Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The first call {part two}

Read part one here.

The phone rings. I let it ring the appropriate 2 rings to have the caller i.d. come up to be sure it’s him.

And it is.

I take a deep breath and say hello.

We begin talking, asking and answering each other’s questions. As I hear him talk more and more I begin to relax with the sound of his voice. It’s a nice voice. Manly, yet gentle. He has a sweet southern accent that I’m finding adorable. I continue to ask him questions just so I can hear it more.

We don’t let the fact that I’m sick or that my voice is deeper than his get in the way of us talking and laughing for hours.

As the hours go by, and we get more and more comfortable with each other; he asks if I’d want to meet.

I sit there frozen.

”Like a date?” I ask completely petrified of the possibility.

I catch him off guard with this question and he tells me it doesn’t have to be if I didn’t want it. We could simply meet up, at a single location, where there might be food and drinks.

I sigh a huge sigh of relief. “Ok, I could do that.”

He knows I haven’t been on a serious date in years and understands he has to go slow with me.

I remember at that point, that I’m working at another facility for 2 1/2 months and won’t know my schedule yet, not to mention I’ll only have my cell and I hadn’t yet given him that number.

As we near the end of our 3 hour conversation, he tells me to call him once I get settled in at the other facility.

The ball is in my court. I can either call him in a few days or let this all die within the 2 1/2 months I’ll be gone.

We say goodbye and that following Sunday, I pack my bags and drive to the other facility.

6 days go by since that first call.

Read part three here

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Tatiana said...

You like to keep us in suspense don't cha?
I love reading love stories and I'm seriously so excited that you're sharing yours!
However, I must say that I'm glad he did not turn out to be a total creep or serial rapist/murdered.
Can't wait to read the rest of it!

Katie said...

You're killing me with the suspense! Good thing I know it ends up pretty awesome :)

Natalie said...

Aww! You need to make these longer! They end to shortly =D

LeAnna said...

Yes, Yes, and Yes (to the other commenters)

Love this.
Too short.

More, please.

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

Wooohoo!!! Post part 3 already!! =)

Jossie said...

You, my friend, are a great storyteller :-)

Laura Elizabeth said...

VERY important to wait the appropriate two rings before picking up. I think that's why you have a successful relationship now :) I always have to wait two rings, especially when I'm sitting right next to the phone!

angie on maui said...

You are such a tease! MORE, PLEASE! :-D

Tabitha Lynn said...

6 days!!! Did you want to call or no?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is great! And how awsome that nothing mattered except for you and him and sharing time with one another over the phone...when is the date?

Megan said...

Ohhhh, you have such a flair for drama. Love it. : )


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