Thursday, April 26, 2012

…and then there was egg

Well, I’ll be if there isn’t egg on my face. Who wants to guess what I did last night…last night after writing all about what shouldn’t be done on the blog yesterday???

I was among friends (which totally justifies it) and was telling a story (to seal the justification) and a story wouldn’t be complete without unnecessary backstories about a person they’ll never meet.

I did say at the end, that I really should stop writing out my sins for the world to see because it just seems to make me want to do them more..which, isn’t that always the case? Your faults and shortcomings are brought to your attention to be rectified only to make you want to do them just a little bit more for a little bit longer?

The bad funny side of me wants to say that it was a great story…just ask my friends. They were laughing up a storm..and believe me when I say it wasn’t at the person, but at my superior story telling skills about my day. Cause that was the main theme: my day.

I’m still justifying this. Bad Emily!

I intended to roll into a post today that would have been brilliant. Angels would have sang at my insight, but then I told my ‘story’ and figured this was more fitting of a rolling.

Speaking of mimicking new groups of people…when I was young and oh so impressionistic read:18 I got this new job where everyone cussed. It wasn’t long before I was swearing up a storm, saying every word but 3. You know, the really bad words. Those I wouldn’t say but everything else was fair game. I started to think I was cool cause I was just like them.

I remember at one point I was talking to my brother and said a cuss word and he stopped me saying it just made me ugly. It gave me pause but all I thought of was, ‘guys say it, so why be so hypocritical.’ and continued my swearing.

1 1/2 years later those words would flow like any other word in my vocabulary and then one day I was driving with my mom and I swear (ha) that I will never forget this moment; I pulled out of the parking lot to get onto the busy street and didn’t see a car coming from my left. A word just came out as I slammed on the breaks. I never would swear in front of my mom, I always made sure, but this moment, I was so far gone in my control of cussing that it slipped in her presence.


From that moment on I stopped cussing. I went cold turkey. It wasn’t easy and truth be told, I’ve said some words since (I did work in a prison after all…I’m bound to be forced to repeat a bad word for a report) but I don’t anymore.

I feel free from it. Its like it’s a daily challenge to think outside that little box of cuss words to say something with flare instead.


Now, for the questions:
Do you swear and what’s your opinion on it? Not a big deal? Or does it bother you that you do it?

What’s your take when you hear women swear?

Do you think guys get an easier ‘out’ to swear than girls?

Have you had a bad habit that you’ve just had to quit cold turkey? And did it work?

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

I swear sometimes...but for the most part I try to use "nicer" words. ;-) It's not something I'm proud of.

meme-and-he said...

I don't swear, but its mostly because I never picked up the habit. I don't feel like I am "above" it or anything...although I don't really like hearing it. What bothers me most is when I can tell people are swearing just because they think it makes them sound cool. That really digs under my skin. But truth be told, there are some situations that just simply call for a swear word, and I don't judge that one bit.

the blogivers said...

Yes, I swear when I'm angry - but I hate that I do it! I think it's unattractive when anyone does it, be it male or female. Yes, sometimes it can be funny and not as offensive when used appropriately, but I generally think the world would be a better place without it!

As for bad habits I quit cold turkey, the only one I can think of is drinking soda. I realized it was making me gain weight my freshman year of college (along with a lot of crap that I was eating), so I cut it out cold turkey. I don't remember having withdrawals or anything, and the first time I tried it several months after quitting, I thought it was disgusting.

Ok, sorry for the novel of a comment ;)

Rachel said...

I sometimes swear when I really get angry and it usually signals when I have totally lost my self control.
I'm not proud of it and I know my husband hates it so it's something I try to work on.

I was brought up never to swear so like the commenter above it's just not something that I really think of in daily conversation.
I don't really like to hear Christians swearing - I think it's unattractive for both men and women.

hannah love said...

I rarely swear.... only when it's really really really "I'm about to die" cold outside. I don't know why! But I don't like hearing it for some reason. It makes me feel uncomfortable... whether it's people around me or in a movie or in a song.
good questions!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I curse, but then I work in a mostly male environment, I didn't cuss before joining, and then there were times during where I didnt, but on occasion certain words express exactly what I'm feeling lol.

I think ultimately whether you're saying "pooh head" or "shit head" they're both negative and neither one will make you sound any more classy than the other. There will always be "short cuts" like "shoot" for "shit or damm" but your meaning is still the same.

You know?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of the "big" swear word, as I think it makes anyone who uses it (male OR female), unattractive. I do however, have a tendency to laugh at the word, "ass." I don't know why, but that word just cracks me up!

I really do watch my mouth, but I've been known to drop the "d" word and few other choice expletives when I stub my toe or do anything else that causes me physical pain. When I'm hurting, Golly-gee-whiz just doesn't cut it. Know what I mean?

LeAnna said...

I think crap is about as swear-wordy as I get. I told my brother to "suck it" (meant to say "suck it up" but I was kinda ticked at him) the other day and felt SO convicted, haha! I tend to refer back to the scripture in the Bible about letting our yes be yes, and our no be no. Also, where it talks about taking the Lords name in vain. I don't read that as literal, but rather from the viewpoint of this: When we become Christians, or like Christ, we are grafted into the family of God. Just like an adopted person takes on the name of their adopted family, or a woman takes on the name of her new husband, we are to take on the name as Christ's followers. And when we do, we are transformed and changed into His image. We take on His name. When we are NOT allowing ourselves to be transformed, or we continue to live the lifestyle of that which was before us, we've done nothing more than take on his name in vain. In either Proverbs or Psalms it says that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Also there is a scripture that talks about how a water well cannot bring forth fresh and bitter waters. What is inside spills out, good or bad. There are many who have come to Christ after a lifestyle of profanity, and vulgarness. They aren't immediately cured after accepting Him, but through proper faith and trust in what Jesus has done, they can become victorious over any habit. And I know many who have!

sandi said...

i don't like to hear anyone use foul language regardless of gender especially when my children are present. that being said, there are some situations that just call out for words ~ a hammer hitting the finger being the top one! taking the Lord's name in vain is off the list... maybe i should try to take buddha's name in vain! my husband's word is crap. however when you hear even something like that come out of a child's mouth it sounds much much different. so he is trying to figure out a new word.

the other day i hung up the phone and said, "such a stupid blah blah blah" to keep from saying anything else. my seven year old immediately said, mommy said the "s" word. yes, that is the "s" word... at least for now!

Lauren said...

It bothers me. I don't think its necessary. For me it ruins my witness to others as a Christian.

I too had a HORRIBLE problem with this as a teen. I thought I was so cool. I then became convicted that I wasn't really being a good example for those around me. Whether its a man or woman I think it makes them look ignorant. It doesn't compliment ANYONES personality no matter who they are or claim to be.

There has to be a better way to express yourself. :) Thats my 2cents on the subject.

New follower!

Megan said...

I just think that cuss words make people SO unattractive. I loved LeAnna's comment and I really don't think there is anything that I would add. Thank goodness I have never been tempted to cuss.

~Lisa said...

Okay, if I'm to be honest-I don't think swearing is appropriate for anyone. My mom always says that people who swear didn't grow up in a good home and they don't have a large vocabulary. So I have never been one to swear and the same with my brothers. Not only is it to be kind to everyone but it's out of respect for the home that I grew up in.


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