Monday, February 11, 2013

“shoe” me the way

I’m so glad its Monday. You know why? Because a week from today, I’ll be sitting on my couch, well after 8, in my pj’s, under my flannel blanket next to the fireplace still sipping my coffee. 3 day weekend, I eagerly wait for you.

So many things happened over the weekend, I can’t even tell you all.. but I will tell you this. At some point I’ll learn my lesson. I posted a picture on IG over the weekend, looking for (I’ll admit) some sympathy. A woman flat out told me my shoes were ugly and that I should go buy new, more interesting shoes. I was pretty deflated. Me and the others all looked down at my black flats in sadness. One girl said, ‘well they look comfortable.’ but we all know that’s just code for ‘ugly’, so it didn’t really help.
photo 1 (10)
Thing is, they really are comfortable. Not only that, they’re some of the few pairs that I can actually wear. I’ve had 6 surgeries on my feet and I’m incredibly limited in what can go on them. Flats or sandals or even flip flops are very tricky and difficult to find because my feet are hyper sensitive from all the nerve damage.

I have a pair of {once} really nice Italian leather boots. They’re slouchy, flat, and incredibly comfortable. But they’re falling apart. The lining on the inside has torn completely away and I have to grab it, in order for my foot to slip past it. The heels are separating from the back of the shoe and its embarrassing wearing them knowing people can see them falling apart, but I haven’t been able to find another pair of boots that my feet can stand being in for long periods of time, so I continue wearing them.

I still have a lot of issues with my feet. There are times nothing and I mean nothing can touch them. They swell, burn from the inside, ache, throb, and give off some really great sharp pains, and as much as I would love to have more interesting pretty shoes…even heels, I can’t. And I hate it. I don’t feel pretty in flats. I feel like I can’t walk pretty anymore like I used to. I don’t glide, I clod hop now and it makes me cringe seeing my reflection as I’m walking.

I explained to this woman that I’ve had surgeries which keeps me from wearing ‘nicer’ shoes, and she even went so far as to get her cheetah flats 1 whole size too big, for me to wear, but her like many others, don’t quite get it.

Now, in case you noticed, I took the IG picture off because there is a chance she may find me on IG and see all that I said, along with others, and well, I should know better than to talk about others so openly like I did. I know I’m bringing it up here, but its more so to explain where I am with my feet’s recovery and the stuff I have to deal with and accept with my feet. It hurt my feelings and it certainly wasn’t called for, especially in the manner she said it, but I shouldn’t have said what I said on IG.

I joked yesterday that I was going shopping for new shoes, which I did, only I bought sneakers..because you know, I can wear those.. there were so many pair of amazing boots and pumps I wanted to wear. I even tried some on and before I could even stand up from the chair, my foot was in pain. So I gave up and moved onto far better things. Clothes! 2 tops, a sweater and a pair of black pants later, I was set and happy.
photo 2 (6)

Have you had to give something up due to a medical issue?

How did your weekend fair?

I should also say that this s’more brownie bake also helped dull the pain..yum times a thousand! Graham cracker crust, brownie with toasted marshmallows on top. Someone make this for me now!
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Laura said...

How rude of someone to just make a comment about your shoes like that. I wouldnt have known what to say in response! I also have problems with my feet and need surgery on both of them but I'm afraid. I also have big feet which makes it difficult to find cute shoes in my big and wide size.... plus after having a baby your feet change more so - yea - fun. I mostly wear sneakers and ugly, but comfortable sandals like Teva's... why? Because that's what's comfortable and at the end of the day if your feet hurt, your whole body will hurt. Sorry someone said that to you.

sandi said...

her momma did not raise her right! i was searching for the photo before reading you took it down. if you like your current shoes enough (your boots) you can have an expert cobbler re-sole them. my husband does that with his shoes. he is in a suit/tie industry so his shoes are nice quality (read: expensive). instead of buying new ones we just have the soles replaced. as long as the material on top still looks nice they will look brand new. just a suggestion.

hmmm, did i ever give up something for a medical issue? yes but not talking about it here and another yes ~ cute bikini's due to three children! but i consider them worth it. plus i like modest bathing suits better now anyways!

Lauren said...

Ugh, one of my biggest peeves is when people do not stop and think about what they are saying. Everyone has story and things they deal with and reasons why they do certain things. So its best to keep your mouth closed if its not nice or uplifting. I'm sorry she was rude. And I promise when I say those shoes are cute I'm telling the truth. I would love find a cute pair of flats that felt great. I have a horrible time finding shoes. My feet are wide and long so cute shoes are ALWAYS hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Well that's rude - and what is wrong with those shoes anyway? They are just black flats! Next time you find a really great pair of shoes just buy 2. That way when you've completely worn out one pair, you'll have another pair waiting in perfect condition! Sorry to hear about the not so nice people :(



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