Monday, April 30, 2012

A thankful me - 17

It’s the last day of the month!!! Can you believe it??! What will you do to celebrate?

Eat a hotdog?
Play a game?
Take a shower?

All good suggestions, I know. I’ll probably do 2 of the 3. I’ll let you guess which ones.

My weekend was pretty great. I did a little bit of this… {with SPF50 of course}
photo (10)
and a little bit of this… {slightly overcooked…}
photo (3)
Its chicken, in case you were wondering. From The Hungry Mouse.

This week, I’m thankful for:
- taking the time to delete almost 2000 pictures from my computer, freeing up all that space. I still have close to 3000 more to go through. I’ve deleted close to 4000 in the past couple months!
- getting some much needed vitamin-d over the weekend.
- making meals. Sometimes it doesn’t happen all that often.
- G-man sending me a joke in the middle of the night so I’d get it in the morning to cheer me up since I was down the night before.
- my glorious a/c that’s cooling down my apt. this very moment.
- people asking me to take their kids/family pictures. I also get to be the 2nd photographer for an upcoming wedding. I kinda ambushed the bride (whom I’d never met) with the original photographer to let me shoot and she agreed. I’m classy like that…forcing brides solely for my benefit. Well, she will get my pictures and of course I’m not charging. Ambushing pretty much requires it being free.
- beautiful pictures from G-man (double rainbow) This is his view from his front door.
Oh, I have a question for you photographers or anyone who’d have advice…how did you start telling friends that you’re charging for your photo sessions?

I was asked to do a friend’s family pictures and another friend’s kids’ pictures and they’ve known I haven’t charged in the past and have been ‘practicing’ on other friends, but I want to begin letting them know there’s a cost now….uummmm, how do I do that?

How’d your weekend’s go, everyone?

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Erin Pasillas said...

You can find lots of good advice on your last question by searching the boards on CM:) though most there will tell you if you charge you should be 'legal' and in business:)

You can always tell people that you are done 'portfolio building' for those types of session and there will now be a fee... Make up a contract so everything is clear:)

hannah love said...

What Erin said above is good.

I think if you start even with making a business card/portfolio website could help so they can read about who you are as a photographer.

its already the last day of the month! ahhhh

Tatiana said...

Em, that chicken looks amazing! I'm hungreezzz!
And yay for some much needed vit. D! It just looks like you're living the life!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! How sweet of your guy to send you a joke in the middle of the that.- Congrats on the second shooter job- no advice on the "letting people know you charge" bit - that's a toughy. I would tend to say, do what you have already booked for free now, and then send out an e-mail to friends, or post if you have a business FB page (which might be a good idea if you don't...for future announcements) what your new rates are going to be. Good luck!

Lauren said...

My grandmother and mother do photography. And they started just advertising their prices. Instead of having a direct conversation "I'm charging you" . They simply asked them to check out their FB page let them know what package they wanted :) It seemed to go smoothly.

Love your take on ambushing the bride! Made me chuckle! Happy Blogging!


Tabitha Mahoney said...

I love that food blog, oh food blogs is it bad that I'd rather look at a food blog than a fashion one? Fat kid right here! And here lol.


Megan said...

That rainbow picture? Amazing!! And seriously, kinda awkward to ask for money now, but you need to!! It's hard work! And your pictures are amazing!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

okay, so i get paid for weddings and people offer to pay me for their sessions. you must have some cheap friends. lol. just kidding! you could mention as you are setting up the time and place, that there is a small fee for your time. and small is relative. compared to big time photogs it would be small. i charge between $50-100 based on the family, how many people, how much time the session will take and how busy i am. i am no expert though!

Rachel said...

Let us know what you do with the's a really tough call especially with friends. I guess if you set up a brand and business then it's easier for people to see the change, rather than you just having to announce that you're charging.

That rainbow picture is lovely...what a good view from his front door!

~Lisa said...

I wish I were closer so you could take my pictures! :) I really need some new ones. As for charging, set up a mini blog so that way when they ask, they can go to your site and see the prices.

Nicolle said...

I have about 10,000 pictures I need to delete from my computer. I'm usually really organized, but I have procrastinated over this for so long.

I thought you were already a paid photographer. Your photos are so beautiful. That is a hard one. I used to do it on the side for a little money. I had a friend who knew I took money for it, but still would call up and ask me to do her kids birthdays, Christmas pics, etc, and didn't pay. That's a touch subject. My only advice is to maybe do these people's for free one last time, but set up a website and get business cards. Tell them you are happy to do theirs one more time b/c you have done them for free in the past, but that it has now turned into a business for you...then give them your info. That might make it pain free for you! :)

Katie said...

mmmm...vitamin d. We could all use more of that in our lives! :) I'm so excited for your photography opps...can't wait to see more pictures. And NO advice on the whole tell them you're charging thing...I'm a sucker for letting people take advantage of me. No good!


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