Thursday, September 15, 2011

I’ve been rewarded

The ever so sweet, loveable, adorable, wonderfully worded and beautiful Angie at Living Aloha tagged me in the Versatile Blogger Awards! Yay! Thank you, Angie!! You are the best!

If you don’t know Angie, please, go introduce yourself. She’s great, you’ll love her. And tell her I sent you.

The rules are clear:
- Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
- Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
see below, check
- Give this award to 3 bloggers.
I changed it to a manageable 3 (it was up to 15!) and check
- Contact those bloggers and tell them the exciting news!
soon to check

Way back in the day read: May, ‘11, I gave 7 random facts about myself and lucky for you, I’m pretty random so I have plenty more to share. Ironically 1 of the 7 involve my love of cheese and appropriately enough I was screaming at Angie just how much I love fried cheese, Tuesday. I pray I’m never lactose intolerant because I love me some cheese.

Okay, on to the 7!

1. I’ve walked on a 10ft long bed of hot coals..twice. I was also told I was the slowest walker of the group. Never once feeling pain..except the very last step when a coal got stuck between my toes.

2. I have recurring dreams about me going the bathroom. I will not elaborate beyond, its always me. a toilet. and a wide open room w/people all around. And it almost became a reality when I walked into a park restroom in HI where there was 1 toilet with NO door (on purpose)…and women around.
…did I mention I had that dream the night before??

3. When I first moved to Los Angeles, for 3 months straight, I ate chocolate every single day. I craved it and could never get enough…after a 15lb gain, I was forced to cut back to every other day.
4. I once body slammed a girl fighting for a jump ball during a basketball game. She had to be helped off the court. (I was a bit competitive. And yes, it was legal.)

5. The first time I ever fell asleep in class was in the 3rd grade. That started many many years of sleeping in classes for me.

6. I am available 24/7. When G-man or my mom, calls or texts and I don’t answer or call back within 5 minutes (on the off chance I can’t answer), they start to worry and proceed to leave a very concerned voicemail or multiple texts of concern.

7. Because I AM so available, whenever you tweet me or text me, I’ll purposely wait a couple minutes so you think I have a life even though I got your text/tweet the moment you sent it. Often times, because I force myself to wait…<to look good in your eyes>, I forget you texted/tweeted me, which is why I prefer to respond immediately.

Alrighty rooty! On to the tagging. These 3 ladies, I’ve really come to enjoy getting to know. I hope you check them out if you haven’t had a chance yet!

Tabitha with My Cliffnotes

Laura with Everything else and everything in between

Megan with Mackey Madness

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The Blogivers said...

I ALWAYS have dreams that I need to go to the bathroom but there are people everywhere! That and the toilets are all disgusting or really tall or other strange things like that. Weird!

Lindsay said...

Chocolate should be its own food group. It's probably my favorite thing ever haha

Claire said...

Wow.. you walked SLOWLY?! Total props. I've always wanted to walk on coals but I'm such a wuss, seriously!

Can you believe I wasn't following you? I kept wondering why I wasn't getting updates of your blog on my dashboard! Did you change your blog address sort of recently? I feel bad! But i'm following now!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

You are too funny! I love the text/tweet one :)

Christina said...

My first (and I think only?) time falling asleep in class was in my Abnormal Psych class at Cal Poly. I loved that class but I guess I was sooooo tired that I could not keep my eyes open! My notes that day were hilarious...I kept writing until the last drop of the head. I couldn't understand half of what I wrote...

And I love chocolate. I go through seasons where I have to eat some daily. But I am fasting from it, along with some other things this week. I miss it. ;)

Christina said...

OH! And I totally dream that I go to the's usually when I actually do have to go. Funny how that works, huh?

Megan said...

Love love love this!! First of all, thanks for passing this on to me! You're the best!!

I seriously do the same thing with Twitter sometimes on days when I'm off. We gotta appear cool, right?! Haha. And apparently when I was younger I used to sleep walk and try to use the bathroom in random places. Like my mom would find me squatting to pee everywhere. Haha. I don't believe her. Duh.

Tatiana said...

I always dream about going to the bathroom and starting to pee, and I have to wake myself up and remember that I am NOT actually in a bathroom so I better not wet that bed. {awkward silence}

And guess what? We're about to get our skype on! Yay!

Tabitha Lynn said...

You're amazing!! Chocolate should totally be calorie free!

I slept through most of hs, then I just started skipping. Bad student!!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I am so addicted to chocolates,I need my daily fix or else I am cranky. Hehehehe.OMG! I literally LOL at the picture of the guy sleeping. Just so you know, I was in the office and burst out laughing, so everyone was wondering what the heck was going on so I had to show them that picture and everyone started laughing too. =)

LeAnna said...

I think the fact that you've walked on coals has inspired me. Inspired me to never join you at an outdoor bonfire. Or circus. Or anywhere hot coals my be present. Because not only are you reeeeallly good at walking on coals, but I'm also willing to bet you'd be reeeeeally good at convincing someone else to walk on coals. I can hear it now.
"What are you? Chicken?"
"OKAY already, I'll walk on the coals!"

Or maybe I'm just over thinking this improbable scenario. Probably because I stayed up too late last night...

I'm glad we're friends.

That is all.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the award! I will be thinking up my 7 facts :)


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