Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Turn that leaf over

People, I’ve turned over a new leaf! Please have a seat as I explain the amazingness that I am now.

I walked the 1/4 mile to the high school track to workout! Oh my word, I did! I didn’t drive it like I always do…I walked!!

Can we all just pause a moment to soak in the magnitude of this statement?! – NO? ok, fine.

I realize a 1/4 mile is really pathetic to drive each and every time I wanted to workout, but I blamed it on the concrete..and the cold (and then the heat)..and the fact that if I wanted to workout before and after I actually planned on working out, then I would..but I don’t. Let’s be real.

But this whole stupid $4.29 a gallon junk is keeping me from driving around all willy nilly. I’m a willy nilly driver, guys! And now, I can’t be. I walk to the post office 5 blocks away now. (those are big blocks, okay?!) I no longer drive it. I figure that if I’m going into an adjoining city, to do more than the one errand, so I’ll conserve on gas.

I still drive fast(er), so my mpg isn’t where it could be, but I believe in baby steps and sacrifices.
Ok, so the leaf might not be completely turned. All in good time, I suppose.


A gentle reminder that one week from today is the link up for the self portraits. A few of you have jumped on board, there’s plenty of time if you’re wanting to have fun with us..only with yourself since we won’t be there, but you get the idea. I’m getting more and more excited to see everyone’s pictures next Wednesday! ..and yes, more and more nervous of doing mine. {tis true}

If you’re wanting to know what kind of poses you should do, check out this website. It offers great ideas on poses.
via Digital Photography School

Awhile back I did a friend’s family pictures and can’t wait to show them, for now here’s their absolutely beautiful adorable lovable daughter. She’s my favorite..she’s everyone’s favorite, actually!

Since I can’t decide between the color and black and white, I’ll let you decide which you prefer most. I love them both!
her lashes…I covet.


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Wendy said...

I think I need to start walking more too. The price of gas is definitely motivation!

Both pictures are adorable! I love, love, love B&W photos, so I think that one's my favorite.

Have an awesome day! :)

meme-and-he said...

those little things will make a big difference, I bet you will be able to tell!! good job :)

GreenGirl said...

I confess...I OFTEN drive down the hill to go jogging with's probably 1/4 mile as well.
but in my defense... a VERY steep hill! LOL!
you made me feel a bit better about myself though...
Have an amazing Easter!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Great pictures! That little girl is so precious!

Daisy said...

You are too much! Love that your a willy nilly driver but I agree on the gas prices. Madness!

I like the color one better :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

okay, go YOU!

and, the ideas for self portraits and the posing website are both genius. go you, again!

ummm.... i have the most terrible time choosing color or black and white. i like b&w when there is a touch of sun that makes the light stand out more. make sense? anyways, it is a hard hard choice... i pick color!

LeAnna said...

I wish we lived close enough to walk to something other than another neighborhood. We could walk to a small playground, but would have to cross 4 lanes of traffic on a dangerous highway. Probably not a good idea. Did you know my Hubby has put 17,000 miles on his truck since last summer? That's just driving local, it hadn't been out of state until we went to Texas earlier this week. Ridiculous!

I have a hard time deciding black and white/color, so I usually give the client both. 'Cause I'm so sweet and all. I think the color is my favorite favorite here, though.

LeAnna said...

Also, on that website of poses, I totally guffawed over the one with the model groping her boob. Yes, guffawed. You're welcome.

Lindsay said...

Good for you! I could use some exercise too... haha

Sienna said...

i'm obsessed with walking everyone--it's partly why I love europe so much, and i lived in NYC for a while so you just get used to that way of life.

honestly love both pictures...maybe the b and w though

Megan said...

Ummm, I don't walk anywhere. I'd be too scared. Haha. I'm a chicken!


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