Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Caught in a truth

Last weekend I was surrounded by 25 women in one of their homes. It was loud, a bit chaotic but a lot of fun. Among the 25, I knew 2, and really 1 of the 2 I knew more than as an acquaintance. As I’m talking with all of them, socializing and doing what I do, a 12 year old girl came over and started talking to me.

She reminded me a lot of my niece so we talked about jewelry, school and age..believe it or not. Bless her heart, she showed shock when I told her I was 30.

Once she walked away, an older woman was standing beside me and I mumbled half to myself half to her, ‘she is such a cutie.’ That’s when the woman told me she was her Grandmother. I had a moment of panic, replaying what I said, figuring if I said something nice or not (it was chaotic, so the brain was running a little slow) but I was relieved I in fact said a compliment.

It was in that moment it occurred to me just how careful I need to be with my words. What if I said something unpleasant about the girl (though there wasn’t anything unpleasant about her)? But what if the baby that was getting passed around was getting on my nerves and I let something slip with someone standing near? Or another woman…anyone.

You never know who is around you. But more so, you never can be certain who knows who when you’re talking about someone {whether its good or bad}.

We all know its best to keep certain comments to ourselves. It doesn’t benefit anyone to talk down about someone, but we’re human and things slip out, sometimes before we can even stop them from tumbling past our lips.
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I know from experience.

After that night, I realized how loose my lips had been about that certain person I’ve replaced at work. Mind you, I’m not saying anything mean, rude or nasty. Only facts about how she was “running” the company, but I’ve been rather vocal about it.

This office had only had me there (at the time) for 2 days and I was openly talking about how wrong she was doing things, and what’s bad is that office is brick and the voice carries no matter how quiet you get. So I know, I wasn’t being cautious as I should because truthfully, I don’t know where these co-worker’s loyalties lie. But I can tell you, its not with me.

I’ve been reckless. It took me saying a kind word about a girl to the unsuspecting Grandmother for me to realize it.

Many times people will pretend they don’t know the person you’re talking about or even pretend they don’t like them in order to get your ‘dirt’. I’ve done it before, so I know there are others who do it with far better skill than me.

Think about holding your tongue if a stranger is annoying you. Their spouse could be right behind you, or the mother.
Search your heart if you find yourself always criticizing others or putting them down. You don’t gain anything by insulting others, it only serves to paint you in an ugly light, and who wants to be in the ‘ugly light’?

Psalm 141:3
Set a guard, OH LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

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Ashley said...

Em, this post was a smack in the face for me! I seriously need to do better at keeping my mouth shut! I often struggle with this at work...when I complain about my boss or customers. It's so hard not to let frustration get the best of you sometimes, but I have to pray throughout the day for the Lord to give me strength.

Lisa said...

WOW!!! Great CHOOSEday post was also about the tongue although mine was from a different angle. Having read your post I know I have so much more work to do.......

The Heart Of A Woman said...

So good and so true! I have a hard time thinking before I speak a lot of days!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Yes to this post! I LOVE the picture/quote you used for it. I might have to keep it to look at for future reference.

I'm glad that the moment that made you realise that you need to be more careful about what you say was a good one. I'm glad it wasn't "I said that the little girl was annoying to her grandmother". Did that make sense? Anyway, hope things are going well with work!

Megan said...

Ohhh yesssss, I totally need to be more careful with my tongue. The devil is SO SO good at provoking us to speak quickly and evilly. Pause: I didn't even know that evilly was a word?! Anyway, great post! We could all benefit from watching our mouths a little more. God says that whatever is in our hearts, will come out through our mouths.

Katie said...

Gosh...I can always stand to be more careful with my tongue. With the new job {its new situations that always make us more aware, right?} I've found myself being careful from the getgo as I feel out the new 'environment.' But really, my standards for the words I use should be high enough that I shouldn't have to feel out a place, huh?


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