Monday, April 2, 2012

A thankful me - 13

Its Aaapppppppppppriiiiiiiiillll!!!!! Can I get an AMEN!!

What was it about March that was!?!?! I was doing my best, but darn! that was a rough month! Now I can happily wait a whole year before experiencing it again.

Something good that came out of March.

Before I get to the nitty gritty,  I have to get you guys to look at something. My friend’s friend’s kid (still with me?) had her first birthday and my friend’s pictures are up on her blog. I thought they were great until I scrolled to the last and about lost myself. Maybe its just me, but darn if I didn’t see it coming. Clever I say…oh so clever.

Check it out and then come speeding back…cause, you still got more to read!
{if you wanna follow her blog, go to the very bottom of her page..she has the best pictures and is a hoot and a holler!}

So about that thanks. I’m thankful for a butt load. yeah, seriously said a butt load…

- 1 1/2 year old chocolate. Its been a serious lifesaver these past few weeks, gnawing on these things every night. Although word to the wise…snickers..not so good over time.
photo (9)
- controlling flyaway and snapped hair by stopping the towel rubbing and brushing of the wet hair. I’ve heard this before, but never cared until I couldn’t take the flyaways and viola! my hair has been tame and even has a nice wave to it. {the vlog I did was air dried no combed hair…you’re welcome}
- LeAnna telling me that if I buy and read a book within 7 days on Amazon, I can return it for a full refund. Ummm, thank you Hunger Games for free!
- Erin always always helping me out with my editing in PSE9. That stuff is tough, guys!! And good ol’ Erin is ALWAYS to my rescue with step by step tips, advice and CC (constructive criticism).
- making a profit off an ex-con. Oh yes I did!! Money exchanged hands and it never felt so good….{because of the profit.} Stay with me here!
- selling my pull up bar off of Craigslist to a couple where the guy just got out of prison. (don’t know what you guys were thinking a second ago…I ain’t no dirty cop!)
- baby E being released from the hospital. He has some therapy to do but is doing and looking really good!
- the “safety” of my guns. …more on that later this week.

So, to recap:
I’ve given you 3 chances to check out my friend Erin’s blog.
Money, guns and inmates were all mentioned in one day.
Not to mention “free” books, chocolate, unfrizzed hair and a healing baby.

…did I miss anything??

what about you?

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Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

You are so FUNNY!!!

meme-and-he said...

so glad baby E is doing better!

Megan said...

I totally need some unfrizzed hair!! How do I do it?! It would take ten years for mine to air dry.

Daisy said...

This is hilarious! So you just admitted to two crimes. Haha! Kidding! Free stuff is the best.

hannah love said...

you have a really funny blog. i like how real you are!

btw... are kit kats ok after 1.5 years??

*new follower here*

Kristin said...

I totally busted out Reese's from Christmas the other day!

denise* paper angels said...

your life is like a billion times more interesting than mine, haha!x

carissa at lowercase letters said...

so you read the hunger games? what did you think? if you already told me, forgive me. i'm in a daze because i have a crummy cold.

and thanks leanna for that info. sweet! but wait, does it have to be a kindle version? because i only read paper books. because i don't have a kindle. i need details. thanks, in advance. : )

angie on maui said...

WOAH! I found my way to Erin's blog - I don't know how that happened, it's not like I was prompted in any way ;) - and I am totally amused by that awesome photo shoot! I was all smitten by the adorable baby and the beautiful cake (not to mention the quality and lighting in the photo), but the last photo really blew me away. Who woulda thunk it?

And 1.5 year old chocolate? 8-|

Email me your address...I would love to send you some fresh chocolate! xoxo

Erin Pasillas said...

How did I JUST read this?! I'm so humbled;) you're too sweet!!!


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