Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who knew it was warm?

I sure didn’t.

Apparently if you fully submerge your body into the ocean that is the Pacific, specifically near Hawaii, you won’t think the water’s cold but rather pretty warm. To the point of not wanting to get out, its so nice.

Who knew?!

On my very last day in Hawaii, G-man and I went jet skiing. Can I just say it was awesome!? Because it was. First time ever riding on one and of course, first time actually being in the water, you’ll remember my desire to stay out of it awhile back, and I can’t tell you how much fun I had. We had!

G-man drove from the start and he did everything possible to buck me off…and succeeded on the 4th turn. We both flew off, landing in the water. Our first words out of our mouths, after laughing were, ‘wow, the water’s pretty warm.’ (he’s also a big avoider of ‘cold’ water) We wanted to stay in longer, but we kinda paid for the jet ski so we climbed back on.

I held onto him for dear life through every whip, jump and turn; laughing and screaming.

let me pause. I seriously didn’t know I was a screamer. With every big bump hit or the chance of sliding off, I would scream. Learned something new about myself…I’m a bit of a girl…

We were having the best time, and then less than 10 minutes left to ride, G-man suggests, nay, forces me to drive. After finally conceding, I take the reins. With the first boost of power, I feel G-man sliding off the back taking me with him since he’s holding onto my vest. (I’m seriously laughing typing this out. It’s so funny even thinking about it again.)

Imagine a grown man clutching onto the vest of a small woman, slipping slowly, more and more off the back of the jet ski pulling her further and further away from the handle bars with just her fingers tips remaining, then she lets up off the gas and WHAM! he slams into her back from the force of stopping.

Apparently, the fact there was now almost 100lbs more weight on the back, changes the whole ride. crazy weight distribution thingy. So, after he took on the grip of death onto my vest, we were off. I had such a thrilling time driving. It took every ounce of strength to keep my body down since the wind kept pushing me up and away.

But then it happened. As I’m going at around 40 mph, I feel him slipping away…and taking me with him. Next thing you know, we’re crashing hard in the water. So hard, my booties flew off my feet and the jet ski is a good 20+ feet away.

We both look at each other and once we know we’re both ok, start laughing and begin our long swim back to the jet ski. Even the captain hopped on a jet ski to ride out to make sure we were ok.

Needless to say, we were worn out afterward. Taking a quick nap on the couch in the middle of a football game. (you know he was tired if he slept during his Saints.) but it was a great way to end my trip and I’m so happy we both learned the water is in fact, warm.

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meghan said...

How fun! I haven't gone jetskiing in forever. I think I'm a screamer too, although I wouldn't like to admit it either. But I scream at times like that. And that water in Hawaii looks amazing!

LeAnna said...

That looked like so.much.fun!!! Hawaii is sooooo beautiful. :sigh:

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

that's awesome!! what a fun adventure :)

i'm a terrible, timid driver, but i love to squeal while riding on the back! you look adorable in that pic.

carissa said...

woohoo! how fun! i've never been on a jet ski (i'd be scared, but i still want to try!) but i've had snowmobiles so i'm thinking they are similar. and how sweet of you to enjoy the hawaiian waters for me!

Sienna said...

this looks so fun and adventurous!

Tatiana said...

That's freaking hilarious! I love jet skiing!
And Hawaii looks SO fun! Oh, and look at that. Gman in all his body parts... just VERY far away ;-)

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I absolutely love riding jet skis! It's been so long...I'm thinking it's time!

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! Looks like you had a great time! I love to jet-ski! Can't wait to get to know you better!

Katie said...

ooooh take me to hawaii next time you go! I'll be really quiet and not ask for anything. Please? Please?

and yay for a real pic with g-man in it! I'm thinking your future wedding recap posts will be quite interesting...

Tabitha Lynn said...

Sooo fun, do you think you'll do it again? Do you have to fall off like could I ride one and not go in the water ever? haha I'm so lame


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