Thursday, September 29, 2011

The first call {part three-final}

Read part one  and part two

6 days go by since the first call.

I’m swept up in work but have also been consumed by thoughts of calling him. Each day that goes by, my nerves win out and I can’t bring myself to call.

By day 6, I’ve mustered enough courage to hold the phone in my hand with his number in the other. I stare at it for a good 5 minutes before finally punching the numbers in and hitting send.

My heart is pounding, my palms are sweating as it rings and then; he answers.

”Hi, this is Emily.”
”Emily. We spoke last week. How are you?”

I’m silently panicking. He doesn’t remember who I am?! Why did I call!?

And then my heart calms and I can’t help but smile as he explains that I sound nothing like I did before, not recognizing that it was me.

I was no longer sick. The man voice was gone. It was now, just me. As he tells me he likes this voice much better, I begin to relax into what was becoming an easy conversation between the two of us.

After over an hour goes by, he invites me to see the Blue Angels in San Francisco with him. It was not my idea of a first “meeting” since we’d be driving 2 hours away together, and I started to get nervous.

But knowing this, he suggests we meet in a neutral location at the midway point for us both, the weekend before. We agree upon The Olive Garden in Modesto. Directly off the highway, a very busy restaurant, an easy first meeting place. It was perfect.

via Olive Garden

We get off the phone and I sat there thinking what could this possibly become? I’m about to go on my first date…er... meeting, ok, date with a man in years. I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all myself that this wasn’t a date. Could this possibly be the man God wants me to be with?

The first thing I knew I needed to do was conspire with my sister. She lived the closest to the restaurant, only 15 minutes away and I needed to stay at her place in order for this to work.

And that meant letting her in on this little secret I’d been keeping from everyone. That I going to meet a man I met on a Christian dating website.

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GreenGirl said...

I have been wondering how you met...


I know a decent amount of people that have met online and married.

That's very cool.
I know you said this was the last "installment" but now I want to know about the first date!

Natalie said...

lol! Sisters are great co-conspirators when it comes to guys and dates =D

Megan said...

just read part 1 2 and now 3 and i am totally OBSESSED with this story. ugh. please keep going. im dieing.

Sam {} said...

LOVING the story. i've been super swamped this week and we have no internet at home right now - LAME. but i've been reading along on my phone :)

can't wait to read more!!!!

Katie said...

oh my gooooooodness! I love this! But I'm is this the final one? You haven't officially met him in person yet!!!

Stephanie said...

This is so great! I love hearing stories like this! Can't wait to read the rest.

Oneika said...

Awww! I love love stories!! Looking forward to the next installment!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Soooooo cute I love this series! Next please!

Plus who doesn't love soup, salad and breadsticks!!!

Deidre said...

Definitely looking forward to the next installment! It is sooo important to have someone to conspire with re: on line dating :)!

Jennifer said...

Yay!!!! I'm glad you finally told us! I loved your story! It was very well told! Do we get to hear how the first date went?

Christina said...

Yay for finally hearing this story!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Can;t wait to hear the next installment. This is such a sweet story- plus I like knowing that it ends happily :)

LeAnna said...

Shoot fire, there's nothing wrong with meeting someone online! I mean, we're friends right?! ;) Ha.ha. You know what I mean. I CAN imagine that it is awkward explaining that you're going on a date with a guy you met online. It's awkward enough to be like "Yeah, my friend so in and so 50 gillion miles away..." or for instance, my BFF that was in my wedding, she's from Illinois and we met through an online penpal thing, everyone always gave me weird looks when I explained we met online. Oh well. Whateva.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Yaaaaaa Go Emily!!!!!! There are plenty of relationships that start online....I met my husband that way:-)

angie on maui said...

Holllaaaa! I love that you two have finally MET! In your story, I mean. ;)

Do you think G-Man will EVER let you post a photo of him? I SO want to see the two of you together! I don't know why...I just want to put a face to the name and this Love of yours. :)


Megan said...

I'm so glad I didn't get to read this until I was back. Now I can just go from part to part and not have to wait in suspense. : )

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

WOOHOO for meeting your man online! Makes me feel more and more normal each time I hear this kind of story! =) haha

Lauren said...

I find this extremely sweet! My husband and I met online at a Christian singles website. Reading your post. I felt the same way! Our first phone call he was so country I couldn't understand him & he said I talked to fast :)


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