Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pampering in Maui

I learned something about myself on our trip to Maui. I don’t think I realized it until G-man pointed it out, {while laughing, mind you}, as we were being taken to our hotel from the airport.

When I’m excited about something..or going somewhere, I apparently point out every little thing as if it’s the neatest thing ever.

For instance:
ooh, the speed limit is 45mph the whole way…gosh that would be hard.
do you see the tree over there..its pretty isn’t it?
look at that store..that should be fun to visit.
oh look! an outback AND a red robin..who knew??!
look over there..did you see that…oh oh what’s that…

And apparently, he finds this rather funny. But he knows I’m very excited about our trip when I do that, thus it doesn’t bother him and just makes him happy because clearly I’m happy.

{can I just say how hard it was to keep quiet once I knew I did this? literally biting on my tongue!}

When we booked the Four Seasons, we had the expectation of the Hilton on Kona, on our last trip, so we weren’t thinking too much of it. We packed extremely casually, just about no nice clothes, and had no intention of ‘snazzing up’. It was going to be a 100% relaxation trip.

Upon arrival, the valet opens our door and the greeter gives us a lei. They whisk our bags away and the greeter escorts us to the front desk to check in. She asks if we’d like a ‘welcome drink’ and darn if we were going to refuse.

::Mint ginger lemonade with a skewered pineapple::

Our eyes were bulging at this treatment and I have no doubt that even though we were acting like it was no big deal, our faces showed otherwise.

The man checking us in; hands us wet towels to clean our hands, gives us a list of complementary activities while the live band entertains the cocktail lounge behind us. The bellman escorted us to our room, where he proceeded to give us a tour of the entire room and all its functions. From bathroom, to personalized mini bar, to television, to the hotels information book.
photo (7)
Once he left, we stared at each other in amazement and rushed over to the welcome plate of assorted cookies, talking about the beauty of the hotel.

We made reservations at Duo and started our way downstairs. Men and women were impeccably dressed. Dresses, designer outfits, heels, hardly anyone was in ‘casual clothes’. I immediately began to feel self conscious, thinking I underdressed.

Once we’re seated, the server comes over and greets us by our names. ‘Mr…and Ms…how are you this evening??’ He asked if I wanted a drink and I casually mentioned I was considering a warm one when he asked if I was cold. {we were sitting outside} I said I was and he offered to bring me a shawl. a shawl!! Which he draped over my shoulders.

The food was some of the best we’d ever had and the service was phenomenal. He ended the dinner by bringing us a plate full of cotton candy and wet towels to clean our hands with. It didn’t matter I was full, I ate that cotton candy like it was the last food on earth.

As we took our walk back to our room, we began to realize the Four Seasons wasn’t anything like the Hilton. We didn’t know how much just yet but had a feeling we were about to find out real soon.

But first thing we needed to do was get some sleep. We had a 6:30am whale watching cruise to make and did not want to miss it.

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Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

Gosh girl.......now that is 5* treatment! It sounds amazing. Oh and by the way I do the same thing when I get excited on a trip.....problem is more often than not I travel on my own so after about ten minutes people start avoiding "the crazy chick talking to herself"!!!!

Cant wait to read about the rest of the trip.

Natalie said...

Wow! That is getting pampered! The only thing I could think would top this would be if they threw in a complementary spa treatment =D

Bailey Schneider said...

Sounds absolutely amazing! Love that you get so excited :)
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Annie M Culley said...

How fun!!! It is worth the extra penny to get that kind of experiance once in a while!

Anonymous said...

That sounds amaaaaaaazing! Glad you guys are able to just relax and be pampered!

Ashley said...

Oh my word! Sounds amazing!! :)

Tabitha Mahoney said...

0630 wake up on vacation. That's crazy.


Ross said...

The memories of last year are all coming rushing back! Although in a few short weeks I'll be back there again. I wasn't able to meet with Angie the last time but I'm hoping to this time! The whale watching was the highlight of our trip the last time!

dina vanessa mercado said...

OMG!!! seems like a really fun trip... i so love to travel too and am going to do that soon... great pics!!! you seem to be a very meticulous person when it comes to details in your trip and i love it coz i feel like being there with you too!!! great post!!! kisses!!!

Tatiana said...

Seriously woman, you are living THE LIFE! I need me-self some pampering like that. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself, but seriously... I'm jealous!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you're so cute. i think pointing out every little thing and thinking it's great, just means you're awesome. cause i'm the same way. ; )

angie on maui said...

Duo is a great restaurant, don't you think? I went there for dinner with some girlfriends for my birthday and really loved the service. Four Seasons really IS the way to go for VIP treatment! I'm so glad they delivered and made your stay memorable. You and G-Man will need to check out the FS on Lanai - you feel like royalty there. :)


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