting it). Did anyone else not know a score was 20 years?? Did anyone else just say, ‘4 score and 7 years ago?’

Let’s travel down a small road called, memory lane. I’m sure my mom will be nothing but tickled, since I have no doubt she hasn’t seen these pictures in years. :) I love you, Mom

aawww, the many years with the mustache.

10 days after giving birth to big little ol’ me, we went out for a picnic but poor Mom was really sick and feverish. I think I was showing my disappointment for being out, for her. {by the way, I realize her eyes are cut off, but this is one of my favorite pictures}

So pretty!!

Spring of ‘98

Summer of ‘99

Proud Papa to #3

I scored a free helicopter ride for the 3 of us. Our first ever! Even though we had to endure the song “Viva Las Vegas” on repeat the entire time (we flew over the strip) it was worth it.

I wish I had more to look through. Its weird not having a lot of pictures of my parents over the years. Pictures weren’t so big as they are now…or maybe that’s just me who thinks that, but I’m thankful for the ones I do have.

And I’m thankful they’re still here today for me to wish them both a very

Having you two as my parents have been the biggest blessing to me.
I love you both!!!

~~A sweet message my Dad said to my Mom on our family website yesterday~~

To think that 2 families 1200 miles apart were about to go through the same window. Those 2 babes would then meet 17 years later and become the foundation of this web site Whoda thunk it. I am more than pleased and happy to say after some amazing ups and downs here we are, the last day of 58 as you say. We will have known each other 2 score and 2 yrs. I LOVE YOU and your attitude,disposition­, personality, singing, style, not to over look your cooking, you have made me what I am today, just more to love. Going forward into tomorrow together, Looking ahead to the next big score. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!

For the record: My mom’s name is not Nancy.. I don’t even know why he called her that, but I’m pretty sure she does, and that’s where it matters.

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the blogivers said...

Happy birthday, Emily's Mom & Dad!

Lisa said...

Your dad's message is so sweet....and how awesome that they have been blessed with 2 score and 2 years. May your mom and dad have a wonderful day and may the years ahead be filled with a tidal wave of blessings.

Daisy said...

That is too cute! Happy Birthday!!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Happy birthday to your parents, soo cute they share a bday.


meme-and-he said...

that is so cool that your parents were born on the same day and same year! It was written in the stars...

Katie said...

Ok, that's so neat! Happy birthday to them!!! :)

Erin said...

Awww! You are such a sap Em!!! I loved the pictures! I remember that robe mom was wearing in picture #2 I think. She had that forever! I didn't get to read what dad wrote on the website. It was really sweet! Love ya sis!!!


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