Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birds of a feather

Say it with me… flock together. very nice!

So eons ago, I went with my friend 1 1/2 hours out into the sticks to photograph birds. Because, why not!? And by eons ago, I mean 4 weeks ago. Crazy how time is zooming by..March what?

She bought my old camera from me that day and we had to go play, so we hopped in her truck and made our way to the Wetland Preserve where the Cranes migrate this time of year. And not just a couple cranes, but thousands upon thousands every single night. The noise they make is something else. The little town is called Pixley and they actually have a crane on their sign. Whenever I was driving to L.A, I always would see the sign and wonder what it was all about and now I can say I know.

And lucky you, so can you now!
After we parked we had to walk a good mile to the lookout, and we waited…and waited. Apparently the cranes only begin to fly over us and into the wetlands at a precise moment as the sun sets, and sure enough, at the most random hour {to me} they began to fly over.

Ever seen the movie Birds? I was living in it for an hour. It was eerie and freaky and gave me the slight urge to break out into a run back to the truck.
Where they all flew into at the end of the night.
It was cold, the mosquitos formed a permanent residence directly above my head, and I was kicking myself for not bringing my zoom lens, but the birds didn’t poo on us once, and that made up for everything else.

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My-cliffnotes said...

They don't flock! ;)

Tatiana said...

The fact that you didn't get any bird crap on you is a true miracle in itself. But what a fun thing to do if you're into creepy scary movie stuff. Haha.

meme-and-he said...

beautiful photos! I have always found birds quite difficult to photograph, but of course, you pulled it off!

arielle elise. said...

Love these photos, Emily!! Very awesome. How are you enjoying the new camera? :)

Have a great week!


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