Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog happy

I’ve been pretty happy these past couple days, and its been kinda fun. I realize Monday’s post wasn’t the most uplifting, but I blame writing it on Sunday as the reason, though Sunday really was a good day too. Ok, I blame my choice of topic. I never said I was the best decision maker…though I feel like I have said that and ultimately feel like I am.

hmmm, conundrum.

My point is I think we should make it a point to blog when we’re happy {duh}, because everyone knows and can read you’re happy which ultimately will make them happy {its scientifically proven}.

Monday, my co worker and I had the case of the giggles. Its rare, not gonna lie, but when we start talking about men incapable of making it into the toilet at work and us having to be the one that see and/or clean it up, it just starts a round of giggling to the point of laughing because we’re laughing and then we can’t breathe and our co workers looking at us like we’re insane as we turn a dark shade of red from lack of air.

It was awesome.

That lasted all day long.

..the laughing..not the cleaning up of ‘bad aim’.

Tuesday, I was on a bit of a high. {not that kind of high} Thinking something wasn’t going to happen, then finding out that morning it was going to happen, and arranging all the arrangements to make it officially happen and darn if it wasn’t cool having it all fall into place!

Then {this is my geeky side} I decided to rent a 24-105L lens for our trip to Mexico so I wouldn’t have to lug around my 5 pounder zoom lens plus my primes and I was able to rent it for 7 extra days FREE!! This had me all sorts of excited. One because this lens (by what I hear) is totally awesome and great for traveling and two because 7 days extra free means I get to play with it at home before giving it back. And it was A-fordable!

Speaking of Mexico, I.cannot.wait! Just a few short weeks away!

I have yet to dive into all my photos from my time with my entire family but here’s an outtake as I was working quickly with 10 kids for an impromptu ‘grandkids’ shot.

I’m sure she’ll love this when she’s older. A total framer, if you ask me.
#11 (staying warm in sister’s belly behind the kids) will be making her debut in the next couple of weeks.

What’s got you happy these days? How often do you blog happy?

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My-cliffnotes said...

So cute I love action shots

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Thank you for this happy post!!! I can tell you will be a great mommy one day. You are always taking tons of pictures of the kiddos, which I love!

Landry has made me happy these days with her smiles and each day she is making new coos.


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