Friday, September 2, 2011

Waist deep

If I told you, in all my time I’ve spent in Hawaii (and it chalks up to be about 5-6 months total of time) I got in the water for the first official time just a few days ago, what would you say??

When I went to hangout with my friend the other day and we went to the beach, she was shocked I hadn’t been in the ocean. I quickly told her G-man and I swam around in Ko’Olina but she was quick to say it’s man made and doesn’t count. Then I said, we went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and she dismissed that too.

She’s a surfer, born and raised in Hawaii.em273

But me? If its too cold (and I believe the water is too cold) I’m more than happy to skip it. I’m just not a water person.
I’m a this person…happy to watch the water from a respectful distance
clearly this was ‘pre-burn’

But after laying out in the blazing sun, I had to get in the water to cool off. So we inched in. Ever so slowly and I’m proud to say I got waist deep! We stood there for about 20 minutes before I was ready to get out.

It was a proud moment for me. So much so, that the moment G-man came home from work, I announced to him that I got in the water and it was this high!’ –and yes, I drew a line with my hand on my waist to show him just how high. ..I’m 5 years old sometimes.

Please someone else, tell me I’m not the only person who doesn’t like to get in the cold ocean water?!

After my victory with the water, we realized we were starving. – Do you ever find that you go lay out while you’re hungry? Happens to me every time.

We ate, then headed to the mall to get some crepes. Crepes are popular here. There’s a really good crepe place (or so I’m told) in Kalihi but being pressed for time, we went inside a Japanese Market filled with everything you will ever need…provided you like Japanese stuff.

I admit, the crepe was ok. The fruit inside…delicious. Can’t screw up chopped strawberries and bananas too much. My friend told me to not judge all crepes by this one, since it doesn’t compare to the Kalihi one, which is good, because I’d write them off right there if that was the case.

With bellies filled we headed to Macy’s and posed w/fedoras on. This is my 1st time wearing one and I don’t know how to pull them off properly, but we were getting a bunch of stares as we kept posing in front of the mirror…in full view of everyone.
Good times were had by all and I’m so thankful I was able to see my sweet tiny friend, whom I tower over, while here. Case in point…


I hope everyone has a great weekend. Do lots so we can talk about it on Monday, okay?

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Tatiana said...

I've been meaning to make some crapes for a couple of weeks now! Today is the day! You have inspired me.
And oh my gracious, you have completely dwarfed your friend! At 5.3 that's how I would look next to you too. If we ever take a picture, I'm standing on a chair.
And seriously. I can't believe you have never been in the water!!!! But I kinda understand a lil bit since I really dislike cold water too... So good excuse I guess.

Sam {} said...

i'm totally like you with the cold water!! i've been dying to do a tri, but i can't imagine swimming in open water if it's too cold.

your friend is so cute and tiny!!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a great time with your friend. I'm also not a water baby so I totally agree with you. I think I kinda fear getting into the ocean. It's overwhelmingly huge and there are a billion terrifying things that live in there. I don't mind dipping my toes in the water's edge but anything else is a bit scary. I don't think I'm really making the most of living in Australia :)

Natalie said...

mmm! I've never had a crepe before, but those sure look yummy! =D Glad you had a fun outing with your friend =D

Megan said...

YUMMMM!! That looks amazing!!

I'm not a huge beach person. Shocking, I know. I just think it's so hot...and the water is salty and sticky.

Tabitha Lynn said...

I never, absolutely never get in the water. No thanks have you seen a shark plus all the urine. No thanks.

That lunch looks amazing.


carissa said...

i'm seriously having some hawaii envy! ahhh, i love that place to pieces. enjoy it for me, please? i love the water, so i guess it means you'll need to get back in for me. ; )

Christina said...

Man! You've missed out! Even if the water feels cold at first, you get used to it...unless you live here or any further north, then don't bother! I used to go in the ocean allllll the time when I lived further south, and when I visited almost couldn't get me to come out of that water!


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