Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It’s possible…quite possible

You never know something will ever happen until, well, it happens. So with that I have a few things for you that happened that I just didn’t think would…all while at the airport or on the plane last Thursday night.

It’s possible…

- to see the same people who got on the boat right after you to ride jet skis that morning, boarding your plane that night.

- to be forced to follow an airport person through another line only to go 4 feet and put back in the original line behind the people you were intending to stand behind. (it went straight, then left, then straight for 4 feet, then right, then straight.)

- to drop a piece of buttery mayonnaise topped food in your lap hitting both legs, before the flight.

- to be stared at by several people while consuming ice cream, while sitting alone. It apparently looks depressing.

- to have a young couple with 2 boys choose seats in your row in the terminal (where over 100 seats were available), have the little boy begin talking to you and have the parents eagerly search for “better” seats faaaaar away from you.
I’ll get you my pretty….!!


- to hear there’s a ‘state of emergency’ on an arriving plane and watch the old security guards run around panicked when it was still 11 minutes out.

- to find a woman in your seat on the plane and after pointing out her actual seat having the couple in that row give you the evil eye.

- to have a man walking to his seat yelling for the people in front to ‘get out of the way’ and ‘hurry up and put your bags up’ and ‘I want to get to my seat, get out of the isle!’

- to have several people hit the call button thinking its their light button right before taking off and having the flight attendant frustratingly announce over the P.A. that they’re hitting the wrong button.

- to sit on the tarmac for well over 30 minutes w/a ‘maintenance issue.’

- to ask the middle seat guy for his blanket since he isn’t using it only to have him say, he ‘may’ use it later.

- to watch the isle seat guy that gave you his blanket, steal the middle guys’ blanket an hour later while he slept.

- to have to go the bathroom 5 minutes after sitting down in your window seat.

- to awkwardly straddle the middle seat guy that you insist not get up while you get out and back in for the restroom. not the finest of moments.

to sleep a total of 20 minutes on an overnight 5 hour flight.

Yes, that was all in one night.

Do you have similar or equally odd airport stories? I want to hear them.

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Natalie said...

Wow. I knew there were good reasons to avoid airplanes. Several of my family members are totally scared of flying, so we drive everywhere. Road trips have their downsides too of course. Especially with family. =)

Lori said...

I will let you know in a month or so! We are finally taking our first vacation of the year. The ice cream looks amazing :)

New follower, please stop on by

The Blogivers said...

Ugh, I hate flying. Not looking forward to flying with Davis next month!

Megan said...

Hahahaha, these made me laugh! I always have to pee like ten times as soon as I get on the flight! Totally miserable and I always get embarrassed to get up. Ha.

Laura Elizabeth said...

My friend and I flew to LA from Australia and there was a couple on our flight that we kept seeing whilst on holiday, it was so funny! We saw them outside a store in LA and then at California Adventures. So random.

I was flying home from London after 18 months abroad and my dad was also in London and we were on the same flight home. My dad used to fly a lot for business and he has a crazy amount of air miles. He tried to use his air miles to upgrade me but the air steward was like "sorry, the flight's pretty full but we'll do our best". What ended up happening was that my dad got upgraded for FREE to first class and I was left in economy! Lame!!!


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