Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunrise…sunset. Sunrise…sunset

Are you singing that song?? – You’re welcome.

You’d think after the ridiculously busy night of cooking I did Monday, I would have been exhausted, but that wasn’t the case. By 2:30 I was wide awake and never could fall back asleep, so by 4 I figured I would be productive and catch the sunrise…something I don’t do, ever.

For whatever reason, (I blame the lack of sleep) I saw the sun would rise at 6:20 and thought it would actually rise AT. 6:20. Meaning, the sun wouldn’t start moving until that time…I know. It was the lack of sleep, promise. So, when 5:45 rolled around and I saw the sky lightening I was in utter shock. By 6:06, I was on my way to the beach, which was a 15 minute walk to the edge.

On my way, I was able to get the changing sky.

Still walking, the sky was changing fast!

Finally! I make it to the edge and the sun had practically made its debut.

Poking its head through the buildings, telling me hi.

After a long and sluggish day, my eyes took on the beauty that was the sunset. If you follow me on twitter, you would have seen how much I went on and on about it. Angie and I couldn’t stop tweeting about it. It was that beautiful. I showed some of my favorites yesterday, but I can’t help but show more more more today.

And you can be the judge. Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset from the day?






So, which do you like? Sunrise? Sunset?

Are you one to get up super early to catch the sunrise?

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meme-and-he said...

you take gorgeous pictures. have I mentioned that before?? I love them!
and yes. now that song is stuck in my head :)

Katie said...

gorgeous, lady!!!! In college, I used to get up every morning to watch the sunrise. It was the time I set aside for devotions and time with Jesus...such sweet memories! But now, I love both. They're so different, I love them both!

Natalie said...

First, thanks. Now that song is stuck in my head. :P Second, I like sunset =)

Sam {} said...

all these pics are amazing!! i think in real life i prefer sunset, b/c one can enjoy it with wine :)

Kris said...

It depends on which I can see to be honest. If I am in NYC, I can see the sunrise because it's just a block away to the east river. I would never make it out of work to see it set. But in Montauk, I can go for a drive to see either. Both are beautiful. I think sunset is more beautiful but I think I get more of a feeling and emotion with it rising!

Dilan Dilir said...


Lib at Truly His said...

LOVE the pictures! Thank you for all your comments on my blog. I have been MIA lately, so it is so nice to hear from you!! :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Which to pick?!?! I love the idea of sunrises only because they are so rare to me. I'm much more likely to catch a sunset than a sunrise. But I think the sunset you captured looks AMAZING!!

I do try and be an early bird but in my heart I'm really a night owl (she writes as her eyes blink tiredly and it's only 9pm!!!)

Jennifer said...

Wow. These are so beautiful!

LeAnna said...

I'm totally a sunset girl. But, I always marvel when I wake up early enough to see the sunrise. So basically? I'm a hypocrite. Amen.


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