Friday, September 23, 2011

I confess..

Linking up with Mamarazzi over at Dandelion Wishes, for the first time, today. = )


I confess..
I hand wash all my dishes even though I have a perfectly good working dishwasher. I use it only to hold the dishes to dry.

I confess..
if I want something..anything, I have to bite my tongue to keep from ‘casually mentioning’ it to G-man, because, he will get it for me, no matter what it is.

I confess..
when he randomly calls me up and asks if I want an iPad, Bose noise cancellation headphones, camera lens, ect…I have to tell him no. Even though I really want them, I still say no because he will buy it all. And it is hard!

I confess..
I love him oh so much, and not just because he likes to buy me things, but because he really is the most sweet hearted generous caring man, I know….and he’s pretty darn cute to me.

I confess..
I don’t understand when other bloggers complain about getting mean and rude anonymous comments. You have the power to change your settings to prevent people from leaving anonymous comments but yet you complain month after month about getting one after another.

I confess..
I always wonder if they just like complaining about them to get attention and sympathy from other bloggers and their readers.

I confess..
I’ve always wanted to be pregnant and to know what it feels like to be pregnant. Always!

I confess..
about 50% of my days, I don’t want kids..which contradicts the whole pregnancy thing.

I confess..
I hang up mid sentence on bad customer service reps and call back pretending I get disconnected, just so I can talk to someone much better..and it works every time.

and I confess..
Every time I spell the words ‘every’ and ‘time’ I put them together. My brain keeps thinking its 1 word and I believe they should just go ahead and make it 1 word. everytime… <—who’s with me?!

Wow, that was kinda fun.

Have a super duper great weekend, everyone!!

oh and please know, I’m not talking about you regarding the blogger/comment thing. I have never heard any of you complaining about it….just others.

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The Blogivers said...

The dishes thing? That's nuts! What's your reasoning?

Also, you may have already spelled this out on the blog and I just missed it, but how come no pictures of G-man's face?

meme-and-he said...

agree with the pregnancy thing!!! and the anonymous comments...its so easy to prevent!

Natalie said...

Seriously?! You don't use your dishwasher? That's crazy. And I get what you mean by the whole nasty comment thing. If I see them, I just delete them, after all it's my blog, right? =D

Ashley said...

I always enjoy the "i confess" posts. haven't done one myself yet. girl, if your man wants to buy your stuff...LET HIM! haha. i confess i so can't wait to be pregnant one day too! i do the same thing when i'm getting bad customer service lol

Tamika said...

That is nuts about the dishwasher is on the fritz right now and I'm missing it tremendously!!

as for the comments - that totally confuses me too. I don't get enough comments to get nasty ones! LOL

Mamarazzi said...

everytime...i do the same thing EVERY TIME!

i am so excited that you linked up, what took you so long? lol

Megan said...

Hahahaha, loved the part about the customer service reps! That's so smart!!! Oh, and we don't use our dishwasher either! All hand wash!!

Michelle said...

So true with anonymous commenters! You can block them!

I hand wash all dishes too!

dddiva said...

Maybe the anonymous comments aren't turned off by some bloggers so they can have something to blog about? I don't know why else they can't figure out how to stop or delete them or even moderate and not post the ones they don't like.

Jossie said...

I love reading your blog woman. So entertaining!

I confess....there are days that even though I have the 2 best kids in the world, I wonder what it would be like to have none at all....along time sounds SO good.

I confess....that I want a 3rd child about 15% of the time....somehow that 15% seems to be creeping into my mind more and more and I don't want it to.

Weird how my comment went straight to that kind of having kids stuff. Weird.

DaisyGirl said...

Your statement about anonymous comments, etc....well said. ha!

Oneika said...

Love this! I agree with your sentiments about bloggers. Criticism comes with blogging!

Claire said...

I put everytime together too!!!!! haha too funny. Aw your G-man sounds too sweet :) But if you don't want that iPad, you could send it my way! lol!! And I'm going to try that customer service one... I'm so the timid one that doesn't say anything to the rude people so that would be a great solution for me!!!!! (haha remember my confrontation issues?!?!?!)

carissa said...

i confess that you are a tad bit crazy to wash your dishes by hand. that might change when you have kids. haha!!!

and it's so sweet that your man spoils you! : )

Megan said...

uhm then can u please ship your unused dishwasher to me because we dont have one (an invention that was clearly missed by 80% of the UK) and i effing HATE washing dishes by hand.


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