Monday, January 9, 2012

A thankful me - 2

I’m back to the grind. The grind of my daily every day life. G-man went back to HI yesterday morning and I drove back home from San Francisco fighting a headache that wanted badly to turn into a migraine.

I guess that’s the best way to top off a sad day. But it did improve when I sat down, turned on the tv and caught Tebow throwing the winning touchdown. Oh, and I can’t forget the highlight of my whole Sunday of seeing my parents and my mom giving me an entire jar of her delicious salsa. She’s the best.

This Monday, to keep positive, remain upbeat, and stay enthusiastic, I’m thankful for the following:
- G-man and all the things he does for me, like:
- rubbing my feet every single night
- washing all the dishes after every breakfast lunch and dinner
- scrubbing down my entire apartment to make it ‘sparkle’ so I could come home after dropping him off at the airport to a clean home
- never sitting down at the table until I sit down
- going to workout with me 3 days last week
- filling up my tank
and all the many many ways he shows his love for me. I truly love that man like no other.

- my new running shoes. They are pretty stinking great. And snazzy too.
- my town finally putting stop signs in a 4 way intersection. There weren’t any in either direction, so picture all 4 directions able to go through without stopping. Can we say accidents?! I literally clapped and cheered when I drove through and saw the new stop signs.

How’d the weekend treat you? Do anything crazy awesome, like watch football non stop? Oh, that was just me?? I know entirely too much about college football right now. Way too much. I feel its my duty to point out the National Championship game that’s on tonight. LSU vs Alabama baby!! SEC!!!
{someone hold me}

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Annie M Culley said...

LOVE your shoes! That is awesome that he did all that for you! Keep smiling! :)

Natalie said...

Lovin' the new kicks! =D

meme-and-he said...

my husband always BEGS me to rub his feet. I probably do it once a month. bad wife.

LeAnna said...

What a sweet fella rubbing your footsies every night! Foot rubs tend to lead to naps at my house. *cough* Just sayin'. ;)

Oklahoma is bitter about the LSU vs Bama - those two have already had a game, and our Pokes should have been playing!

LeAnna said...
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Tabitha Lynn said...

I love foot rubs, hmmmmmmm.

New workout plan we can sooo do it.

I'll email you my plan.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm in love with your running shoes! I need to get more foot rubs!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

ok wait. i have to know what town you live in since the bay area is my homeland. i grew up in Petaluma and Lake Tahoe. i'm homesick, can't ya tell?

between your foot massages and those running shoes, your feet must be feeling mighty awesome!!!

i hope you and Gman are together again soon!

Stephanie said...

When do you get to see your man again? Hopefully it won't be too long. But until then, those are some pretty great shoes to be wearing around. : )

Laura Elizabeth said...

Ugh, I know what you mean! Getting back to real life sucks. I've just had a wonderful four days off and tomorrow will be my first day back and will probably be a major pain in the bum. Or maybe it will be ok, who knows?!

Glad you are being thankful instead of wallowing... which is probably what I would do! Also, your running shoes look brilliant!!!!

Kendra said...

Awww what a sweet hubby you have!!

meghan said...

You're lucky to get him to do that. I can't get Tim to rub my back, much less my feet! Ha! Love the shoes! Very pretty!


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