Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chaos and madness

No one believed it would go smoothly and they were right.

As you remember Friday I talked about the fact the woman was getting fired and we were all nervous how it would go down. Well, it didn’t go well. Not well at all.

Word on the streets is she flipped out. Like really flipped out. The manager still shudders every time she tells me how horrible it went, always shaking her head sadly saying, ‘oh it was bad. really really bad.’

I am so thankful I didn’t work in the new office the first 2 days this week, because there were a few people who were very upset over it. To the point of quitting they were so upset by it. But they were talked down from the ledge and are staying..for now.

Can you imagine me walking in Monday morning all perky, bright eyed and bushy tailed saying good morning to everyone?! I would have been hated instantly since all they would have seen was me taking over this girl’s job and it being my fault for it.

So the uppity ups said a little something to help me with that.

They are saying (as I am too…lest I want to be left out to dry) that I’m not “taking over her position” but rather “helping out by temporarily covering until things get sorted out”.

Meaning: make it look {in everyone’s eyes} like I’m only swooping in to save the firing day by covering the position while things calm down…since I was working in the other office, of course.

Its kinda genius if you think about it. They’re making my transition into this new office 1000 times easier by doing this because if that office knew I was originally hired 2 months ago to do just this {take over her position} I would be hated!

Over time, after things calm down they’ll let everyone know that I’m working out smashingly {because really…I’m smashing at my job} and be asked to stay full time permanently. To which I’ll reply, ‘sure, now give me a $5 raise, thank you.’


With all that said, Wednesday was my first day there and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. At. all.

We discovered this woman was doing some shady things with the business. Big time shady, to the point of thousands of dollars worth of fines had anyone legal found out. And we (me included) had to sort it out, putting out potential fires all day long.

I don’t look forward to the days ahead of discovery. This doesn’t bode well at all and as if it was an omen, on my way to work yesterday, she drove past me. Really, what are the odds of us being at the same intersection at that exact time of day?

Slim, people..slim!

Did I also mention she came in Monday unannounced to get on the computer when no one was there but the receptionist? Yeeeah, no one knows what she did on there…

Here’s to an adventure!
                                                                                   safety helmet – check!

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meme-and-he said...

girl. this situation is straight up crazy. I am secretly loving reading about it, but that's because I don't have to face that office myself everyday! That lady is WACK. hopefully she settles down a little bit, or it sounds like she might end up in jail!

Lauren Lawson said...

That is creepy I have to say! Goodness! I think staying low key is a good idea :)

Lisa said...

Gosh you really are in the middle of your own soapie....I do hope though that things start to settle soon.

Wendy said...

Oh my! Your very own soap opera! Sounds like that girl is a little...ok, a LOT...crazy! Glad that they are transitioning you into the new position the way that they are, because any other way could have been a potential disaster! Good luck, lady!

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness! So that's how crazy office story's happen. Get some maze and be prepared for those office shootings. Haha. Kidding!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Promise to wear the helmet everyday and always!

Great thanks.


Jennifer Blair said...

Whoa, that is insane in the membrane! hehe. I remember my office days! So much drama! It sounds like that girl was super nuts. I'm glad things are working out well though!

PS: I hope your wedding went well! :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

hope you survive. ; ) i'm glad the people in charge have you covered!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Woah, work places are always so crazy! I just don't understand why there is always so much drama. You honestly spend such a big part of your life there that I don't understand those people that cultivate and seemingly enjoy drama.

My last workplace was mainly staffed by older ladies (in the 45+ age range) and it was the WORST!! Luckily they all liked me so it was fine for me but they were real b words (there is no other term for it!) to each other!

Ross said...

I don't miss the days of being in management at all. I can remember the days where I had to let people go and the pit in my stomach when I had to do it. I even had someone personally attack me! The drama was intense.


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