Thursday, May 3, 2012

2nd round of instagram

I have so much on my mind. So many things to talk about but sitting down to 3-4 hours of blogging for 1 post alone hasn’t been in my schedule these days. There’s been so little time lately and let me tell you, I haven’t figured out how to manage what I have.

But I will eventually…eventually.

photo (11)photo (13)

11. Where you ate breakfast- I eat virtually every single meal on the couch with that pillow on my lap.
12. Stairs- …stairs. Little imagination was used for this one.
13. Something you found- promise I didn’t just find this on the street. Someone bought it for someone else, and I swooped in to claim it when that person wasn’t there. I’d say it was a win win, but it was gross.
14. How you feel today- that day I was feeling so hyper and happy. Practically bouncing off the walls. Muppets were appropriate.
15. Sunset- I miss these sunsets so so so so badly..Its Hawaii, in case you’re new here. You’ll see just how much I love them here…and here…and here.
16. Flower- a bud on my mom’s lemon tree/plant.
17. Something you don’t like- feeling rushed. No bueno.
18. Hair- go-to style since I need a haircut very badly..very badly. What’s a girl to do when her stylist is 3000 miles away…!?
19. Orange- letters at the car wash. *cough* boring *cough cough*
20. Something you drew- if you can’t guess this…not sure we can be friends anymore…

Tonight I get to meet up with the bride and groom for that upcoming wedding with my friend who’s the 1st shooter. Did that make sense? We’re shooting their wedding, we’re meeting tonight..and yeah, that’s all there is to it. Kinda looking forward to see how this goes. Details to some point in the future.

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Dilan Dilir said...

thubs up for instagram!

Sienna said...

love the sunset

meme-and-he said...

your hair is still too cute for being your "go-to" style! I wish I had nice, thick hair like yours!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Your stylist is too far, you must find a closer lady!


Little Tree Vintage said...

sounds like a busy week! :)

angie on maui said...

You rock for sticking with this Photo-a-Day thing. I couldn't even get through the one and only month I tried! So many people are on board with it now and I was tempted to begin again in May, but I know myself and didn't even bother. It's so hard trying to "force" creativity.

I love your photos for Days 18 and 20!

Megan said...

Monopoly!!!! I win!!! : )

Katie said...

yay! I can't believe you're shooting a wedding...that's so awesome!


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