Thursday, September 22, 2011

It’s a joke

Remember this post where I said I was officially retired? Its over its done…yada yada??

Well, let me let you in on a little secret…
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…I’m not 100% retired, per se..

By all accounts, I’m retired per my retirement company. They believe there’s nothing more to be done, said or figured out. I’m retired and they’ve happily handed over disability checks for the past 2 months.

But the silly Department of, lets narrow it down more..the silly prison I used to work in, has not retired me. So here I sit with an active Peace Officer’s ID. Along with paperwork that states, I’m active…just out for medical reasons, at this time.

I’ve called the personnel office more times then I can count. The woman who is in charge of my paperwork hasn’t returned my calls in…oooohh, 9 months. She refuses to call me back. Her boss…just as incompetent, isn’t helping.

I talked to the Return to Work Coordinator 2 months ago, to inform her I’m retired and she was shocked at the news and thanked me for letting them know. They blame my retirement company for not being given the information for them to start their end of the retirement process (which is pretty involved, requiring me to go BACK to the prison I used to work and get many signatures as well as sign numerous papers, myself. Not to mention, turn in my active ID and get a ‘retired’ one). So when I called my retirement company to help speed things along they denied any issues, stating they informed the prison and the woman in charge. (my special specialist)

So, the whole I used to be a Sergeant post I did way back when?? kinda isn’t 100% I thought. I’m technically still a Sergeant, thanks to CDC not doing their job.

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Natalie said...

Talk about confusing and I'm sure frustrating =( What's with people not doing their jobs anymore?

Katie said...

What slackers! But I would own that job title for as long as you can, girl!

Sam {} said...

what a pain! i hate going through tons and tons of paperwork and hoops.

Tabitha Lynn said...

Oh that's got to be soo annoying. But even though you're still "active" you dont have to work right? Cuz that's kind of awesome.

carissa said...

gotta love the government. ; ) i'm just glad you're getting money somehow!

Megan said...

Ugh, I hate when people can't get their stuff together!!


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