Friday, April 20, 2012

Calling all cars!

I need your help!

I’m on the quest for a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding in August. The criteria…

- at the knee or above
- champagne/blush color
- a sort of chiffon fabric with detail, but not print
- trendy

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not trendy! so this is actually pretty hard. The wedding will be outside in Carmel, to give you an idea of setting.

Here are some of the other bridesmaids choices. Not choices I would ever choose for myself, ever, but clearly this shows what I need to gravitate toward (and I use that term so very loosely) to blend it properly.


I think this one is still up for approval from the bride…

79510470_largevia Dorothy Perkins

via RiverofRomancek

So now you know what I’m working with and just how much help I need. If you have good websites, please send them my way! I haven’t shopped for a nice dress in years! and haven’t been in a wedding since I was 18! So again, I. need. your. help!!!

Here’s what I imagine. I think its on a cliff, so it’ll be windy. I definitely want to stay away from anything that will blow up providing a peepshow for the unsuspecting guests. Maybe they’d suspect it, but I’d rather just let the focus stay on the bride and groom and not whether or not I matched my underwear to the dress.

Thank you in advance for your help! Pin It Now!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Dorothy Perkins all the way...that's a gorgeous dress!!

Lindsay said...

I love both your choices! Check out the website I work for Although, there are THOUSANDS of dresses and you might get a little overwhelmed, but it's my job to help. :)

sandi said...

i adore the dorothy perkins one... modest with an audrey hepburn flare. the second one is also nice but might offer a peep show opportunity if it is as flowy as it appears. the two already choosen might look nice on the young ladies but are not quite my style either.

Laura Elizabeth said...

I hear people talk about on blogs all the time. They seem to have some cute dresses on offer.

As to the dresses you picked, I personally liked the second one better. BUT if it's windy, that one may be challenging. And there's nothing wrong with the first one. It looks beautiful. I just know it looks quite fitted and if it were me, I would spend the whole wedding sucking in my gut. Although I;m sure you wouldn't have that problem, haha!!

Natalie said...

hmm... I'm not sure the Perkins dress would "go" or compliment the first two that the other bridesmaids are wearing are more "flowy" in their style. So I'd go for the RiverofRomaneck. Maybe this one would fit the criteria. It's a bit like the Perkins, but doesn't seem as "stiff": Just an idea. Or you could look and see if Lace Affair has anything:

meme-and-he said...

definitely dorothy perkins, especially once you mentioned the wind. That dress isn't going anywhere.

Jossie said...

Um, I'm offended. Were't you in my wedding when you were 22? Sniff, sniff :-)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that last one is seriously amazing! That one is already chosen?


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