Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eating for you

A couple of days ago I went to Costco to get some essentials. Not really anything to make meals, but food that I eat on a regular basis that I was completely out of.

If you follow me on instagram (emily_grapes) then you know what I got…cause don’t we all love to show each other our cart!?
photo (8)
I’m fighting not getting off on that tangent, so I’ll continue..

After I posted the picture, I looked down and realized I forgot the eggs! {drats!} but not only that, but the fact that what I was buying was healthy…minus that bacon of course, but that it wasn’t really food.

The full on nourishing food that my body needs. They were all more on the lines of sides. The crazy thing is, lately, that’s all I’ve been eating. A bunch of sides. Sure I made those enchiladas a couple weeks ago, but looking at my habits, I eat very sparingly. Or not even bothering because either I’m too worn out to cook something up or well, just plain lazy and ignore the hunger until its unbearable.

I definitely don’t recommend this. I know its not healthy and I think knowing that has me consuming the mountain of veggies that I do, to sort of combat that.

Years ago, I had a personal trainer who made me look at how many calories I was consuming a day. We discovered I consumed less than 1000 calories a day on average. less than 1000 calories a day!!

Now add the fact I was working out hard up to 5 days a week and carrying a physically demanding job 40+ hours a week that burned a lot of those calories. My body fat was below 11% and because of that, I had a lot of issues within. Things weren’t working properly and I was advised I needed to add at least 400 calories a day. That was so hard! I remember talking to a co worker who consumed close to 3000 calories a day, eating full meals every 3 hours, for help. This man was in great shape, believe it or not, so I knew I could trust him.

He really helped me out, giving me foods that had estrogen in it even, since my body wasn’t producing what it should. It took months, but I began to tell a difference.

Fast forward to today and I’m getting right back into that way of eating. Its never on purpose, it just happens. I do my small breakfast, to apples and peanut butter to whatever leftover lunch I have to usually broccoli and spinach in the evening..with maybe a sweet potato, if I have one…or just a chicken salad.

I know my calories are really low and maybe that’s why I have so little energy lately, but it is so hard, especially living alone to get myself to cook especially since I don’t have cheese in the house anymore. No more quick fix quesadilla or nachos.

I’m telling you all this, not to get on me, or feel anything for me really, but to tell you to not do this. They say the average women’s BMI (body mass index) should be around 18-24%. That’s healthy. And a woman my height and weight should consume from 1400-1900 calories a day to maintain. I can tell you now, that’s not happening.

Its so important to eat. Your body needs the calories to function. Even losing weight, you need to eat. Starving yourself only holds onto the fat you’re wanting to lose, so make sure you eat. I know I sound like a walking contradiction because I’m saying one thing and doing another, but I know what I’m supposed to do, I’m just not doing it because I’m dumb {a little known fact} so don’t be dumb like! and eat good healthy foods your body needs!

If this is something you struggle with to, let me know, maybe we could work together to make sure we eat what we need.

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Michelle said...

Alas, eating is NEVER a problem for me. Sigh... ;)

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure that I under-ate when I was a teenager. I was always feeling ill - what were your symptoms of under eating?

I should add up my calories...I reckon I'm probably alright, but I'm a bit more paranoid about eating well at the moment.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

You should eat 3500 cals a day cuz you're just that awesome.

I kid I kid

plank/pushups are done!


LeAnna said...

I know nothing of which you speak. I like to eat, mmhmmm.

Also, don't tell me G-Man suggested you get rid of all cheese? Because when I first met Emily Grapes she ate lots of cheese. Cheese is good. It has protein.

Also, I love that you bought two huge things of p.b. that's awesome. Is all of that broccoli for the roasted broccoli and garlic you rave about?

Got any good cauliflower recipes?

That is all.

Natalie said...

mmhmmm. I like this post. I can relate to it a little since as of since I've noticed that there are days where I don't even really get around to eating an actual meal. I eat, but it's stuff I don't have to cook. Like muffins and grapes. Yeah... I should remedy this. The only excuse I cold have would be I'm so busy that it slips my mind, but then my mom thinks that's crazy, and that a normal person doesn't just "forget." I have a feeling after finals though I'll be a little bit more like my normal, eating self.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I Do need to
Make healthier choices!! Thanks for
Posting this though so many of us are not putting the right things into
Our stomach!!

angie on maui said...

Ugh. My relationship with food is my biggest challenge and one that I struggle with, daily. You would think that after years of battling, I would have learned something by now, but old habits die hard. :(

On a happier note, your shopping cart looks a lot like ours! You are a girl after my own heart with those jumbo sized bags of favorite! Every time we hit up Costco and I put that in the cart, Phil insists he isn't eating it (he hates veggies), but guess who wins that fight? ;)

I miss you!

Jossie said...

I wish my cart looked like yours! We should compare because I'm sure I eat way more calories than I should (thank goodness I have a decent metabolish) and there are days when some apples and peanut butter for lunch would do me good. I'm opposite of you, when I am by myself, I don't cook either but I do go grab some fast good. Not good.

Megan said...

Oh gosh, I do not have this problem at all. I have the exact opposite. I eat way too much. Want to split ourselves down the middle?!

Katie said...

Such truth! When I'm not working or on any schedule {like now!} I find that I eat just carrots and apples or nothing at all unless J literally calls to tell me to eat. Such a terrible habit. I try to preplan meals and have things ready to eat in the fridge...but its just such an easy thing to forget or not what to mess with cooking!


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