Monday, May 28, 2012

A thankful me - 21

HI my buddies!! Its been so long, how have you all been?? Are we all enjoying this 3 day weekend as much as possible? I know I am. Lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep {and really weird dreams}.

My life has been crazy busy lately, hence the whole blog slacking. When dishes pile up for 4 days straight, you know this girl is busy, cause chica no likey dirty dishes. I’ve been doing my FT job followed by my little business I have at nights and weekends, that equals working 13-14 hour days. Talk about pooped! I haven’t had time for anything else.

But yesterday and today have been nothing but relaxing and its oh so nice.

This week, I’m thankful for:

- all who gave their lives so we can go on doing what we do daily
- my man being willing to sacrifice himself by being in the military
- having today off. It is beyond needed
- my busy schedule. It wears me out but I’m happy to have things to do whereas before, I did nothing
- helpful friends coming to my aide when I need them
- my new favorite necklace-Laguna, please say hi to everyone.
photo (26)
- knowing God is taking care of me and the ones I love. As if I ever should doubt
- a co worker giving me a Starbucks gift card as a thank you for helping them…even if it turned out to be a ‘re gift’
photo (27)
- baking hard ‘boiled’ eggs in the oven. Not sure why they had the brown stuff on them, but they turned out really good!! I did it for 325 for 30 minutes, but I think I’ll do 25 next time since the yoke had a small gray ring around it. This is so much easier than water. I always manage to overcook in water.
photo (29)

I have lots of topics that I look forward to talking with you guys about this week, so stay tuned!

Random question: I saw my neighbor’s front door wide open (as she sometimes keeps it) so I walked in to say hi, and ended up waking her from a nap on the couch…not 10ft. from the open door. I felt bad, she felt bad and I ended up turning around to let her go back to sleep.

My question, could you ever sleep on your couch while your front door is wide open (no screen)??

- me?? No way!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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Lisa said...

Enjoy your day off.....I so wish it was me. Monday has not been kind!!!

Wendy said...

Love your necklace! Beautiful! Laughing about the Starbucks gift card re-gift...but hey, it's Starbucks, so it's awesome even if it is a re-gift. Very cool that baking the eggs worked! I had saw that on Pinterest a few days ago but I didn't know if it really worked or not. Good info. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day off, lady!!

the blogivers said...

Correct answer is: no, I could not enjoy a nap while my front door was wide open. Does she do that because the weather is nice? Or because she is lonely? Or because she forgot? I am puzzled.

christine donee said...

I double that "no way"!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I would never ever ever be able to sleep on the couch with the front door wide open. I'm from the Bronx, where most people have at least 3 locks on their doors, if not more. I have the same mentality wherever I go, and my husband always gets annoyed by my super cautious way of being. =) Love that necklace! Glad you have new things to keep you occupied!

sandi said...

we live in an urban area so the answer would be NO! wonderfully beautiful necklace! and yes i did enjoy my weekend away with the family... any weekend that involves life jackets, ski's, kneeboards, and no snake sightings is a great one at the lake.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

oh Laguna, it's so nice to meet you! you gorgeous thing, you! what is this night and weekend business?? i'm so glad you have had a chance to catch your breath (and blog, too!).

Megan said...

Definitely could not sleep with my door wide open! I'm a chicken! Haha.

Laura Darling said...

You can make hard boiled eggs in the oven??!! I know what I'm doing tomorrow!


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