Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Artist in motion

Well before Christmas, my friend’s husband asked me if I would shoot an event he was doing that coming weekend at a nearby church. I happily obliged since I had yet to see him perform and had heard some great things about it.

Rick is an artist. But not just an artist who paints, he’s an artist who does martial arts while painting. Its an amazing site to see. But once again, he doesn’t just paint with his hands and feet, he shares the gospel all while doing it.

What’s even more unique about it all is he paints in the dark with black lights. Its pretty cool, I’m tellin’ ya. A challenge for someone who’s taking pictures but even watching it through my camera it was so enjoyable. And hearing his testimony and story was something, too! He’s led quite an interesting life.


A few minutes before the show.


It was right before Christmas, so can you see the storyline?

From the angel, to the star shining down on baby Jesus, to Mary holding Him.

To His ultimate sacrifice for us.



Rick’s traveled the world performing for all kinds of groups, kids, crowds and is so much fun to get to know.

He has a couple websites, so I encourage you to check him out here and here.

After his performance, they took me to a Vietnamese restaurant. My first experience.
Pho, that was good…minus whatever it was I had to spit out. And the smoothie with the tapioca balls in it, which surprisingly was pretty tasty.

Has anyone ever had that? Or remember what its called?

You’ll be seeing more of Rick and my friend because it was their family I just photographed yesterday! I can’t wait to share with you all!

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Katie said...

Oooooh so neat! I want to see him in action!!

Bailey Schneider said...

WOW!! That is incredible!
Great photos!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

LeAnna said...

How cool!! I aboslutely love Pho, looks like you had Taro root boba tea, it's my favorite!

Annie M Culley said...

I've never seen anything quite like that.....he's got talent!

Amanda M. said...

I remember watching a video of him painting before....As the wife of a martial artist, I was impressed! Beautiful artwork and great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!! What an amazing way to share the gospel and glorify God with the gift of art!

Laura said...

Wow, the art work is AMAZING!!! I'd love to see a show like that.


I'm Hannah said...

that looks so neat! i bet it was amazing to see!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

wow, what gorgeous and inspirational art. you captured it so well!!!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job capturing my hubby, Em. I laughed out loud when you mentioned that anonymous part of the pho you politely spat out into your napkin. Ahhh... good times!

P.S. the drink is called, "boba" and you had the taro root flavor. :)

Rachel said...

WOW -that is amazing. He is so talented. I love it when God gifts people and then they use it for his glory! Great photos too - it must have been tricky in that light.

In response to your question to my 'her story' guest post on Tatiana's blog about the homeless guy...we don't know what has happened to him now. Sadly we had to ask him to leave because he ended up wanting to stay in church all the time and getting abusive. Apparently he's been around a few times since then but I've since moved away from the town.
I still pray for him sometimes though...It's so hard to know how to deal with that situation. How to love people but without being taken advantage of. You must have some great (but hard) experience with your job.
Thanks for your comment on Tatiana's blog.

meghan said...

Yum yum! The noodle bowl looks great. When I was in college I would always go places and get the bubble tea with the tapioca balls. I always wanted to love it and convinced myself I would love it next time...but I never did. And somehow I still want to try it again...

Annie said...

it's called bubble tea! the tapioca balls are called bubbles. my first boss had one as part of her kumon center, but my parents told me it shut down a while ago. i was so sad! {i'm at university and working at a kumon center two hours away anyway.}

those paintings are amazing. just amazing.

denise* paper angels said...

bubble tea is a staple for me. u can get one in singapore for less than $2 so it gets pretty hard to persuade myself against having them. :p you're so blessed to have this opportunity to photograph an awesome artist. great work :) x


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