Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mentally prepare your mind

…for a toes picture. This isn’t your, ‘oh look at my cute pedicure and be jealous’ pictures… this is ‘ugh!! look at my crappy “professional” pedicure I paid a lot of money for’ pictures!!

I don’t get it. How hard is a french pedicure…really?
photo (14)

{what you’re seeing is correct, my toes and feet still swell after almost 2 years since my surgery}

The past 4 pedicures I got were horrible.. and I’m just going to say it.. they were all by white people. I think its safe to say, I will do everything in my power to not see a white manicurist anymore. They just aren’t cutting the mustard.

I even pointed out a mistake to her to fix last night, and she kept asking “where?”, so I got in close, and pointed it out and she said she didn’t see any mistakes.. *_*

It was futile at that point, so I stopped, paid and headed out since I had to rush to my tanning appointment.. yes, I got another spray tan. I’m going to Mexico after all! I can’t be all pasty Casper white! Especially since I don’t plan on baking in the sun.. high skin cancer risk in my family and all.

My tanning lady did a great job. I actually look natural, where all the others would put like the Jamaican tan on me and I’d walk out with an accent. {kidding} but I would be pretty dark.

But yesterday was a crazy day! A crazy day of dumping money. 3 new tires anyone? I wanted to cry. Spending that much money on tires isn’t as fun as say spending it on new clothes, or shoes, or going on a trip! {yes, I realize how superficial that sounds}

Then of course there was my sister. She was in labor! that poor thing. I won’t give too much, since she hasn’t really given me the clear, nor is it my story to tell, but she endured intense labor from 2am until they took her for a c-section at 6pm to deliver her sweet baby. And I have to hand it to my amazing sister for enduring the entire labor with no pain medications. She has now set the bar high for me when my time comes.

Yes, I just admitted that. I’m a competitive person, I’ve learned to accept it.

~so you aren’t left with a toe image in your mind~


Happy 1 day old, my sweet new niece!

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Naomi Elle said...

you forgot the most important part!! WHAT IS THE BABY's NAME?! ;) :D lol. And your poor little toes. The picture made my feet hurt in sympathy.

sandi said...

and her name is ____________?

Tatiana said...

Here is a lesson. The less english they know, the better your manicure will look. You are welcome.
And yay for a new niece. Your sis sure is a strong lady bc that ish hurts yo!

Behold the Metatron said...

Ugh.... this reminds me of my botched hair experience. :o(



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