Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Instagrammed it

Haaaaaappy May!

There were parts of April that just didn’t want to let go, but May is here. Warmer days are coming more frequently for most of us. I 1/2 look forward to it…well, a little more than 1/2.

During April, I took part in the photo a day challenge again for kicks. Some days were a lot of fun to tap into my creativity as generally, I have very little.

IMG_1695photo (7)IMG_1714gblurIMG_1739IMG_1744IMG_1751IMG_1776IMG_1794IMG_1800

1. Your reflection- G-man’s going away picture. It has all his co-workers messages around the picture of the jet. I love to look at this picture and read the notes when I walk down my hall.
2. Color- pretty flower outside my apartment
3. Mail- sweet mail dear friends have sent me over the past few months
4. Someone who makes you happy- G-man…had to blur his face, it was quite visible as apposed to small instagram
5. Tiny- all those little people down below on one of my trips to HI
6. Lunch- unexciting and rather puny lunch of sugared peanut butter toast
7. Shadow- doing a little Capt. Morgan {don’t even drink the stuff}
8. Inside your wallet- my impression from my badge. I think I’m ready for a girly wallet now.
9. Younger you- I was 23 years old! Could I look more like a baby??!
10. Cold- …literally, I was cold walking to my car one morning.

April turned out to be a great month for me on many levels.. I’m finding I’m not wanting time to leave, however. I want to stay put because all this time is going by, and truth be told, it makes me sad in so many ways.

A little something I’m dealing with. Say la vie.

How’d your April turn out??

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LeAnna said...

I totally slacked on this challenge a few days in. I clearly can't keep up with anything. Loved your pics, though. Hard to believe it's May already. For me it seems like it was just Christmas!

Kristin said...

Loved your photos Emily! My April was a hectic one...some good some bad - can't complain, but happy to greet May! The possibility of a new beginning is always a welcome gift :-) Happy Tuesday!

Nicolle said...

I'm following you on IG now. I love all of your photos!

Lindsay said...

Loved all these photos! Is it sad that I can't even keep up with a daily photo challenge?

Daisy said...

These look great! I failed my challenge but we start again.

Michelle said...

You haven't changed one bit! Your 30 year old self, still looks like your 23 year old self. You must have good genes. Love ya!

Jennifer Blair said...

Yay! We finally have a sort of photo of g-man! :)

angie on maui said...

I laughed again when I saw your photo for Day 10 - best interpretation, ever! :)


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