Monday, February 25, 2013

Raindrops on roses

Hello there. <—said like Julie Andrews. The song popped into my head as I waited for Windows Live Writer to load (best blogging program eveeeeer!) so it had to be incorporated into the post, though it has no relevance whatsoever.

My weekend was a mix of so many things. I almost got into a very bad car accident… and it would have been my fault.. never something you want to be your fault. Pulling out in front of car I didn’t see coming, while putting on my sunglasses (which kept me from looking left since I thought I was clear) left them blaring their horn at me and my heart beating a mile a minute.

I heard that horn repeated in my head for the next 30 minutes, it shook me that bad. I’m so thankful I escaped the wreck, and thankful that even though they were screaming at me, that they were paying attention when I wasn’t.

After, I raced to the clothing store to return a torn sweater, but forgot the receipt. urgh! Then raced to a day spa to have me some stuff done.


IF you get waxed, which do you prefer? Hard wax? Or soft wax w/strips?

I’m a hard wax girl. It works best on me, more gentle too. I called to make the appointment and I asked the girl 5 times if the esthetician used hard wax. First she said no, then changed it to yes every time. I stressed I didn’t want to come up there (35 minutes away) if she used strips. The girl assured me, she used hard wax. OK.

I walked into the room and the first thing I asked was if she used hard wax. Nope! I wasn’t happy, and the esthetician got to hear it. Long story short, she claimed she was very good at what she did, so I let her do her way. It was fine, but once was enough.

After her, I went to another girl to get my eyelashes tinted. First time ever getting it done and the only reason I did it was because going to Mexico next week, I don’t want to bother with mascara if I’ll be in the water and this would take care of it. Well, it stung..not just a baby sting, but full on, what the heck is happening, sting.. for 10 minutes straight. Apparently this isn’t normal (as my esthetician SIL told me) nor is it normal to have so much smudging below my eyes.

Goth Emily, anyone?
em107The girl did a sloppy job. Once I got home, I cleaned it all up and they look fine now…but once is enough. Then! I mentioned I need a hair stylist and she referred me to their one and only stylist in the salon. I talked to her and I’ve never had a more awkward conversation where the person didn’t listen to a word I said. I said no red or golden, she said red and golden. I said I want color that’s a rich chocolate and she said she’ll color it in the middle of red and golden.. and this went on for over 5 minutes. All I saw was oil and water.

My weekend had several good points too, lest you think I’m griping about it all. A lot revolves around breakfast food. I’ve been eating a lot of breakfast foods. Exploding omelet with way too many ingredients, is the way to go.
photo (30)
I also have to give a big huge thank you to Angie {and her husband} Phil for helping me with my first Vimeo upload. They held my hand, walking me through how to compress it and upload it to Vimeo, Thursday night. For pretty much 4 hours they helped me by answering all my questions, looking up tutorials, getting out their PC (since they’re Mac peeps) and being more than patient as I got it all worked out. They’re the sweetest ever.

I’m counting down the days to Mexico! 5 more days!!! Woot!

Happy Monday, my fellow friends!

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Claire said...

whew talk about a crazy spa experience! I've never gotten a wax ever but always wanted to (I'm a stay at home razor it up girl lol)! now I know that whenever I do go, it'll be hard wax for me :) Thanks for the tip ;) I have NEVER heard of eyelash tinting! Sorry it stung, but omg I would LOVE to get my eyelashes tinted! How long does it last? Mascara is my FAVORITE part of make up and wow would I love some permanence to it especially for vacations like you mentioned! And also... I'm coming off a stomach bug and haven't eaten more than a piece of toast in 48 hours and that omelette just made my stomach growl (good sign!) wishing it was in front of me right now!

Amanda Wissmann said...

MEXICO?!?! WEEEEEEE! How fun!!

Umm...SO glad you're OK! Thats super scary...

I have NEVER heard of getting your eyelashes tinted. What a fabulous idea! and P.S. Even Goth Em is adorable!

Happy Monday to YOU!

Lauren said...

See this is why I don't have my hair done often. I wax my own eyebrows. And dye my own hair. Crazay! I never get what I want.

That omelet looked delicious! Was that avocado I seen?? mmm...



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