Thursday, January 12, 2012

I’m a coper, you’re a coper, we’re all copers

Its been 1 whole week I’ve been Facebook free. How oh how have I done it?!!?

Pretty darn easily, if I do say so myself.

In this week, I’ve been on it twice and that’s only because I helped 2 people on 2 separate occasions in their own Facebook accounts.

I haven’t missed it one single day.

Have I been on the internet less since? – No! I still manage to find other sites to suck my time up, so I’m still working on that, but its nice being ‘free’.

Have I started to build better relationships with my Facebook friends since? – No! I’ve only talked to 3 of the 132 friends I’ve had on there. But in all fairness, we weren’t really talking when I was on Facebook.

However, I have been communicating more with one since leaving. Hi Annie!!! *waving*

A week later I still don’t regret my decision to delete my Facebook account.


In other coping news, I’m coping with not having G-man around since Sunday. No worries, I’m not Debbie Downer over here. It is what it is.

I miss his company, humor, passion over football and the conversations he’d have with me as if I were his ‘guy friend’ talking stats and football history. My eyes may glaze and my ears may get a ringing sound where I only comprehend every 3rd word, but I sit there, give him full eye contact and with a smile nod my head and say ‘hhmm’ when needed.

It makes me feel special that he wants to share something he’s so passionately into with me. So I’m happy to “listen”.

Over the course of me jabbering about the G-man, I’ve had several people ask me to post a picture of him.

I wish I could. …but I can’t.

I somehow have led people to believe his line of work prevents me to post it, and part of me wants you to keep believing that, because that’s just cool sounding. Not to say it isn’t entirely true. His line of work can put him in danger. He does travel overseas, where I never say the country, because its for his safety.

But when it comes to the picture, its simply because he does not want me to post it.

I’ve asked. Waited a few months and asked again and each time its always no. I’m not going to ever post a picture without his authorization, so until that time, I’ll continue to show his hand, or arm, or back.
oop..and a leg
He’s a private man, this one. He doesn’t like being all over the internet. He still doesn’t grasp me blogging and I just about never bring it up to him. He actually doesn’t even read my blog. {shocker?} As he puts it, he doesn’t want to interfere with my creativity by reading it. Meaning…he doesn’t want to read it, not like it and tell me how much he doesn’t like it, so he just doesn’t read it.

For the record, I got him to read my first two posts when I first started, to get his opinion. We were both nervous. Him, because he knew if it sucked, he’d tell me and didn’t want to hurt my feelings and me because I knew if he thought it sucked, he’d tell me…and it would hurt my feelings.

In the end, he thought I actually wrote quite well, but declared he wouldn’t read anymore…the creativity and all.

So in the meantime, we all are going to have to continue to cope with the fact that I can’t share with you my one and only G-man. But one day, my friends. One day I will get that approval and you can bet your fanny I will post my little heart out until he or you scream stop.

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the blogivers said...

He's like Wilson on Home Improvement!

Annie M Culley said...

*Waving back*. :). So I have been spending a lot less time on FB and a lot more time on, it is addicting! Do you have an account how do I follow you if you do?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

lol at the blogivers comment...the mister didn't want his pics on the internet either...i think now he tolerates parts of his face being on there..he would probably kill me if he knew....he doesn't read the blog either although i think he secretly does! way to go on the facebook diet!

Tatiana said...

There are seriously weeks at a time that I don't go on facebook. I just like keeping it bc I really am not the best at staying in contact with my family and friends. And I know that if I got rid of it I wouldn't pick up the phone any more often than I do now :-(
I think if I put together all the pics of Gman you've posted, I could almost get a whole headless body.

Tatiana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
christine donee said...

"he doesn't want to interfere with my creativity"... my bf isn't quite that smooth.

Tabitha Lynn said...

Rawr what sexy limbs lol jk jk he's taken.

Ashley said...

you are such a trooper with this facebook thing! proud of ya! ;)

i often wondered why we've never seen pictures of the famous g-man, but now i totally understand! hopefully, one day he'll change his mind. lol

p.s.Dropping by to let you know I tagged yo on my blog! Tag! You're it!

Jennifer Blair said...

Well, if he doesn't let you post your wedding pictures...I will be very upset. You can tell him that. I draw a line with those. haha! My hubby actually doesn't read my blog much either. I'm ok with that actually. :)

Summer-Raye said...

wow Facebook free? HOOOW?


Diane and Chad said...

following from "across the pond"...lovin' your relationship...excellent:)

Megan said...

Awwww, boo. He needs to get over it!! Haha! Tell him we need to see him! My husband definitely thinks blogging is weird, but he totally is cool with it and reads my blog every day. It's cute! Plus, ever since Michaela came to stay with us, he knows that I have legit friends from it!!


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