Monday, September 26, 2011

I’m thankful for 32

AH! What a weekend. I’m still recovering from it! It was a crazy boozing it up kind of weekend. Ok, not really, I’m not a boozer. But it was a very busy busy weekend for me that I’m still yawning over.

I’m thankful for:

- playing photographer to my sweet friend and her newborn. It was my 1st ever actual photo shoot…that didn’t involve fruit and I have to admit, it wasn’t easy. at all! I know some have asked to see them, and I promise I will show a few once they’re all good and ready…but soon.

- my skin clearing. I know its bad when I tell my friend the name of what I have and she texts back saying, ‘how yuk! The online description sounds terrible.’ …ah, thank you friend for your unabashed honesty. It was yuck..a yuck I dealt with for 8 months since I thought I could ‘treat’ it on my own. Silly me.

- waking up at 3am thinking someone was climbing into my bed only to realize it was my dream instead. A very very bad dream. {in the dream} the guy was about to kill me. Yep, awesome.

- finally bringing my gun back into my bedroom from the living room. {yes, I have a gun..more than one. yes, I had it in the living room for awhile…} After that dream, I knew I needed to bring it back for peace of mind.

- winning Sam’s giveaway. I’m pretty darn happy about it and she really is the sweetest ever. She has killer recipes too, if you don’t know Sam, you have to go meet her.

- a great weekend with my mom and sister. It was chaotic and stressful but so much fun.

- my whiteboard on my fridge that gets me through my ‘want to be down’ moments. Every time I see this, I start singing the song and can’t help but get upbeat.

You know this song, right?

Yes, I sing this, almost all day long I sing this. And because I know you want a livelier version, here’s a cat’s version. You’re welcome.

Your turn. What song do you sing to keep your spirits up? Its ok, you can be honest, this is a circle of trust, here.

ooohh, stay tuned tomorrow. I’m telling a little story you may or may not just like. Some have asked for it, all have secretly longed for it <some may not be aware of their longing, just yet>, so come on back tomorrow to get your fix. = ) Pin It Now!


LeAnna said...

I love that song! Brings back memories, and I sing it to the kids. Right now Blessed Assurance has been on my mind. Good oldies. ;)

Totally would have freaked about the dream. My FIL has guns hidden all over his house, must be a warden thing. ;)

Natalie said...

The kitty version? Girl you need some help. But I guess I can't be one to judge since I've been singing "Mister Santa" all week long. How that song got stuck in my head I do not know.

Ashley said... of trust. love that saying. i'm def trying to be more positive even though i'm still adjusting to this huge move and i'm trying to trust Him A LOT more and stop planning everything!!

Sam {} said...

awwww, thanks for the shoutout :)

so scary about the dream! geez. glad you've got the gun nearby now :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Haha, now that song will be stuck in my head! BUT I definitely need the reminder so... thank you!!! I have a stupid x-ray exam this morning that I am woefully underprepared for. But in the long run, it doesn't matter if I fail it.

Um, is this post the one you have been teasing us with?! Hope so!!!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love that song, I've been singing Coming Home by Diddy, soo good.

Cant wait for tomorrows post, so excited.

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I just had a flashback to Vacation Bible School! : )

When we were little my mom used to wake us up in the morning by singing "Arise and shine and give God the glory, glory..." Do you remember that one? Ahhh...those were the days!

carissa said...

love that song. i've been teaching it to my kids. love your joy!

i'm going to play photographer in a few weeks and i'm excited! can't wait to see your shots.

Katie said...

'all have secretly longed for it' haha! My fav 'cheer up' song is Stand Out from a Goofy Movie. I have it on SEVERAL mixed cd's. I'm obsessed :) But now, I'll have that song stuck in my head all day :)


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