Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Past the expiration date

What’s your limit?

How far would you go past the date? The date of pasta? Almonds? Canned goods? …milk? Would you go 2 years past the almonds expiration date and still use them? 8 months past the canned goods’ date?

10 days past the milk’s expiration?

If I told you I used almond slivers that’s 2 year’s past their expiration date in my steel cut oatmeal every morning would that gross you out? Or that I’ve slowly used walnuts in my freezer for the past…uhh, 5 1/2 years? Or that I’ve drank milk 10 days past its due date?

..maybe I shouldn’t say this one… I’ve accidentally left steak I wanted to thaw on the counter, overnight and discovered it in the morning… and ate it that night. {I did put it in the fridge that morning}

I’ve pushed the envelope a lot with foods. I’ve rinsed off black beans that were getting slimy, when I was really hurting for money and needed every bit of food I had to last. I’ve gotten in the habit of smelling my half and half, my milk, and all my foods once I see they’re past the due date and if they’re fine, I’ll keep using them until a) I’ve used them all up or b) I start smelling a funk. It’s a habit now.

Thank goodness I have a good sense of smell!! Sometimes, I miss the mark and it won’t be until it gets in my mouth, do I realize its bad.

…have I thoroughly grossed you out?

Are you one, regardless of whether its good still, if the date says its time, toss it?

I do draw the line on some things. Old cake.. won’t eat that, and I’d say moldy bread, though I’ve accidentally eaten that.. tastes.awful! So I always carefully inspect each piece before eating it.

Someone tell me I’m not alone on ignoring expiration dates!


Also, my older, little sister is on the brink of springing this baby of hers! 4cm dilated all week long, so if you could pray her “I choose to keep the name a secret from everyone including my one and only sister” baby comes out before Friday, that would be much appreciated… because I’ll finally know her name she’ll finally have her baby girl to hold.

What have you dared to do with foods? Spill the beans. You can confess to me if you’ve eaten something that was questionable. I’ll be your support group.

{{UPDATE!!}} She went into labor this morning!!

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Naomi Elle said...

um. tried using old buttermilk yesterday. couldn't make myself do it, because buttermilk already smells weird. So the smell test was pointless. ;)

And my sis is pregnant, too. Due in April with baby #4. They got so many differing "opinions" on baby names after the first baby that they keep it secret 'til birth now. We're always chatting about baby names and she gave me a long list of the possibilities. I have a few that I'm *pretty sure* are the real options, so I'm happy. :D

sandi said...

yea about your sister being in labor. i love being an aunt!

with three growing children and a hungry husband, we don't toss much food. i don't even look at yogurt expirations dates (when it is on sale i will buy up to 48 individual containers) knowing five are eaten every day! i too keep walnuts and other nuts in the freezer to prolong the freshness. milk is bought 3-4 gallons at a time, but i know it will be gone long before the expiration date.

i did find a cucumber that was slimy at the bottom of the drawer last week... i had to toss that. i guess the 15 pound bag of carrots on top of it was just too much!

you taught me something today. i did not know canned goods had an expiration date. don't buy too many of them, even the family sized cans usually are not enough. so it's either fresh or frozen for us.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Ok we can't be friends anymore. Just kidding. I would totally use nuts and canned goods that were out of date. The milk... Nope couldn't do that one or the steak. I will be praying for your sis and sweet baby!


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